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    just trying to get things done.....

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    North Dakota somewhere......

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  1. bubbas4570

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I only wish I could be that remarkable!!!!!!
  2. bubbas4570

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Where ignorance abounds, stupidity abounds even more.......
  3. I heard nothing but good about those tech sights from people who mounted them on 10/22's, SKS's, and even the rear of AK's......only complaints to be had were made about them not being military grade like the combloc ones. ....hmmmmm, go figure......
  4. bubbas4570

    apparently if you drop enough shitt on something.....

    Glad to know that I wasn't alone in thinking this retard needed a large dose of .edu ......just wish I knew who it was personally, so I could tell him how idiotic this is to his face.
  5. ....you can think you really have something. NOT MY AD, just shaking my head....... ************************ Diamondback DB9R 9MM AR WTT $1600 TOTAL for everything. I have for trade an AR style rifle chambered in 9MM. the gun comes with; 30 round magazine Red dot sight ($120) Streamlight foregrip ($50) Streamlight TLR-2 HLG ($300) ELF trigger ($250) Flip up/down sights ($30) I have $1750 into the gun so thats what i want on trade value! Only fired once! Will trade for dirtbike ATV etc TEXT ONLY ********************** Or am I looking at this wrong? Maybe I should just go out and buy a bunch of gee-gaw crap to put on a rifle and sell it for EXACTLY WHAT I PAID FOR EVERYTHING after I use it.
  6. bubbas4570

    Father Figures...

    She was a dick wisperer. .......😎
  7. bubbas4570

    Brace for impact

    Teabagging in the morning as a wake-up alarm.........🤗🙃 😚
  8. Good news. I hope it does some good.
  9. bubbas4570

    Brace for impact

    Right wrist has gout, so will there be any volunteers for that side of mine?
  10. bubbas4570


    I must agree with your source, as take away the electricity and almost all of our society will implode on itself. The ones that actually plan for it will face an overwhelming task of NOT being taken down by those that didn't.
  11. bubbas4570


    .....is this something for you to worry about? http://dma.wi.gov/DMA/news/2018news/18033
  12. bubbas4570

    Newest Project -- "Building" (Converting) A Workbench

    COBrien, your last post is what will more than likely work well enough, given what you have to work with.
  13. bubbas4570

    Newest Project -- "Building" (Converting) A Workbench

    And one more thing, if you make one, do NOT go deep on top depth. More real estate on benchtop is not always better. Figure what is needed, and use that. More space allows for for clutter accumulation. This is how it works for me, you may differ in accumulation of craps on benchtop.
  14. bubbas4570

    Newest Project -- "Building" (Converting) A Workbench

    The one next to the wall mounted bench is solid also, frame made so that a 3/4 inch old oak tabletop can set down inside of 2x4 frame. That is just more for cleaning, maintenance, and casting duties....it isn't bolted to wall.
  15. bubbas4570

    Newest Project -- "Building" (Converting) A Workbench

    This is is how mine is made. Solid, no movement. Standard plywood top, nothing special. As you might notice, I do prefer overkill.