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    just trying to get things done.....

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    North Dakota somewhere......
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    Shooting things that need it....

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  1. I had thought so also at first, then looked closer. The magwell gives it away, along with the design of the magazine, and the forearm.....it is round, not any form of triangular/shaped the way a FAL was back then.
  2. OWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂
  3. damn, those are old ones.....form a way different time.....😃
  4. Is that for your black cat? Or the targets hanging around the yard?????
  5. DUDE! A serious thanks to you and your dad!!!!
  6. 4 of them. My wife always says I am full of useless poop......
  7. I am gonna go a completely different route here, and nyet on the AR in 9mm. My friendly local gunsmith has built quite a few of these up: RIA Armscor 22TCM rifle, rebarreled into 9mm via a Green Mountain barrel for heavy lead boolits. A touch on the boltface for ensuring all 9mm brass works flawlessly, and either the factory mag or the 15 round doublestack from a RIA 1911 in 9mm/22 TCM, and "playtime" for me. The last one he made up for a guy this way was threaded for real fun with the heavy lead boolits and can.He can use any barrel maker he wants, but Green Mountain barrels work best with the lead I like to make..... .....you said you wanted ideas......
  8. We refi'd our house for 2.875 a few weeks back. A coworker mentioned he did his shop by his house for 2.2......I was a bit irritated, but still happy. We were at 4.25 previously, and had thought that was good at that time of purchase. It will be a couple of weeks yet before money comes through, it will be around 45 days for the whole deal, there were so many doing same thing as us locally that the backup was due to shortage of appraisors.
  9. this must be bad, I can't find it on netflix or tubi....
  10. this must be bad, I can't find it on netflix or tubi....
  11. A schit, forgot....just need some for 5.56.
  12. bubbas4570

    Great Music

    Yep, listened to 4 others in a row......very impressive. This deemed prime thing for putting on system in garage for best sound and having the wife listen. She was even more impressed when I told her it was live.....
  13. bubbas4570

    Great Music

    That is incredible.....and MUCH better without the guy giving his two cents in there.... Seems like those 2 do some good work together.....I like it!
  14. the title says it all. If any of you guys have some you would like to part with, I would like to acquire them from you. Let me know what you have, and what you want for them.
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