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    just trying to get things done.....

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    North Dakota somewhere......
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    Shooting things that need it....

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  1. I own the acronym patch. Upside down. In the armpit of my motorcycle vest. It has been on there since the second year of his kingship.
  2. yeah, I read that title wrong also......
  3. After mentioning this POS came from Portland, she said, "she probably should go back there."
  4. My wife even couldn't believe that. High priority.....she said sarcastically.
  5. Purge movie.....apparently tomorrow is the start date. Didn't check, going off wife's statement. then again, she would start something like that......hhhmmmmmm!!!!!!! or should I say, Things that make you go hhhmmmmm?????
  6. Ditto. I truly don't know if I could live with another one.....way too much retraining.
  7. Fuk it! Let 'em come. And to hell with tomorrow's Purge date......😝
  8. I think that is a fake page. Way at the end of the description it says exactly what CTD thinks of their customers......"go fuk yourself" Why, CTD would NEVER say that about any of us, would they??????? ....sarcasm off........
  9. Nah, just need to understand Jack.....he just has an attitude. He likes to be treated nice and easy, never in a rush.
  10. Never heard that song before, and I really don't wanna hear it again...... Not my thing at all.
  11. I'm with you......really don't like most other women (I am married...26 years) for much more than eye candy....the ones I know always seem to either piss me off or keep saying/doing really stupid shyte.
  12. This is, more or less, my story also. I stopped buying from them way back then.
  13. I am with you!^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. 😈I actually wouldn't mind a bit of free money.....makes buying some powder a bit "easier".....
  15. And I just realized that I needed to load up my 22 Mag Henry.....viruses are smaller targets and they don't move too fast....
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