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  1. So are you gonna tell me what I did? Or just keep slinging $hit in my direction? Cause I still don't know what you're talking about.
  2. Brother. I don't know $hit. I don't know what's going on. I obviously missed something somewhere.
  3. Whoa! I'm confused. What the hell happened here? I thought that we were talking about gear. When did the tactical nuke get placed? And what set it off? You gotta pump the brakes a little brother.
  4. THAT's fukin hilarious!
  5. And a back pack. Like I said, I've got all sorts of their $hit. It ain't cheap and you're not gonna get it super fast. But their quality and CS has always been 2nd to none. All guaranteed for life.
  6. But wait....there's more. These are the 308 pouches front and back. That's 6x10 GP pouch above the mag pouches. Those are great utility pouches. Thus the name GP. Here's the shoulder rig that I usually keep on me when out in the desert at the SDTF. And I keep all of that stuff stowed in a large Gear bag. Is it obvious that I'm a BDS fan-boy?
  7. Other BDS gear porn. The split front rig. They called this one the Micro Rig. It has 3 pouches (5.56) and 2 pistol pouches sewn onto the front. It's pretty bare bones for a quick assault.
  8. Ok. This is the dedicated 308 rig. The front has a bib section also that you can fold down into the kangaroo pouch behind the mag pouches. The back. That's a 3.5 liter hydration pack sewn onto the back.
  9. Sure thing. I can round up a couple pics. I don't wanna be a tease though. Like I said before, for some reason BDS has severely downsized their product line compared to what they used to sell. I've got all sorts of stuff from them. And their customer service was always great whenever I dealt with them. Plus, all of their stuff is made in America. Granted, California, so it's more like America lite. I think to get their rigs these days, you pretty much just have to get in line and wait. Not that they were ever really fast for civvy shipments. Not you get on an email alert list, and wait for an available production slot. At least that's what their website says. I'll get some pics though anyway of some of the stuff. I'll be back. https://www.bdstacticalgear.com/
  10. I can't wait to set the MRAD loose on the mile shot. I'm just limited to what I can bring when I fly out there (weight wise). For example: Last year I brought an AR-10 SASS, the new MK12, the MK18, sidearm, suppressors and mags and accessories for everything. All of that bumps up close to the weight limit for the flight. This year, I need to leave an empty slot in my case in anticipation of bringing back the AR-10 SASS that I left with 98 last year. So the MRAD probably won't make it back out this year. But it'll definitely be back the next year. Unless I regroup on the interior of the gun case and bring one less rifle and other stuff to compensate for the weight of the MRAD. She's not exactly the lightest thing.
  11. I've got a bunch of individual 308 mag pouches that I got from BDS Tactical years ago. Being the standard pals/molle style,you can attach them to a vest, or run them on a belt. Unfortunately, they stopped production on them about 2 years ago. Don't know why. I've also got a dedicated chest rig (also from BDS Tactical) that has 308 mag pouches sewn into the front. That whole front section is also a kangaroo style pouch right behind them. So you can jam other stuff in there also. The rig also has 2 padded saw style pouches sewn onto either side. So there is additional storage capabilities. It's got a hydration bladder pouch sewn onto the back of it. So it's easiest to put the thing on like a pullover shirt. I've also got a split front plain chest rig (also from BDS) that uses fastex buckles. It's covered in pals webbing, so you can attach mag pouches anywhere you want on it.
  12. Rsquared


    Okay. That's pretty damn funny.
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