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  1. and more opinion.....but some good opinion. And some good context/history of atf letters.
  2. With that small amount of barrel I am thinking 2 suppressors to keep the flash down.......
  3. The 45/70 in a revolver is nice shooting. I don't think the ergonomics of that Mosin Nagant is going to be anywhere as nice.......
  4. My submission to this thread, and this does NOT fall under any of the forum rules here.....
  5. I am looking for a used barrel (or new) that isn't whorehouse priced if anyone has one to sell. 5.556/223, only requirement is that it has a pinned FSB or the slots cut for one ( I have one on hand) barrel length isn't important, neither is gas system length..... Let me know if you have something you want to part with.
  6. just find some reasonably casehead bare marked 308, resize the necks, and start electro penciling your custom logo on there...... 358's are easy....just use enough lube. I've made enough already, not hard just don't have pretty markings.
  7. Dogs, YUP!!! 4 in house, and they ALL like to let us know things are happening outside.
  8. They have had Bushmaster parts for sale for quite some time. They seem to have the tendency of buying out the liquidation parts from companies the last few years.
  9. If I could play "what if", then I wouldn't HAVE to worry about things that might go bump in the night at my house, as I would have known things were going to happen before it gets to the house. Now I get back to reality.......or how my mind works. The same things that plan on using in reality. These have been vetted as working all the time by/for me. I have found by trial and error that what I dream is the best, usually isn't for me. Handgun: Canik TP9 SF Elite with Warren Tactical night sights I live in a "slab on grade/patio house" so I don't worry about anything downstairs. Just everything around me is what I worry about. Rifle: AR15 with white light and night sights, magazines loaded with Barnes Varmint Grenade bullets ( I do care about my neighbors, I have to) Shotty: 1300 Defender. Old school, and still works every dam time I use it/need it.
  10. Keep the suggestions coming, I like to give him spending options......I am good at that!
  11. One of my brothers wants a 6.5 in the 308AR frame for hunting/long range to match up with his Ruger precision rifle in 6.5. Nothing is purchased yet. Clean slate to start with. What are your guys suggestions..... 1. Complete rifle style and brand 2. Parts from which manufacturer: Frames Barrels Lower Handguards??? Thanks for your suggestions from those who know....
  12. I forgot to add: I have found dirt/"rock" embedded into some brass courtesy of being stepped on at the range (pickup brass) and this might explain a possibility for introduction of debris into the die after being tumbled.
  13. Usually scored dies are from dirt/debris on the brass being inserted into the die. You could have picked up some dirt from anywhere. I have done this after being extremely meticulous with my steps also. I will say that not cleaning the dies was most likely my culprit also. What I chalk it up to is that there was something still on the case after being tumbled, didn't notice the crap, and scratched my die. What I DO know is once this is done, the die will not stop etching your brass, unless you would repolish it. Better to just buy a new one. And I will back up 98's question, I am assuming you just missed typing in a step for us to read.
  14. Shepp and 98, that sounds alot like the old advice I received from Harley riders around here that took care of their bikes. I never could understand getting on one, starting it up, and burning out from wherever you were.....then still riding like a jackass to destination. Taking your time with certain things pays off in spades.
  15. I like the M109Rs, and I would probably kill myself on one someday.....if I would get one. I just don't have the time to devote to relearning more than one bikes' powercurve and limits. I would fuk up and forget which one I am on.....BOOM!!!!!!
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