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    just trying to get things done.....

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    North Dakota somewhere......

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  1. bubbas4570

    My yearly trip to the Columbia salmon fishing trip

    Good times fishing! Just take things easy with the recovery.......hernia repairs can suck....don't ask how I know - and no pics!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHA
  2. bubbas4570

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    This kind of news is getting really old. What the fuk is happening to our society? .........that was just a rhetorical question. One Bad Ass Mistake America is still haunting us.
  3. bubbas4570

    Knife Sharpeners

    I mistreat mine very much then, as my work knife gets used to cut bindweed off of my sod mulcher......that is a dulling experience for knives.
  4. bubbas4570

    Knife Sharpeners

    That is probably due to my lack of reading instructions........😆 Not my first time and not my last......
  5. bubbas4570

    Knife Sharpeners

    I have used stones, the Lansky system, steels, and a few others during my life; nothing works as good for me as the Worksharp. My only complaint it that I seem to lose my point on the blade, but that is minor considering I can put an edge on that takes no time, and it the same every time when the operator it paying attention. Pocket knives, kitchen knives, hunting blades....they all go through and come out better than I can produce other ways.
  6. bubbas4570

    hunger at work

    .....no milk.....ya know when that sugar rush ends!!!
  7. bubbas4570

    hunger at work

    Sh!t and I thought fruit loops with mellow yello for breakfast was bad....
  8. bubbas4570

    hunger at work

    Pretty hard to fit myself and those in the cab of my maintainer.......
  9. bubbas4570

    hunger at work

    Well Shepp, you are correct , I wished I walked and was that active....as I do push 285-295 regularly. All that I do is sit and operate joysticks for at least 8 hours a day. All I have to do is sit in the air conditioned cab and try not to eat......along with being hungry when all the food is gone. Some days it is alright, no gut nawing at kybrain, and others there isn't enough room in the cab for what my gut says it wants. Equipment operating is a killer on the body, no activity, no muscle movement.
  10. bubbas4570

    NM training camp

    If this would have been a white male.......the sun would have exploded on earth....... But a protected minority....... well just have your coffee and bagels, my aren't they good sir?? 😞 and now move along, nothing to see here.
  11. bubbas4570

    Lets see your AR-15

    They are all I run. I have no use for an adjustable....too much movement and too short for me.
  12. bubbas4570

    Lets see your AR-15

    Until a modification is necessary.....
  13. bubbas4570

    Lets see your AR-15

    How I roll.....with my FUR!
  14. bubbas4570

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    Which length gas system are you running on yours?
  15. bubbas4570

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    that MBA1 stock is about as light as you can go, with out going to a Carbine style collapsible. It's also alo cheaper cuz you do not have to spring for the whole buffer tube assembly system.