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    just trying to get things done.....

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    North Dakota somewhere......
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    Shooting things that need it....

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  1. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👊👊👊👊👊
  2. Groundhogs and badgers must be related also, i shot one with a 45ACP 7 times running, rolling him each time, and the fuqqrr made it into his hole, choking on his own blood. The last 2 or 3 shots after the chase.....well there was not much moving in the hole except dust and the gun coming back out.
  3. Does Del-Ton make the cut for a company that gets no respect? My 16" true dissipator upper from them runs without fail! 2 classes, with the first time surprising the instructor....he figured it was a normal carbine setup during his "dick stick" failure inducing portion. The guy ended up pushing me sideways with his stick on my boltcarrier to induce failures....🤣 The guy got frustrated before i told him what i was running. 😎
  4. Running pretty good. Needed a redo of the ECM to make it run better after i changed mufflers, air filter, and "lost" the catalytic converter.....still ride it every day i can.
  5. 👍🏻 to both of you. I have also made my decisions many years ago, sometimes wish for better climate or scenery, but that is all....mindset here is pretty good overall.
  6. Just in case Noone has been listening to the news, "THERE HAS BEEN AN UPTICK IN STUPID PEOPLE DOING REALLY STUPID THINGS WITH WEAPONS". There, my headline ability has been totally exposed. Now on to what most of us know, the anti-gun side will say pretty much anything they want to get someone to listen and agree. Here is a pic from a BBC report that was quietly changed when the facts were pointed out by many looking at this...... https://www.newsbusters.org/s3/files/styles/blog_body-100/s3/images/image1_0.jpeg?itok=seFqRD6S And one of the reports about this BBC falsehood, and the only one I could find with said picture.... https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/joseph-chalfant/2019/08/06/bbc-pushes-firearm-falsehoods-then-quietly-changes-article If you care to watch some video about just a few of these misrepresentation of factualities (big words in a row that mean LIES), you can watch Louder with Crowder. And I am not saying he is the be all end all, just happens to put some things together in a small space/time. https://youtu.be/9yZsOczEEys And you can go forward to about 4:45 to see the bit about BBC if the rest of it isn't watchable.
  7. MikedaddyH, my initial problem was that I couldn't find ankther barrel like i wanted.....medium to thin profile, 16" length, and rifle gas length......very rare animal indeed. Add to that, I am a very cheap screw, and I/we had a problem. My solution.......sell the rifle and get something else. Problem solved.
  8. That was really cool. My oldest will be drooling and planning after seeing this, if he hasn't already watched it multiple times......diesel freak.
  9. 98, I didn't take what SS said as a jab at you, or what you do. Most gunsmiths will clean guns for customers....easy cash for them when they don't have better things to do. I learned a lot from a deceased gunsmith that loved hunting season.....he would make BANK by cleaning the solidified WD40 out of the idiots shotguns for them. And they were happy to have him do it,may for it, sit in the bar a block down the street, and redo the whole thing every year. If you have set yourself up to not do cleaning for customers, cool beans. Good call on your part. Some may not have the customer population available to make such a move.....that was part of my friends' necessity to do cleanings....for the leaner times of the year. And as an aside, I actually tell my local bike dealer to not waste their time on cleaning my bike for me when in for some service work. If you ride them, they just get dirty again. And, if it is THAT dirty, I will clean for the tech.....
  10. A good dog is hard to lose. Condolences.
  11. I seen these reports also about this crash. But I didn't hear anything about the situation of the vehicle operator. although although in the initial reports I did find it strange they never mention anything about that pick up driver.
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