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  1. Rsquared

    Rest in Peace

    Yes it is. You can appreciate his thoughts and feelings about being approached or interviewed as he got older. Rest well Marine. We've got the watch. Semper Fi my brother.
  2. Rsquared

    Buick Grand National

    Even as a Ford guy. I had to give a tip of the hat to the late 80's firebird Formula. I never had one. But I test drove one of those steeds. One bad ass car. "Slightly worked" engines (350's), tight suspensions, FAT fuckin tires but without all of the boy racer ground effects that GM was also known for in those days. Saw a lot of Trans Am's back in those days, but not too many Formula's. But alas........I've always bled Ford blue.
  3. Rsquared


    It would've probably baited GREG.
  4. Rsquared

    Just another new guy

    Welcome from Maryland.
  5. Rsquared

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard, from Maryland.
  6. Rsquared

    Another New Guy

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  7. Rsquared

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Hey! C'mon now. You're gonna tarnish my reputation as a high functioning drunkard.
  8. Rsquared

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Well, I guess we all know that he isn't talking about me on this one. I'm not sure if there are any pictures with me in it that I don't have a beer in my hand. Regardless of time of day.
  9. Rsquared

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Spot on Doc.
  10. I've got the ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser 1500 coming to attach to the X-Sight HD. So we'll see how all this stuff finally works (or doesn't) soon.
  11. Rsquared

    So many things, so little time.

    I'd be in for something like that too.
  12. Rsquared

    458 SOCOM

    No doubt. That was one bad-ass little mother-fuker Sketch.
  13. Rsquared

    98s 18" Grendel Light(er) Hunter

    That is one SEXY look on that rifle brother. I love it. I may just have to give that a try on a black rain set that I still have. Meaning......I'll send it to you to work your magic on it.
  14. Rsquared

    98's (straight shooter) bench rest

    What? Do you mean the "Thing" behind the trigger?
  15. Rsquared

    first ar308 build

    I ain't feeding that guy. Buying him guns would be cheaper.