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  1. I tried to convince my better half to go that route a few years back. Told her we should sell the house, buy the toy hauler, and turn nomadic......she wasn't too much in favor of that for some reason.
  2. Yeah, I ran out of time yesterday, or I would have posted the article from Firearm News dealing with this subject of John Wick 3 guns. Fairly decent writeup, and lots of pics from training.
  3. I thought the new set of pistols are customized 2011's, with Ar15's and a pistol caliber ar thrown in for good measure......
  4. I think that the fact ais s not being happy today, has to do with a lot of the young people, and even older people, being raised or coddled thinking that they don't have to work or pay for anything in a difficult way. That leaves a lot of people in a situation where mentally they are not very well adjusted to reality. just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and common to see people running around screaming that they are either not a man or a woman or whatever they were born as. If I am not mistaken, gender dysphoria used to be classified as a mental illness. Now it is just something that needs to be medically fixed by whoever decides that they don't want to be something anymore
  5. yep yep I've already seen that they've started going towards letting everyone know the name and other stuff about the idiots. They released the name of the older guy, and apparently the underage killer is a transgender. Don't mind the fact that most of the young people that are transgender wannabe, transgender I think I am, I wasn't what I was meant to be, all have started with mental issues that needed to be addressed without slicing and dicing and drugs to fix your physical sexual organs.
  6. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/no-greater-love----denver-catholics-remember-kendrick-castillo-who-died-in-stem-school-shooting-20922?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+catholicnewsagency%2Fdailynews+%28CNA+Daily+News%29&utm_term=daily+news This is where the pain comes from for myself. Knowing that good ones must fall to stop bad ones from approaching their goals of total destruction. And as a side note, mayhaps the news has turned a corner on how these killings have occurred. Finally. No more stories about shooter blah, blah,blah; but, more stories of how persons are stopping them. This is just a start, but a positive step in the possibility of reducing copycat situations.
  7. That was COOL to read that, the numbers and just thinking about working there.......awe inspiring.
  8. That is great! I put on a pistol shoot this February, and the same guy won top place in both categories, already had the S&W 308EZ we were giving for centerfire category, so he donated it back to the cause also. Made the Dakota Leathernecks very happy, as they received the pistol to auction off during a run this summer, along with the proceeds from the shoot.
  9. Stupid...... Here watch this, hold my beer, and don't say anything......I am on an idiot list....😡
  10. I must agree, tenting is out of the picture. Riding a motorcycle doesn't allow for much I the way of pulling your shitter or shower behind you....at least not when the wife is riding along with. Hotels are a much better option then! Have fun with the camper!!!!
  11. Rustycolt1860, sometimes it seems like the guys ask for schitts that don't matter, but that information can be the difference between easy and a BIG FUKN MISTAKE.....or just alot of pain in the ass. There are no mil-spec type of things in the 308 world, and therein lies many headaches for us. These guys have most of the stupid schitts figured out.....trust them.
  12. Not on topic, but I really wish I could catch the fuk ups caused by my autocorrect on my tablet.......
  13. I can't argue with you, as I haven't served. I don't know what training is provided to the members getting sent into harm's way/a poop hole no one show be in, all I know is the problems that I see and hear about with what is going on after they get back. I can only hope that I am NOT seeing way more positive stories than the negative problems of Veterans the is seenseen after returning. Like I said in a different way earlier, this is how I see it.
  14. LIn other words, 98, the training (repetitive training, I mean the kind you are talking about) just removes the part of the human nature that most of us have in which we don't have it in us to kill each other over and over. Yes, that can be done. I don't discount that at all. What mean is taking someone into battle, trained mind you, and then when their tour is over, just expecting them to return to what their previous normal was....no problems and such. That doesn't happen, and all one needs to look at is the suicide rates, PTSD rates, and the related problems with veterans. The current generation isn't much different than previous generations of Veterans in their pro lem, they are just handling them differently. I know of many WWII,and Korean vets back home that were forever changed by their experiences, and some overcame them with alot of time, some didn't and just did whatever the could to bury/overcome their problems. Vietnam Era veterans that I know have many of the same stories, just ZERO backing upon returning from overseas.....that didn't help at all. Mayhaps I look at this differently, but how I see the training to change the mindset works from your perspective just coarsense the person to being able to take lives on command. This toughen ing is a process of removing some of the moral structure some have that wouldn't be changed without the need for killing. I am not talking self defence, but war and killing. Not everyone has this softer side, if you will, and those that don't usually have had it removed through a tougher upbringing. I can say more later, when I have more time.
  15. Removal of a normal set of morals (in order to make killing another human something automatic) for a determinant period of time, and then BAM!!! you are supposed to go bake to hoeing corn, baking bread, or just setting there with the dog watching sunsets? It never did work that way........and it never will. And I am not talking about those who were already predisposed to killing for fun and profit either. Most of them don't come back all fukd up, just better at it.
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