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  1. The cavity created by that itty bitty Barnes bullet. Barnes TSX/ TTSX is my go-to projectile in all three calibers that I load (.308, .300 blk, .223/5.56). It’s just too pricey to shoot for no good reason... but they sure do work like the sum of all beaches.
  2. I’ve made some minimum charge loads (14 gr H110) with the 155 gr version. I’m anticipating a velocity of 1525-75 fps. At 200 yards, the original 16 gr version is moving at approx 1360 fps. Will have a better idea once I put them over the chrony, but I should be able to simulate the original version’s performance at 200 yards by setting up at around 50 yards or so. Don’t have any of the 168 gr projectiles for conversion right now, but will try to get some minimum charge versions of those built for testing as well.
  3. Here’s what I’m shooting them out of... it’s got a 8.5” Palmetto State Armory barrel with a 1/7 twist.
  4. I shot the cooler... but I did not shoot the chronograph (that was my buddy Mike)
  5. More from the slo-mo... 1st series from one of the 155 gr and 2nd from 168 gr.
  6. Close up comparison of the 208 gr, supersonic on left and subsonic on right. From the stills, there is still some energy transfer going on at subsonic speeds and some mushrooming, but not nearly as impressive as at faster speeds. Energy at 200 yds is about equal to a .357 Magnum at the muzzle, which is pretty impressive.
  7. Some stills from the high speed film of the subsonic 208... according to my calculations, velocity is equal to the supersonic version at 200 yards.
  8. Did you end up deciding on something? If not yet, I’d definitely go with a pistol in the 300BLK, don’t bother with an SBR... pistol gives you 90% of the functionality without all the hassle. I built that one out of an Anderson lower I got on special for $45. Complete upper from Palmetto State was $250 IIRC... 8.5” barrel 1/7 twist. One thing, you’re gonna need to know how to reload if you want to shoot bunches... ammo is sometimes hard to find and somewhat expensive. If you already reload .308, then there are wide variety of projectiles that can be shared between the platforms and used in Blackout as well. So far I’ve loaded anything from 110 gr varmint bullets to 125 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips to Hornady 155 gr, 168 gr and 208 gr HPBTs in both super and subsonic. .308 varmint bullets work well enough (but lack weight for some applications) while some of the other .308 bullets need some tweaking to work better at Blackout velocities.
  9. Yep, I concur... will do some accuracy testing to see how they group.
  10. I think I might try some of those SMK 220 gr projectiles for the next sub loading.
  11. Thank you sir... I’m having a lot of fun with it and I haven’t shot my eye out (yet - knock on skull) ... and I’m getting some workable ammunition out of it, so I reckon I’m doing OK so far.
  12. The chrony #’s: 208 gr Hornady 9.2 gr h110 trimmed to 1.25” 1090 fps ftf 1103 fps fed next round 1113 fps 1110 fps ftf 1111 Avg 1105.4 SD 9.39 12.5 gr h110 1384 fps 1373 fps 1378 fps 1368 fps 1383 fps Avg 1377.2 SD 6.76 155 gr Nosler CC trimmed to .975” 16 gr h110 1787 fps 1780 fps 1783 fps 1778 fps 1775 fps Avg 1780.6 SD 4.61 Some flattening, mild cratering
  13. Stills from the high speed of a 208 gr Supersonic... a lot of energy transfer going on there, some of the water is instantly vaporized into a fine mist.
  14. Caught bullets today, .223’s and Blackouts (used a cooler full of wet pack)... left to right: Barnes 70 gr TSX .223, Hornady 75 gr ELD Match .223, Nosler 155 gr CC HPBT .308, Hornady 168 gr BTHP Match .308, Hornady 208 gr BTHP Match .308 Supersonic, Hornady 208 gr BTHP Match Subsonic Some notes: I was very impressed by the size of the permanent cavity created by that little Barnes bullet. 155 gr mushroomed real well, looks like it would make a nice manstopper. 168 gr also mushroomed real nice and kept a good bit of weight in the base, be a good hunting round for larger game. I think the 208 gr Supersonic would work well on a thicker skinned animal like a large hog or even a bear at short range. The tip of the 208 gr Subsonic flattened nicely as well... but I won’t be continuing production on that one, not enough ooomph to reliably cycle the action... will be working up a load with a heavier projectile.
  15. “Martin, it’s all psychological. You yell, “Barracuda,” everybody says, “huh, what?” You yell “Shark,” we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.” Mayor Vaughn - Jaws I think Sheriff Lombardo and Mayor Vaughn have similar motivations... it’s just Lombardo’s has a few more zeroes at the end of it.
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