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  1. Vegas Shooting

    But where's that one missing hard drive? His brother was busted for child porn, but seems kinda janky they're just now reporting on this and nothing else that would give any new info.
  2. The Wall

    I can see that. They're definitely frustrated down here in south Texas. Might be hard to explain shooting a coyote,"Oh, sorry officer, that was the wrong type of coyote".
  3. The Wall

    let border patrol do their jobs without being micro managed and it'll take of itself!
  4. A Millenial Job Interview

    I didn't mean it like that, that all kids today are worthless. But I also think you have to give your kids responsibilities as children so they can understand how to be a productive member of society. I raised my daughter to have chores and to be responsible and now she is at Texas State playing softball with a full scholarship and working. Congrats to you as it seems you've raised your kids to me responsible and have a good work ethic. Unfortunately,a lot of parents today do everything for they're kids and then wonder why they have issues with them later.
  5. A Millenial Job Interview

    Absolutely beautiful. This freaking sense of entitlement most of these kids have is out of control! Makes you wanna slap the shiiit out of their parents for raising their kids without any responsibilities as children.
  6. Cartridge Case Head Space

    Thanks for posting the articles you post. Definitely helps a newbie like myself.
  7. You are the shiiit!!!
  8. Wilson Combat .458 HAM'R

    Now that's messed up!!
  9. Headspace issue

    I think I might've read that. Been trying to read all threads relevant to this issue. May go ahead and order one of their BCGs and run with that. Saw some pics on here and gives me a good guideline when I shoot it.
  10. Headspace issue

    Well, called WC and talked to a tech and he said they use their own gauges on the hybrid chamber and It was GTG. Then I e-mailed them also and received the same info from another tech, so I guess I'll shoot it and hope everything works out.
  11. Antifa wanna be at a gun store

    Like Pat from SNL. She or he.
  12. Pic Of The Day 2

  13. Joke of the day

    Since it's tha NCAA championship game tonight! Go 'Bama
  14. Pic Of The Day 2

    Did you expect any other comment from this idiot. Half the time she doesn't even know what she's saying! Shame she keeps her job.