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  1. Oh. I guess that they needed a lurch type to perform research on huh? Nothing but the truth there. Stay busy, and keep moving. Otherwise you'll turn into an "old man". And it's always good to spend time with the grandkids ain't it? My (almost) 3 year old granddaughter already knows that she's got me by the short and curly's.
  2. Welcome from Maryland.
  3. Welcome aboard Phil.
  4. As most people say about snipers................................. "Where the hell did he come from?" !!!
  5. Welcome aboard Pat.
  6. I say that we need a "cook-off" between Wash and DNP. At a meet-up shootfest of course so that all of us guys can be the judges. A shameless dare so that all of us guys can have full belly's.
  7. And.......you think he's kidding?
  8. Welcome from Maryland.
  9. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  10. Welcome from Maryland.
  11. No offense taken my good man. This place is the ultimate teacher of the "thick skin" policy of life. And I had it long before I stumbled into the group of misfits around here. Probably why I've gotten along so well with all of the brothers since the get-go. You can't kick somebody in the balls and laugh, if you can't take being kicked in the balls and laughed at.
  12. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  13. Nah........my ex-wife loves it.
  14. This should do the trick.
  15. Fukin comedian.