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    Box on a hill.
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    Sustainable living. Farming. Backwater patois.

    Latinas. Firearms.

    Offing scumbags for sport and profit.

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  1. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    Tldr. Ive actually helped numerous members here. The dainty comment was sarcasm. Clearly, this forum is anything but. Unlike the person to which my ire was directed, ive not ripped anyone off, nor do i show up with my views in any your email. I also havent dumped any of my views or quotes in any thread not on that topic. Not to worry, ill go elsewhere. Enjoy your ghosttown/echochamber
  2. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    @jt Thats me, a Californian lacking in research. My bad for disturbing your confirmation bias circle jerk. What that has to do with this clown ripping people off is beyond me.
  3. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    Thanks teach.
  4. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    I, along with others have a beef with genesis cnc. The person quoted was on this forum, was left hanging by gencnc, and recently parted his build. Gencnc wont respond to emails, so i thought id try him here. My bad on the disruption of an otherwise dainty forum..
  5. Hey guys. Decided on arma pattern so these need a home. The manf. name escapes me, though theyre a step above the usual rebranded anderson carrier. I like them because they dont have logos, and the nickle boron is matte. Also, no FA serations. The keys are not staked currently. Great base to build on. Bummed im not going to use them. Looking for 60 each for the 2 new, 50 for 1 used. Email is best, plenty of feedback available. Thanks.
  6. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    Case in point, one of many:
  7. geistacwm

    Crazy thought...

    Gen 80 dude, Super cool opinions you decided to fill my spam bin with. That and incessant polymer lower spiel. Maybe instead of spending your time wracking your unlettered brain over what backwater rationale you decide to pitch unto people whose email addresses youve snaked, you do something truly out of sorts: MAKE GOOD BY YOUR CUSTOMERS. Clearly you're more comfortable meandering in an echo chamber of biblical delusion then you are in an actual machine shop, but change can be a good thing. Seeing as you've been under a rock, few things to note: -Your lowers were out of spec. -Numerous people who placed orders for uppers haven't heard from you in a year In all honesty, you ripped off knights armament in an effort to make a buck. You did so poorly, in virtually every regard. You left people with builds half finished and in some cases, caused them to part out projects at a loss. Our consolation prize: poorly worded fear mongering/religious blather and a chance to win a hideous 40 dollar plastic lower. HoooRRAAYY!
  8. geistacwm

    Replacement Arma bolts?

    Yup. Armalite extension. Armalite carrier. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. geistacwm

    Replacement Arma bolts?

    Anybody have a source for complete ar10 bolts? Not bcgs, just bolts. Astounded to find in the sea of dpms stuff, none are a viable arma replacement. Reluctant to buy and attempt to space a dpms bolt, even if i use a dpms barrel. Really just interested in using an arma carrier in a Mega pattern(no ramp) upper.
  10. Missed my chance to snag one of these. Really only after the barrel, but ill buy an upper if needed. Looking for either length, in the FN chf barrel only. Email is best. Cash/swap waiting.
  11. geistacwm

    WTS Centurion arms CMR 12 rail

  12. geistacwm

    WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    All sold. Thanks.
  13. geistacwm

    WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    Barrel and bolt carrier sold. 700 shipped on the chassis. Thanks.
  14. geistacwm

    WTS/TT LMT MWS 13.5 upper.

    Sorry for the bumps. Can't edit... *BCG sold. Price now 1k, or 360 for the barrel alone*