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  1. Would I steer you wrong?

    It's a possibility :D We did move 2 miles away to a bigger house, but still in CA. I didn't know you guys had these shoots, where is it being held?
  2. Would I steer you wrong?

    This weekend (10.14.2017 to 10.15.2017) we're running a 17% off sale to blow out our remaining Geissele triggers. Code is: triggered We have mostly SSA and SSA-E left. Though the sale is specifically done to move our triggers inventory, everything in the cart gets the discount as well
  3. Would I steer you wrong?

    Maybe! 2014 was the year I left the old company to start my own (in September). I don't go to SHOT anymore, it's a poor use of time and resources for a company of my size. The only good part was meeting folks I haven't seen in a long time, but that's something phones can mostly do :)
  4. Would I steer you wrong?

    Thank you :D It's been a long time! I still remember meeting you guys at SHOT, when was that, 2013?
  5. Would I steer you wrong?

    We offer 15% discounts to active and retire military, law enforcement, and first responders. We used to do 10%, but 15% is a more meaningful discount. Please email me roger@forwardcontrolsdesign.com for the codes :) I was chatting with Drew last night, I'd like to make a come back to this forum now that we have more 308 AR gear to warrant a presence :)
  6. Would I steer you wrong?

    Rob, we've been quietly and slowly expanding. In the first couple of years, we've had the LDFA, EMR, EMR-C and ABC/R, it was taking a long time to get new things to market, though we have half a dozen designs ready to go. When we finally found a reliable shop to make things to our standards, it was go time. This year alone we have doubled our product offering (not counting products designed and manufactured by others), and we still have two more to come by December. I'm not in a hurry to expand anyway, but was trying to get some of the designs made (like the 6315 flash suppressor, and EMR-A ambi mag catch), which we did this year. For 308 ARs, we have ABC/R v2 (7.62mm), EMR-C, and EMR-A. The little gadget Sling Keep works on any platform :) Sling Keep: EMR-A and ABC/R v2: Our 5.56mm upper receiver and 5.56mm BCG will be the last new products for the year. I put the brake on new products, we have too many finished designs we need to get made first ;)
  7. Would I steer you wrong?

    Hey guys, long time :) We've expanded our products quite a bit, including 308 spec bolt catches. If you haven't gone to our site lately, please do visit it Forward Controls Design For discount codes, please email me roger@fowardcontrolsdesign.com I'll be back soon :)
  8. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    Maybe this? ETA 60 days :) ABC/R-F has been available for 5.56mm ARs, the 7.62mm version (sans the lightening cuts, with less material removed than the 5.56mm version) will make its debut this summer.
  9. Would I steer you wrong?

    DLC coated LDFA-Ti will be available soon for those that don't like raw Ti finish ;)
  10. Would I steer you wrong?

    We're working on a low profile ambidextrous mag catch as well. The ABC/R was designed around the Norgon Ambi-Catch that has more lateral protrusion than a factory bolt catch, the EMR-A (ambi) will not need a purpose designed bolt catch to make the lower paddle more accessible. The ABC/R works better than a factory bolt catch even if there's no ambi mag catch installed. Those of you guys with AR15s can try the ABC/R now ;) If you order directly from our site, please make sure and mention 308ar.com :D Military, LE, first responders (past or present), please email me for a discount code roger@starsforward.com http://forwardcontrolsdesign.com
  11. Would I steer you wrong?

    That's the plan! It's actually going to be easier to make, less material to remove than the AR15 version ;)
  12. Would I steer you wrong?

    Thank you Rob! I look forward to being a part of the forum again. I've been keeping a low profile since I left, mostly because my new company either didn't have products to offer yet, or they were always out of stock. Now everything we have in production is back in stock and we're moving to get more projects off the ground, Drew and Rob have kindly allowed me an official presence. Thank you guys, I can't tell you how much I've missed the action :)
  13. Howdy :)

    Here is gents, the first product from my new company :) http://www.tacticallink.com/Forward-Controls-Design-Low-Drag-Forward-Assist-for-AR15-and-AR10-Rifles-LDFA-PAR.html If you have an AR outfitted with ambidextrous features, the LDFA should complete the list.
  14. Howdy :)

    The ABC/R isn't designed to work with the Magpul BAD, because of the problems it can have I never considered it to be something I needed to make the ABC/R compatible with. The bolt catch spring was not designed to have extra weight and lever tacked on the bolt catch, that it can have problems is a foregone conclusion. The ABC/R has lightening cuts to avoid the weight issue. It's not a lightweight component, its weight is similar to that of a factory unit (just 0.013 oz heavier). The angled top paddle (10 degree on the upper 50%, 5 degree on the lower 50%) means for it to be compatible, the angled top paddle will have to be changed to the point it's almost straight, and thus giving up the advantages gained by an angled paddle, a concession I wasn't willing to make. That's a little bit of insight on the bolt catch design :)
  15. Howdy :)

    Hi Mike, 98 has Battle Arms products, I'm not a partner there anymore :)