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  1. All excellent ones!!!
  2. I knew about the microwave, the jeep is a given, and still a good read!
  3. Gives new meaning to the term jackass........
  4. Ah, they must have changed their design flashhider then, the old ones were a slip fit over the barrel and basically a straight tube all the way through..... And I was almost joking about what it passed.....I just know the hole was pretty big, considering how brakes are "fitted" to the bore sizes better now days...
  5. Hell those old Mini brakes could damn near clear a 45 caliber something or other......
  6. I had thought the clearance was excessive for the 308, but with that much on the factory part, I wasn't sure what was needed for the .358 to pass. I figured it was going to work, as silencers work in this area of clearance measurements (and even tighter I assumed).....but wanted to ask people who know much more than I.
  7. Thanks 98. My question was predicated on this: the flashhider was originally on a 308AR. I was wondering about how much passing measurement needed due to the large amount with the .308 bore. I knew a .358 bullet would pass by hand with a fair amount of "rattle room", but I wanted to ensure safe passage without damage.
  8. Yup, that is it for tolerance.....is this enough for me NOT to speedily remove it from the muzzle (assuming it is concentric and such)? I am asking the simple question of "is this enough"?
  9. If I have an A2 flash hider that will pass a 25/64 drill bit, will this be enough for a .358 Win barrel? If not, what will be the correct size to allow the flash hider to NOT self destruct upon firing? I figured there will be someone here who knows way more than I do about these tolerance/clearance measurements.
  10. They live among us.... This was how the wife's trike was wired up when we bought it this year. Only difference was that whatever idiot did this left the power cables wired correctly, but had the trickle charger and some other power cords wired up to the battery like this.....it took just 5 seconds looking at things to realize what happened. It took that long because I didn't think anyone was actually that stupid/not looking for this.
  11. Patience, 98. Patience. The caliber is worth it. 😎
  12. Merry Christmas to you all!!! I woke up with no anticipations, as we didn't do anything for each other this year. BUT, I id get her something she liked for her smoking bench, and I picked up a couple of boxes of Hornady .358 bullets and a 357 mag leather buttstock ammo cuff for a lever gun. The 4 dogs and 3 cats were all in bed with us this morning, and I guess there is a little anticipation for the newest member of the clan to be in bed with us.....8 week old French Bulldog pup from our litter that we have sold the rest off from.
  13. somewhat unrelated, but.... simplicity, that is why I like A2 stocks and not even a collapsible/carbine style.....same thing every time. and it works
  14. Sh!t Magwa, the .gov has been screwing the people for 170+ years already. One way or another, they have just found a new group of people to put the screws to. The difference is just the era and (hopefully this time) there are more that will be able to stand up to their screwing tactics.
  15. and more opinion.....but some good opinion. And some good context/history of atf letters.
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