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  1. A good dog is hard to lose. Condolences.
  2. I seen these reports also about this crash. But I didn't hear anything about the situation of the vehicle operator. although although in the initial reports I did find it strange they never mention anything about that pick up driver.
  3. Ya know, I was thinking about something like that......😁
  4. I just realized I can't take a good pic of my new toy to save my ass........
  5. Well, here is one pic. Board won't take the other one.....
  6. My wife surprised me greatly on Father's Day with something that I have had on my wish list for a few months, a new (to me) levergun! I had been looking at getting a 308 Long Ranger, and possibly converting it down the road into 358 Winchester.......but she beat me to the punch with a BLR in 358 Winchester! Her comment was this a mostly an anniversary gift, but part father's day gift also..... I was speechless for a minute with my boys and her all standing around me handing over a blanket wrapped gift. I had seen this on a local sales board over a month back and had commented that this one is ready to go, no converting, only a rear sight needed, and it already has the first scratches put in it. Needless to say, I was holding my new beauty in hand......with smiles all around. And she made sure there was some range time before the evening meal with the new addition also.....no problems to report, just a new rear sight necessary. Pics to follow shortly, they are on my phone. 0 x
  7. I had a feeling there were no quick and easy answers. There usually isn't for questions that come from my mind..... I was going to look up some of Faxons' specs just to see a proximal amount....and thank you. And I am not going after ounces, just some good weight loss.....wish it were that easy for my body....."just mill a lot off there!"😆
  8. I'm having my currently owned the barrel milled down, so I don't need anyone to Make me one. This Barrel shoots good, it works without fail, so I already know that much of it is correct. What I was looking for is personally how much weight do you think I'm going to drop off of this Barrel?
  9. I have a I have a question for you guys, I'm going to take my 16 in heavy barrel and my APF 308 AR and send it into APF to have it machined down to a pencil profile. My question is what do you think I'm going to actually lose in weight taking off that much metal off of that Barrel? Before I get a bunch of comments about just go buy a different Barrel, I cannot find a 16 inch barrel with the rifle length gas system in a pencil profile. I couldn't find a medium weight with a rifle length, maybe my gun Foo or search skills really suck. Either way I've not been able to find something that comes in the 16 in length with the rifle length gas system. And part of this is what we were talking for the cost if machining my barrel down...... I can't replace a barrel for that cost.
  10. I tried to convince my better half to go that route a few years back. Told her we should sell the house, buy the toy hauler, and turn nomadic......she wasn't too much in favor of that for some reason.
  11. Yeah, I ran out of time yesterday, or I would have posted the article from Firearm News dealing with this subject of John Wick 3 guns. Fairly decent writeup, and lots of pics from training.
  12. I thought the new set of pistols are customized 2011's, with Ar15's and a pistol caliber ar thrown in for good measure......
  13. I think that the fact ais s not being happy today, has to do with a lot of the young people, and even older people, being raised or coddled thinking that they don't have to work or pay for anything in a difficult way. That leaves a lot of people in a situation where mentally they are not very well adjusted to reality. just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and common to see people running around screaming that they are either not a man or a woman or whatever they were born as. If I am not mistaken, gender dysphoria used to be classified as a mental illness. Now it is just something that needs to be medically fixed by whoever decides that they don't want to be something anymore
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