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  1. You can see in the above photo how much space is saved on the vertical storage side of just the upper versus the two assembled AR's next to it. Again I'm not in love with this setup but it helps for now. I did find a guy two towns over selling a used knaack jobbox for $135. I figure a crisp Benjamin will buy it, I guess we'll find out Monday. Do you guys using the job boxes have any trouble with drawing moisture? I suppose a dissicant pack would take care of the moisture? It gets pretty humid here in the summer
  2. Been a while since I have been here but I wanted to share one space saving attempt that is basically a half measure but works temporarily. I had some scrap pieces of 3/4" finished plywood and a nice dowel rod collection that I inherited from my father in-law. I used some 7/8" dowel about 2" long and countersunk into the plywood to make a base so I "stand up" my lowers and then either store the uppers horizontally or using the plastic rods uppers can store vertically.
  3. Well I can't get photos to upload, bear with me please
  4. Well I haven't updated in a while but I wanted to share a "temporary half measure" I came up with for the AR's to they to save a little space. I took some scrap 3/4" finished plywood and countersunk some 7/8" dowel rods (about 2" long) into the plywood spaced 2" apart. I made three of these and I can stand up the lowers and lay the uppers horizontally on the top shelf or vertically using those plastic barrel rods. I'm not in love with this but again it's a temporary fix for now.
  5. I can promise you I have lots of respect for the old guns! I was super excited to "inherit them. It's just a matter of physics at this point; "two objects of mass can't occupy the same space at the same time." etc...Thank you all for the replies. I know that I need an additional safe but I'm trying to stretch it at this point. That job box looks like a good idea, storing the black rifles horizontally instead of vertically looks like a good space saving idea. I got some of the barrel rods the other day with the intention on using them on the AR's at this point. I have some ideas, but it's planting season so my free time is limited. I'll try to share what works and what doesn't along the way, that's what a forum is all about anyway. I guess the truth is I'm looking for the $50 band aid right now vs. the $500 cure.
  6. this quote is worth the price of admission folks!
  7. Around Christmas time my dad decided he wasn't going to renew his foid card which means for us IL residents its illegal to posess a firearm without one. He's very old school libertarian minded and thinks its none of the government's business if or how many firearms he has. Anyway he's getting up there in years and when he found out you had to go on a website to renew that was the final straw for him. I've got a nice large safe at my house and he decided to start sending them over to me a few at a time; "They're going to be yours someday anyway" he says. Needless to say I was excited about this, my father has a lot of cool guns including a really nice collection of Winchester model 12's. Well after a few trips of bringing guns in I'm quickly running low on storage space inside the safe. Basic configuration is half the safe has the gun racks to store the firearms veritically and the other half is shelving where I store ammo and other parts, components, etc. Specifically what I have noticed is my black guns take up 2-3 spaces in the safe versus just one space for most of the other firearms I've been bringing in. Four different AR's with a pistol grip on one end and an optic on the other and a 308AR with similar configuration take up nearly half the space. Obviously, I could add racking to the other half but I really don't want to go that route yet and I certainly don't want to spring for another safe. I don't want to remove optics from rifles for obvious reasons and it seems like a hassle to remove the pistol grips from each one to gain space. I had the thought of removing the lowers and getting some of those guide rods that go in the barrel to store them but I wasn't sure if the rods would be long enough with the lower removed from the upper to reach the top side rack. Sorry for the long winded post I was just trying to accurately explain my issue. Any advise and help would be most welcome!
  8. that's definitely great advice, unfortunately I was taught the "whatever feels comfortable" method and to this day on occasion, I struggle with shooting with both eyes open. Thanks, I'll help him focus on that and go from there. the only reason I really brought it up is mostly for the expense of switching the safeties of about 12 guns over but I guess I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it
  9. In the mid 60's my father lost his right eye in a farming accident, he claims it saved his life as not long after he was drafted and turned away from service in Vietnam. However, not wanting to give up a lifelong love of firearms and hunting he switched shoulders and began shooting left handed. Flash forward 30 or so years and I come along and happen to be a full blown lefty. As I grew older my dad (a big model 12 shotgun fan) converted most of his guns to left hand safety for both of us to use more conveniently. Flash forward another thirty some years and I have a son who initially put everything In his left hand but now, at 5 years old, seems to favor his right hand. I've taught him to bat left handed in t-ball which in that sport is an advantage but in shooting sports is lefty a disadvantage? By that I mean most weapons were designed around a right handed shooter so would I be doing him a disservice if, in a few years, I taught/pushed him to shoot left handed? I don't know if there's a"right" answer here but some thoughts by those of you who shoot a lot might help...
  10. he was really moving there....massive wheel stand must mean massive power under the hood! I was trying to see what the duramax ran but the video ends too soon....im guessing 13 something? just curious because I run my diesel also, best of 12.17@110
  11. My first trip to Byron, IL was in Oct. 2012 for a diesel event where I ran a 12.17@110mph. it was cold as hell but those guys really did a great job of putting together a fast track. i wasn't able to go last year but i look forward to putting up an 11 there this year! Race stance the day of the event Street stance video of my run and a few of my friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t54PMMwOHQ&list=UUP0gjpg9NE0aLTaS1ehhonA&feature=share&index=6
  12. Yeah Winchester produced a whooping 87 model 12's in 1944, I love hearing these kind of stories. This is what libs will never understand, firearms are more than just "guns," they are a rite of passage for young men, a permenant bond between father and son. My dad's first gun was a model 12 20ga given to him by his father as a 12th birthday present. My grandpa also purchased a 16ga at the same time and my dad's love affair with model 12's was born. He still has both shotguns and about 4 other model 12's, two 42's and a model 61. The collection looks pretty impressive when he has them all laid out on the pool table together...
  13. Bump this up...another downstater here; Douglas/Champaign county and I'm looking for a reason to shoot this new 308AR I built...lol
  14. Wow, Zebra, that's a thing of beauty!
  15. My dad and I just picked up this Winchester model 12 for $450 at an auction the other day; my dad still can't believe i got it that cheap. It is a 6 digit serial # 152XXX which puts it manufactured in 1917 I believe. The action is tight and the finish is in great shape for it's age so its either been gone through and re-blued or it has basically been a safe queen. the stampings are very legible which tends to make me think it hasn't been re-blued but either way after transfer fees and a left handed safety i've got a classic shotgun for dove and pheasant season for about $500
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