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  1. So they do. I scored a lightly used Primary Arms 1-8x24 ACSS scope, and even got a discount deal on a Burris PEPR mount. Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. The gun is a DPMS LR-308 APU4 with a Ballistic Advantage 16" barrel, Aero Precision M5 Atlas handguard and a Matador Arms Hammerhead compensator. CMC straight 3.5# trigger...pretty good trigger for the money.
  2. Heck yeah...good stuff. A little drier than Kurt Schlichter, a little juicier than Vince Flynn...lots of good technical stuff, but not as much as Tom Clancy. Definitely worth the time.
  3. Well, let's see... For the Aero Precision M5 lower I'm assembling, I'm waiting for a LPK from Brownell's mainly for the extended mag release button so I can throw the whole thing together. Frankly, I think all M5 lower receivers should come with the extended pins and mag release as a package, or at least a warning that some specialized parts are required to make it 'work'. Meanwhile I'm waiting for a 16" heavy barrel and gas tube for my DPMS AP4 from True North Arms to see if the gun will perform better than with the original barrel, whose looks I dislike and is rather inconsistently accurate. Also in the aforementioned Brownell's package is a 12" M5 Atlas handguard from Aero Precision which is great. The wait is never easy...
  4. I'm setting up a dedicated DMR-style .308/7.62 rifle, and I want a compact, relatively low-power scope in the 4x-8x range. One of the Bushnell AR optics would be perfect, but they don't make them for the .308 any more, seemingly. I plan to be shooting this at no more than 200-250yd and I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, although an illuminated reticle would be nice. Tips and suggestions gratefully appreciated...
  5. Gentlemen [and ladies, if any]: The hammer and punch method worked for me. I clamped the old buffer tube in my vise and used an old nail set and my big hammer [and a shot of WD-40] and the castle nut came off with minimal effort and practically no damage to the old parts. They will be reusable if I ever need them. The Luth-AR stock looks great on my LR-308...I'll post some pictures in the fullness of time... Thank you all for your kind advice. I am still an AR tyro, but I'll get there someday.
  6. Nope...not planning to reuse the carbine buffer tube. I will acquire a larger hammer...
  7. I have a lovely Luth-AR rifle stock, rifle length buffer tube and parts ready to go. However when I go to remove the old buffer tube from the lower receiver...it won't budge. It appears to be staked [little indents on the receiver side of the lock nut] so how the heck do I get it off? Is it just a matter of brute strength, or is there a trick to it? TIA for any info or suggestions...
  8. Token

    CMC Triggers

    I just put one of the straight triggers in my Gen1 LR-308. Easy install and a _very_ nice trigger pull. Definitely worth the cost.
  9. Gentlemen -- Thanks for your advice: Robocop -- It looks like I have to order a few more things from Brownell's...in particular a barrel nut wrench for the DPMS LR-308. I just hope it gets here faster than my last order... Blue109 -- That's the info I was looking for. Good to know about the Loctite. Survivalshop -- thanks for confirming how the pins work. I won't be reusing myfront sight....my LR-308 will be scoped and set up with removable BUIS. That's one of the reasons I want to mount the quadrail in the first place...
  10. This info has apparently disappeared. Are there any current links? I want to remove my tubular FFT and replace it with a DPMS-made quadrail...
  11. Okay...the DPMS Gen 1 LR-308 AP4 I have doesn't have a delta ring...it has a solid floating tubular handguard, like this one. I'm afraid it is just not obvious to me how that handguard is supposed to come off. Youtube has lots of videos on how to remove the regular 2-piece delta ring units, but it seems nobody wants to remove a floating handguard from this particular rifle. I am particularly concerned that there might be some hidden set screws or other locking devices that I will be working against and potentially causing damage by using ignorant force because everything seems 'stuck'. Since there is no milspec standard for the construction and assembly of these rifles I am not inclined to trust the Youtube videos where people are working on AR15s that do have such standards. Robocop -- I appreciate your advice but I think my problem needs a sharper focus on the specific situation.
  12. I just got a Bushnell 6500 Tac Elite 2.5-16x42 [Mildot]. Looks to be really nice [I'm not really a scope guy, so no precise observations, sorry]. I'll be firing it later this week, and I'll report back...
  13. I made a order to Brownell's recently and among other things, I got a DPMS carbine quadrail handguard [$40!! Still available too!] and a 936 micro gas block [$20!!]. I'll be scoping my rifle, and I want to replace the simple tubular handguard on my Gen1 AP4 rifle and dispense with the A4 front sight/gas block. However I am somewhat at a loss at how to begin. I assume I can remove the A4 sight/gas block simply by removing the pins...any tricks or issues to be aware of here? Does it matter which way I drive the pins out? Will the handguard simply unscrew after I take the sight off? The quadrail piece includes a barrel nut and lock ring, so I'm hoping I don't need any other parts. Your guidance would be most appreciated....
  14. I'm in the market for a decent scope to put on my DPMS LR-308. Don't need anything fancy since I'm only allowed to shoot on a range in daylight, and I have no pre-concieved preference for reticle type [don't know much about them...I'm a newbie on scopes]. I see good notes on the Nikon M-308, but then I see there's a P-308 model at half the price. Am I giving up anything really significant going for the cheaper scope? http://www.guns.com/2015/05/28/nikon-adding-new-low-priced-p-223-and-p-308-riflescopes-video/ Suggestions? Advice? Comments? Thanks in advance...
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