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C Funnk

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  1. C Funnk

    Ruger lowers

    My bad. No link. It’s not on their website. Saw it in the store today.AR 15 lower for 79.99. Thinking about a 6.8spc or 6.5 Grendel build and everything I’ve read about them have been positive.
  2. C Funnk

    Ruger lowers

    Anyone used these. Academy sports has them for 80.00 and they seem to be made well.
  3. AP Ultralight scope mount in FDE. Hope it’s as good as it seems.
  4. Just received my KAK pistol brace and that is freakin sweet!! Awesome LOP and solid as a rock.
  5. C Funnk

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    When should judges be held responsible? More so than cops,IMO. So many times, judges undermine law enforcement by giving light sentences to major offenses. They should be held to a higher standard than law enforcement. But, Nooo! Now they’re politicians so almost untouchable.🤬🤬
  6. C Funnk


    Salt Lick has some pretty good bbq. Their original store in Driftwood has a awesome brick fire pit about 4 ft tall x 15 ft circumference they cook meat in. Pretty cool setup.
  7. C Funnk


    Looking delicious!
  8. C Funnk


    While most folks like it low and slow, it seems for me high and fast works very well.275-325 till internal temp reaches 160, then wrap in butcher paper preferably( foil works) till internal temp reaches 200-205, then pull, set in a cooler and LET IT REST for about 2 hrs or until you can leave your hand on it for longer than 5 seconds. Have yet to be disappointed and both dry and wet come out moist and juicy.
  9. C Funnk


    That’s the best and worst thing about it. Snip and sample as you go along; but by the time it’s grub time, you’re done.
  10. C Funnk


    Looks delicious as well. Caught the briskets on sell down here and had a partial day off , kid in school with a voracious appetite, so it worked out well.
  11. C Funnk


    Great day of smoking! Did it a bit different with the brisket. Did it fast (6hrs) and high(275-325), after temp hot 160, wrapped it and let it cook till 200, then pulled it and let it sit in a cooler and rest for 2-3 hrs. Freakin awesome!!
  12. You taking it back old school, huh?
  13. C Funnk

    any thing off topic..

    She does Aenema pretty awesome too!
  14. C Funnk


    Nice. Something for every palette. Or should be.
  15. C Funnk


    That looks like fun!!