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  1. Hello men. Still for sale. Taking up safe space. Thanks for looking.
  2. This upper will fit any "DPMS" style lower receiver. The upper Receiver is from Arms Unlimited (pn- AR-AR10-SUR).
  3. Thx men for the replies. The barrel was given to me by a man at a local gun show here in Abilene, TX. I tried to buy it, but he said it was given to him by his brother and had around 50 rounds thru it, but it would not eject spent rounds. I'll install on my home brew and see if it works. I have a gauge and will check it. already installed obviously. Thx again.
  4. I bought a used 308/7.62x51 1/10 barrel. It looks like someone drilled the gas port hole a schoash larger. It is around .95 around. I don't think that is worrisome. What worries me is there is some drilled metal on the inside of the barrel (very little) that is hanging around the hole. Will this very minute amount of metal effect the operation of the barrel or accuracy of the bullet?
  5. Will someone tell me the a.- length of the DPMS-LR308 buffer tube b- Length and # of rings on buffer spring c- Length and weight of buffer Thx
  6. ArmsUnlimited.com AU-AR10-SUR DPMS Upper, High Profile DPMS 16" 308/7.62x51 Troy Industries 7.2” DPMS High Profile Battle Rail Handguard Carbine Length 9.75" Gas Tube Rousch® 5/8"-24 A2 Tactical Multi Port Model 10 Muzzle Device Ding up the forward assist pin area. $415. I live in Abilene, TX.
  7. Here is a utube vid on a POF 12.5". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYoytcjbd2M
  8. i'm gonna change the tube to standard mil spec tube.
  9. First purchase was - Tubb Precision AR-15 Carrier Weight System. I actually bought two of these for both my paperweightz. More to follow. Have a good weekend.
  10. Wilco, Wash you guys have a good weekend. Raining here, ain't complaining about that.
  11. guru I thought the same when I originally assembled. If I back it off and try to "center the lip" then my stock is off. Hell I'm off at least 25 degrees off, but I can't get that crooked to shoot! LOL.
  12. I purchased the buffer you suggested AND the pads. I believe I have the stacking problem. I have to have the longer tube for the BC to clear bolt release catch on an empty mag. I believe I will put the solid gas block and the new buffer & pad and I will be ready. You guys have been great. Really. I will follow up when reassembled/fired. Thx.
  13. Wash IF someone could tell me exactly which buffer tube, buffer and fresh spring to purchased it would be done soonest. That was my original question. I think I have proper tube and spring. I think my buffer is incorrect and my bc is incompatible with my upper/lower. BUT I haven't been paid enough to think since 5/2007 when I was injured in Tikrit...... I know a local gun smith here in Abilene, I will take weapon to him and ask some questions. Thx to all and I will update when proper function is achieved. Have a good weekend.
  14. Men When I put this weapon together originally, I had to use a buffer tube that was 7.75 inches long for the bolt to clear bolt release catch. That's why my tube is longer, but the water is not cold. I'm with shibiwan, my bc is not pushing back the buffer when it is fully seated, even though it touches it when I close the two receivers. So I need a light weight insert that goes into my bc that sticks out the back 1/8" or so that will clear the buffer off the retaining pin. OR I need to take this paper weight and chuck it. Crap. Shibiwan see attached pix of the bcg for lengths extended and collapsed.
  15. Wash It passed the blow test and gas tube appears to be aligned perfectly (blind in one eye, can't see out of the other...). I am going to purchase another tube, buffer and use the same spring (I got extras). I will do all this in the coming weeks and will update all. Thx ALL for help Shibiwan After I install all the parts listed above, I will continue to watch the retaining snertzle and BCG rear end for wear. Are you saying the BC is too long or my receivers are not compatible? No matter, the beat goes on. Keep your powder dry, hussein continues to want our weapons. jd
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