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C Funnk

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  1. Grilling

    That’s the best and worst thing about it. Snip and sample as you go along; but by the time it’s grub time, you’re done.
  2. Grilling

    Looks delicious as well. Caught the briskets on sell down here and had a partial day off , kid in school with a voracious appetite, so it worked out well.
  3. Grilling

    Great day of smoking! Did it a bit different with the brisket. Did it fast (6hrs) and high(275-325), after temp hot 160, wrapped it and let it cook till 200, then pulled it and let it sit in a cooler and rest for 2-3 hrs. Freakin awesome!!
  4. You taking it back old school, huh?
  5. any thing off topic..

    She does Aenema pretty awesome too!
  6. Grilling

    Nice. Something for every palette. Or should be.
  7. Grilling

    That looks like fun!!
  8. Grilling

    Fixin to be on like donkey Kong in the ATX! Brisket, ribs and chicken on the smoker.
  9. Grilling

    Looks awesome. Grilled or fried?
  10. Pic Of The Day 2

    How ironically true!
  11. Grilling

    South Texas hog bacon. Fry some eggs in that grease, and it’s the best breakfast for supper you can have!
  12. Barrel nut find me a wrench.

    Pipe wrench and a bit of muscle. Your common sense should let you know when it’s tight enough to be in spec.
  13. They did it again - GREAT!

    But , it all started with Metallica’s “ turn the page”.
  14. They did it again - GREAT!

    FFDP. They seem to get the classics. Awesome remakes. They’ve done a few .