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    Box on a hill.
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    Sustainable living. Farming. Backwater patois.

    Latinas. Firearms.

    Offing scumbags for sport and profit.

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  1. Wish you were stateside, I might toss work your way.
  2. Sourced! Hooray. Didn't have to pay 800 for a ruger barrel! Lockerup!
  3. The newer ones did. Its an option to send the rifle in and for a fluted replacement. Id like to have the fluting done myself rather than pay the ridiculous fee LWRC asks.
  4. Gents. Title says it. Hoping there are a few floating around from those who upgraded to a fluted barrel. If so, I can help you recoup. :wave: Preference goes to heavy barrels, but any length and prof will do. Plenty of Ldub related to swap or cash on the barrel. Please email or PM.
  5. Gents, Have no use for this. Appears new/unfired. No shims or rockset. 5/8 threading. 300/6.8/6.5/308 Noveske marked. Decent fh even without the can. Looking for 55 shipped. Pretty fair as i see it. Please email or pm questions. Thanks.
  6. Odd, i received messages in the past. Either or, item is sold. Thanks.
  7. Gents. Bought this for a 13.7 build, but decided on another option. It was bought new and I believe I put 50 or so on it. Marks on the flats to be expected. Great option for a 13.7. Killer brake for any length. These retail for 180 or something. 100 shipped to your door. Paypal only. Plenty of feedback around. Please email or PM any questions. Thanks!
  8. Sold pending funds.
  9. Sorry mods. Plum forgot.
  10. Ill get some asap
  11. Gents, Snagged this for my 29, which is now sold. Super clean, sub 700. Gen 3. Slot fillers. Looking for the following: 35/24/23c/22/21 gen 3 slides. Glock barrels/upgrades Ammo. Please questions and for pics. Plenty of feedback around. Thanks
  12. Both 40, 45 and the jig are Spf to darb. Thanks again for the convo.
  13. Sold. Lockerup.
  14. I fixed this issue with help I received and am thankful for it. Good flow given the wells capacity.