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    just trying to get things done.....

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  1. bubbas4570

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    There isn't really any pain in separating media from brass. There is actually more work involved in drying wet brass for my money, than separating out walnut media from brass. Get a decent squirrel cage type of separator and you should be good to go. Banging the brass around in these cages helps to dislodge any sticky type of media. FWIW, I had way more problems with corn cob than walnut. And even better luck when using walnut litter from a pet store than "real tumbling media" sold through gun shops, Midway, whatever storefront.....it seemed to be finer, it works just as well, and costs MUCH less.
  2. bubbas4570

    16” barrel recoil

    And I forgot to add this in, but they are all 16". And my 308AR is a 16" HBAR with a rifle length gas system......it's felt recoil was less than my Scout rifle.
  3. bubbas4570

    16” barrel recoil

    I know this is apples to oranges, BUT my 5.56 FUR is much easier recoiling (felt recoil) with the rifle gas system than either of my other 5.56 rifle with either carbine or mid length gas systems. The impulse is "slower" with the rifle length system methinks. The barrel weights are this.....HBAR with the rifle, and M4 with the others.
  4. bubbas4570

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    That seems to happen almost every night after work.....
  5. bubbas4570

    Required spare AR15 parts to have on hand?

    This is a good list to carry with the rifle/in the rifle buttstock, with more at home base.....at least in my mind. .....save the gas tube and recoil system.....those should be in the vehicle, base, or wherever you call home.....
  6. bubbas4570

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    If you want a 308AR, I recommend APF Armory www.apfarmory.com for schitts that run out of the box. And get it from them....that way you know it is theirs, not some assembled problem child. https://www.apfarmory.com/ Mine is flawless when I don't mess it up!!!!🤣🤣😋😎
  7. bubbas4570

    Required spare AR15 parts to have on hand?

    Definitely beats my "bags on the wall" system.....😁
  8. bubbas4570

    Required spare AR15 parts to have on hand?

    https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-5-56-nitride-mpi-full-auto-bolt-carrier-group-516446953.html Guess I found these, and wanted to pass the possible deal on.
  9. bubbas4570

    Required spare AR15 parts to have on hand?

    Are the KNS Firing pin retaining pins better than the cotter type, better enough to warrant the price difference?
  10. bubbas4570

    Required spare AR15 parts to have on hand?

    More like a cross between WROL and range toys repair for the long term.
  11. As the title says, what are the spare parts to have on hand for the AR15, and also the 308AR, in order to keep the rifle functioning? Complete lower parts kit? Bolt? Complete bolt carrier group? Just a firing pin? Opinions and knowledge respected and accepted.😎 I want to put together my on hand parts to keep for when necessary. I am asking those who know the what's and "oh schitts" of what are the parts that break at inopportune times.
  12. bubbas4570

    Pistol caliber trimming with Dillon RT1200

    NICE!!!! Now I just wish there was an easy fix for a Hornady progressive press.....I have a very large pile of .357mag and 9mm brass I would lime to run through.
  13. bubbas4570


    I was trying to think of the other cheap plastic cans I was using, they are Plano brand. And these are always in the 30 caliber version / size, the mtm's I use are in the 50 caliber size.
  14. bubbas4570


    I have went to using the plastic style of cans, even though I have a plentiful supply on hand of metal ones....all 100% USGI. I moved to plastic for the lighter weight of the can, easier handling (for me.....you might be different), and I just like the way the latches work easier for me. I do notice there is a difference in the brands when going to plastic. MTM is the best, it only thinks about starting to flex when completely fully loaded with ammo....and I am talking about bulk loose rounds. The others...well I have one from Harbor Freight, Runnings, and somewhere else.....they all are almost identical in size and makeup. They are the kind you would find on sale for $4.99 kind of things....and they show it when compared to MTM. The cheaper versions are manufactured in China, and will have the lids start to flex when loaded to just over half full of loose ammo. They all work for range needs. Would I use them for long terms storage......mayhaps the MTM version. Definitely not the cheaper version. Those carrying trays that MTM puts out....those look to be the BOMB! But I am a cheap bastard and won't pony up for the deal....actually I don't have the need for any right now. And for my money, I just order the MTM'S I need from walmart.com and have them delivered to my local store. My wife works there, so pickup isn't a problem, and online prices are better than they can do in store. Just remember, your schits may be different than mine.....but this works for me!😆