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  1. Thanks all, it's been fun. I had so much fun putting this up here on the forum. You guys have inspired me to do this, the ideas from this thread set about many thoughts that I was able to make come to life. And secondly, posting the pics up here definitely inspired me to work quickly and to follow through with the project. There were quite a few days when I couldn't wait to post up pics on here to see the reactions. Unfortunately I'm on hold with the slide out rack system but I promise you I'll get it finished up this summer so stay tuned for more posts later. I totally hope to see this turn into a trend with more members posting up safe "improvements' and gun room pics. Also I'm still thinking about additional magazine storage; specifically AR mags so if anyone has any thoughts or knows a good product please chime in
  2. I may change the ropes out to the clear white style now that I have the little mounting tabs installed already. They are by far the most difficult part of the install and they aren't very difficult. I do like where I was able to mount the switch for the lights, that part turned out well. I used an inline style of switch on an extension cord and some command strips to mount it
  3. I installed some LED rope lights in the new safe this weekend. I gotta say I didn't know there was much difference between the light color of LED's. I guess the ones I installed in my old safe were clear white vs. these in my new safe which are soft white. I definitely like the clear white better. These soft white ones make the inside of the safe feel like the private dance room of a low budget strip club (from what I've been told, I would never go to some place like that lol). Old safe lighting vs. new
  4. Yeah they snuck that gas tax in there at the first of the year, I bought enough farm fuel for this year back in the summer. I also bought 400 gallons of gasoline for the wife at the same time for $1.82 but it's almost gone now
  5. 20%....so you're saying if you have 1000 rounds on hand you only allow 200 rounds per year then? I like the idea of setting a limit but I would have a hard time keeping track.... I would need a spreadsheet or abacus or something lol
  6. I got an aero precision M5 blemished upper off their website. Just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on the lower yet. Being broke is just so inconvenient sometimes lol
  7. Forgive the lousy pictures, I still haven't gotten my led rope lights installed. I just wanted to throw up a couple of "behind the scenes photos of the pistol rack. Mainly just to point out that some pistols may extend way beyond the rack and to make sure you accommodate them. I only mention it because I almost screwed up myself when making the metal rack by not adequately measuring and allowing for enough room for my King Cobra 6" barrel. I ended up making the frame to hold the pistol rack 12" long because of the "overall" length the revolver. If I had gone with my original thought and not double checked the overall length I would have been about an inch and a half short of holding it. I also ended up making magnetic strips to hold magazines along the left side but I probably made that too small because I didn't actually physically measure certain magazines
  8. My friend and I were just talking about selling our 5.56 and 9mm ammo to finance some other projects. If you can get 2.5-4 times the price right now it's not a bad idea....just never know if you'll be able to replace it for regular price down the road. I have heard rumors that dems think the "new" solution to gun control is limiting ammo supply
  9. Oh yeah....I'm certain my wife wouldn't let me past the doorway with anything that resembles a "project" in need of "repairs." I too have burnt that bridge lol
  10. Damn I loved Deadwood! I gotta get that on DVD one of these days
  11. Originally the plan was to go to the basement with it but my son wants a pool table so I'm thinking about taking over the garage addition and turning it into a man cave/summer kitchen/batting cage this summer so I think I'm going to leave the safe in the garage now
  12. I don't want to give my wife any excuse to do more remodeling lol
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