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    Sustainable living. Farming. Backwater patois.

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  1. WTS Centurion arms CMR 12 rail

  2. WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    All sold. Thanks.
  3. WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    Barrel and bolt carrier sold. 700 shipped on the chassis. Thanks.
  4. WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    Sorry for the bumps. Can't edit... *BCG sold. Price now 1k, or 360 for the barrel alone*
  5. WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    Another item on the block. Barely fired mk1 MWS upper. Pulled from a factory sbr. It'd make for an easy length and caliber variation for SR25 owners. Or those building a l129a1 rep. Has a few external handling marks, but the barrel/bore/bolt look new. Numerous options for pinning(non nfa). In addition, this is the chrome lined barrel, as opposed to the SS. Sought after in this length for obvious reasons. 1/11 twist I believe. Looking for 1400 plus fees. Swaps as follows: Lwrc repr completes/lower. Knights stuff. Creedmoor stuff. Lancer 308 handguard. Please email/pm and tag thread. Plenty of feedback and better pics as needed. Thanks. ITMFA.
  6. WTS Centurion arms CMR 12 rail

    To clarify, the panel and rail set was like 50. Both rail and panel kit are black. Thanks
  7. Gents, Intended for a customer's build, but he changed course. Centurion arms CMR 12" dpms/ high profile. It's the battle axe version, but looks spotless to me. Really a great rail for the money It is new and unfired, but has been mocked up. Comes complete with full rail and panel kit, box and instructions. 170 shipped obo. Plenty of feedback around. Trust it.
  8. Gents, Intended for a customer's build, but he changed course. It is new and unfired, but has been installed, so has marks on the flats. 100 shipped obo. Probably the best brake for the money. Plenty of feedback around. Trust it.
  9. Mods- I know you're sticklers about picture posting, but with photonucket down, Im hoping you'll give me a pass. If not...Ill try and find some hosting service.
  10. Gents, another project sidelined due to money woes. For sale today I have a clean, near full 14.5 LWRC Repr MK1 chassis. This would make for either a killer 14.5 or the best .260 donor you'll find. Specs: -Repr rifle length upper chassis. Upper/rail. New, clean "blem". Unmarked from factory. I struggle to find any issues. Clean, even anodizing. -Bolt carrier New in wrap from factory(no bolt included) -Repr 14.5 rifle length heavy barrel. Chopped from 18" with sub 500 rnds. Complete with factory pinned GB. Pulled via factory. They murked the threads. Will most likely need port work as is. Super clean barrel regardless. So, essentially you'll need the piston assembly, charging handle and whatever bolt you decide on. If you're a fan of the model, I can't imagine a cheaper/cleaner set to work with. Everything proprietary to rebarrel in an alternate caliber. Please EMAIL me any questions you may have. Plenty of pictures I can text or email. (f#ck photobucket). I have well over a decade in the comm and 500 plus feedback at the usual spots. Happy to link it up. Looking for 1000 shipped. Paypal prefered. You pay the fees. Only trades will be KAC stuff. Thanks for looking! GxACWM