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  1. Loaded 35 rounds 7.62X39 (1/2 grain increments) for the new AK. Just need a warm day to try them out. It costs more to reload the damn things than buy the ammo LOL. Some time this winter will be spent loading some 7.62X51 for next summer ^-^
  2. This is great info! I'll be testing loads myself come spring and am concentrating on IMR 4064 since my .30-06 Garand runs on it. Will be trying 42.0 to 45.0 behind a Hornady 150 FMJ. Looking for a "service" load and later with SGK 165 HPBT bullets (again to coincide with the Garand). Thanks!
  3. Just an update on this. Looks like I lose $112 from Magman15 (the seller on gunbroker) - as neither gunbroker nor PayPal will do anthing. How would you like to be ripped off over a hundred bucks and have nothing to show for it? I hope what goes around comes around for magman15. If you can, please steer clear of this jerk. Rant over......
  4. Well yikes - PayPal is no good in this situation it turns out. Gunbroker isn't that much better but filed a fraud claim to see what happens. Just complaining to them is useless. Learned a $112 lesson there..........
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! I'll start the PP proceedings tonight.
  6. I might have mentioned this before but, I ordered - through PayPal - (4) .308 P-Mags from a guy on Gunbroker.com back on 11-30-2013. He shipped them a few days later and they were subsequently lost by the losers at the USPS sorting building in Allen Park, Michigan. Cost to me was $112. The vendor said he had to start the process with USPS for the insurance money which he only paid for $50 worth. USPS requires waiting 21 days before starting paperwork to get the insurance money. So it is 1-23-2014 (54 days since paying for the mags) and the vendor is not replying to my emails. I'm starting to get a bit cranky... Am I being a Nancy about this? He says he won't do anything until USPS pays him the 50 bucks. What would you guys do? His communication skills stink. File a complaint with PayPal and Gunbroker? I paid $112 and have nothing to show for it. I say any decent vendor would get me out of the picture and make good on my order. Thanks in advance.
  7. Resized (again) 50 late 70's era LC cases I had prepped earlier. Didn't have a head space gauge when I first prepped them and the shoulder wasn't set back far enough. Resized properly and primed with Winchester LR primers. First time I've tried Win primers (in 36 years of reloading) and kind of impressed by them versus the CCI I've always used. Pretty green color <thumbsup>
  8. Okie Dokie - that's a good start! ^-^ Who else is smitten by the manly M&P10? :enguard:
  9. Is there anybody in there Just nod if you can hear me is there anyone home..... LOL - just waking up the S&W section - lonely in here :-[
  10. I'm a IMR4064 fan for my .30-06 (Garand & commercial) and decided to commonize powder so my .308 and .30-06 feed from the same trough. Haven't even loaded any .308 with 4064 yet but confident enough in that powder to buy 8 pounders here and there. Haven't had any luck finding Varget and have given up. Try the powder bot thing - seeing more 4064 available lately. Good luck on finding Varget.
  11. Put away 8 pounds of IMR 4064, 3 of H-322 and 5K Win primers that came in today. Too darn cold to shoot (-15° this morning) so nothing to reload for now :-[
  12. Wow - how far we've progressed today. Back in the day, that was "High-Tech". Thanks.
  13. Semi-sweet news - my local PO called me after their Saturday working hours to tell me the 6 P-mags came in and come get them ^-^ She made my day. I need to do something for that nice lady. Now, how to get the first four from those scoundrels........
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