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  1. No gas guns anymore.....they are all gone. My 358's are bolt or levergun. My comment about shaving off lead comes from reading/my understanding how the gas system works in a gas gun....really didn't have much real world experience, but have read a few things from years back on castboolits.gunloads.com from guys that did cast for AR'S. My luck would be to really screw up things and have to start replacing things I didn't want or need to bu casting for an auto.
  2. Cool. I figured you meant powder coated but wanted to make sure, as I am known to say I am coating when I am tumble lubing mine. I use the 45/45/10 on all my boolits, even the 358 Win and have yet to have any problems. BUT, I wouldn't use it for too many numbers on a gas gun. Just too much possible leading in the gas system, no matter what, in my mind. For my RGSR and lever.....no worries. And trying out things once in a while, that IS the spice of life.......
  3. What is your coating/lube? And when you said you are shooting GC/nonGC'd boolits, I hope you weren't shooting the same boolit mould product..... Shooting a non GC boolit when there is the GC base in the mould WILL have deliterious effects on accuracy. You will have stuff going downrange, but not near as well as what the mould was intended for. Just checking to make sure I understand what you meant while typing.
  4. 🙄 but still laughing.......
  5. ^^^^^^what 98 said^^^^^^ That and most of them most likely wouldn't know what to do with an animal once they had it on the ground.....more than likely waste most of it due to ignorance of butchering/preserving/just being stupid.
  6. Hell, 3 years later for another reply, and here I am 1 year out past replying to you 11C1P. Seems I have slipped up a bit in keeping an eye on things.....
  7. Not quite as old as Magwa, but my days of running away are over. Phuk em, they can die while facing me. I will not give in, no surrender, but I will more than likely wait until I can see their bodies.....short range cartridges now......358 Win is my long range tool in the box.
  8. Figured 98 would like this..... (not really a what did you do this weekend, but....) Tumble lubed, ready to load, and they just flat out THWAAACK!!!!! downrange out of either of my 358's. Weight is as is. I am not worried about boolits to feed my beasties, just primers and powder, when that day comes. More pounds of wheel weights on hand than I have barrel life/components for....and that works well this caliber also, from the same mold, same process.
  9. yup, the trigger reset requires an almost complete "return to beginning" on these, but if you are used to shooting double action revolver, that isn't too much of a switch. I like mine. It is a 357 mag hammerless version. Don't even realize it is on the hip many times when carrying. I swapped out the factory grips for some G10s from Pachmeyr, and never looked back. Also put a XS dot on the front for help with the darkness....awesome additions for me and this little tool. Liked those grips and sights so much they were immediate additions to my SP101 (except that got the Big Dot treatment), and that is a sweet carry piece also.
  10. As am I. Forge my name as fast as you can......I will be there faster!
  11. Drinking over not getting pics posted is an excuse. PHUQU excuses, just drink......and post pics.
  12. Yeah, I probably annealed some too much....who knows? I would get wrinkles from almost any step, but mostly bullet seating. Probably was the differential between the .461 lead bullets and the standard .458 expander...I needed oversize bullets for the trapdoor.
  13. I had thought of that, and due to my experiences in decades past with annealing 45/70 brass I think that the brass would be too soft for expansion. I folded cases after annealing just by trying to seat bullets, flairing the mouth, and there wasn't any perceived differences in those cases either.....just like the 358/308 losses.
  14. Only thing I can add is that plenty of lube, and not going too fast on the upstroke with the expanding.....then the splitting seemed to lessen. Not a joke, and no innuendo here.
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