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  1. After seeing your photos and video, it's Time to put some offroad tires on the Ultra and go easy riding!!!!!!
  2. Good times, and great memories when you do this kind of trip!!!
  3. Yup, back and forth, back and forth.....repeat, repeat, and then done......😄 Don't forget the cornering sucks at speed also, if you are just a bit forgetful anyways.
  4. Just remember to watch out for any action funkiness with your H&R. I had one of the H&R Buffalo Classic (45/70) rifles that I used for competition (60-90 rounds at least once a month)....it lasted about 1.5 seasons, and then started to incur lock up problems. Those action locking problems transferred into trigger/hammer set problems. Not a fun thing. I was shooting nothing but trapdoor pressure loads through it, so that should not have been the issue. Many of the people I shot with, and I, were thinking along the lines of the rifle wasn't designed to take the round count that I put through it. I liked the gun, just wasn't happy with my outcome with that rifle.
  5. Have him pull a half loaded tanker around.....that will educate him very fast. You either learn, or you pay. There is not really any other way.
  6. fukn internet/chromebook problems.....nothing was showing up, and suddenly BLAMMO!!!
  7. They actually did that themselves shortly after repelling the British by instituting their own taxes on certain alcohols and then sending in the military to put down the rebellion. And I am not even gonna start on the monetary system that was set up by our founders....
  8. Does this make my ass look fatter??????
  9. Been there, done that zhit, and have multiple shirts for proof. And to top that off, with loaded, and each component that makes up loaded.....but unfortunately at different times....loose powder sucks the worst.
  10. And I also used to do the ultrasonic cleaning system for my brass. THAT cleans them very well also, I am assuming as well as wet tumbling, but the volume just wasn't up to what I needed to get things done.
  11. I do something along those lines, I just use a big aluminum light fixture reflector....👍
  12. 98, I have NOT bought or tested any of this product, AND I do not remember if you have heard of this company yet.....but their stuff looks very interesting. https://hammerbullets.com/product-tag/358/ And not just in .358 either.....
  13. Fuk I'm getting grey hair over here......👺
  14. No gas guns anymore.....they are all gone. My 358's are bolt or levergun. My comment about shaving off lead comes from reading/my understanding how the gas system works in a gas gun....really didn't have much real world experience, but have read a few things from years back on castboolits.gunloads.com from guys that did cast for AR'S. My luck would be to really screw up things and have to start replacing things I didn't want or need to bu casting for an auto.
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