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  1. It is minor prep. You gotta admit it's a fucked-up chicken.
  2. Uncan, prep( whatever you decide to do to it), devour the whole thing. Isnt that the rules?
  3. Pic Of The Day 2

    And women and men were not offended by that. Sadly, those days are long gone. Now we can't say someone looks sexy or great without a lawsuit.😕😕
  4. So, dump chicken , debone , heat up for 30 sec, sprinkle cayenne pepper generously, and devour. Can't be that bad. Might be the next spam.😝😝
  5. Organic poop. I'm pretty sure if you eat that bird ,it'll clean your system out very well!
  6. Exactly! After a 12 pack of Corona, that chicken would taste like southern fried chicken.
  7. Only way to do get that down would be after a 12 pack of Corona, but then again, with all that gelatin in there, may not be much different than menudo.
  8. Rifle vs mid length

    Yeah,noticed that in the pic. Just a reflection from the lighting.
  9. Stumbled in from Texas

    Welcome from Round Rock, just north of that liberal cess-pool called Austin!
  10. Grilling

    After 26 days on Survivor, I might be tearing that up, but for the moment thank goodness I can smoke ribs and brisket!
  11. Rifle vs mid length

    The megas are sexy, but I picked up a matched set a couple months ago from a shop here in Austin. Try to help out the local boys. Built a couple 15s off there receivers and they're pretty solid. ATX ARMORY receiver set,ubr stock, armalite carbine buffer and spring and cmmg lpk. Looking at a larue trigger also as they are right down the road and have read great things about they're triggers at a reasonable price.Hope to have the upper done my mid December
  12. Rifle vs mid length

    ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Glad I could stir some things up. Just ordered a criterion 16 inch barrel , so hopefully it gets here fairly quickly and I can get started.
  13. Joke of the day

    Even my wife thought that was hilarious!
  14. Rifle vs mid length

    Too funny!!!