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  1. Making money on a disastrous "occurrence " ......hmmmmmmmm sounds a bit like top demoncrats to me..... Fabricate some brains, ye leftist bastards, not reasons to rip apart our country!
  2. I have a saying that I have been using for a couple decades..... Education is expensive, one way or another, you will pay for it.
  3. The sewing machines from 20-25 years ago were good, the ones made now....that are "affordable" aren't made for anything heady duty. My mother knows this from experience also.
  4. Best thing leftists do, silence their opposition. Why debate a losing proposition when you can kill them instead?
  5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/16/las-vegas-guard-jesus-campos-vanished-after-visiting-urgent-care-clinic-union-leader-says.html ....and now there is another brick missing from the wall.....
  6. Yup.....hahahhaha!!!!!
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/11/las-vegas-shooters-home-broken-into-despite-intense-fbi-police-interest.html And one more "unnormal" occurrence in this whole thing. Inside job??????? Covering tracks?????? Or just opportunist taking advantage????
  8. I back Reid!!!!!
  9. Will do....
  10. .....not that it will make any difference mind you........
  11. http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/10/06/tomi-lahrens-final-thoughts-gun-control-push-after-las-vegas-shooting?utm_source=share&utm_campaign=share-buttons&utm_medium=email Here is something from one who says the right things.
  12. Not a 308, but..... I can't say enough about my Del-ton upper on my dissy build....excellent quality and 0 problems with it from the get go!
  13. Wash, figured that was our problem....hence the "anticipated" part of the opening statement of my post. And guys.....yup I did learn sumpin from hanging out here....the bolt was dripping wet with Weapon Shield CLP before the test run. It was not a NIB upper, and I think the previous owner had problems......bolt was a dry as a popcorn fart when the kid brought it home. I didn't say anything, but made sure there was copiuos amounts of love juice in there when testing. Bolt carrier showed wear marks from being run dry by previous owner.....more wear than should be for only "100 or so" rounds through it....and dry to boot, no lube on fingers hardly when taking it apart at first.
  14. I have had zero problems with my APF stuff, they were a DPMS supplier for years before they went their own way. And the one time I tried a heavy buffer, it made things worse for me.
  15. Robo..... It is just the little brother that we built...223 not 308, I just used a 308 buffer system in the 223.