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  1. Rsquared

    My AR10T build

    Oh, and since you're looking for Armalite gun porn.......................................................................
  2. Rsquared

    Beachin Tactical Sling Porn!

    Looks good. What wrap is that on the suppressor JT?
  3. Rsquared

    PA-10- and a tip of the sobrero to 98Z5V

    OK, OK, alright.....enough already.....pump the brakes. Don't you guys know how big you're gonna make his head? We have enough of a time trying to contain his sorry ass as it is.
  4. Rsquared

    My AR10T build

    Nice lookin rifle there shooter.
  5. Rsquared

    Another new guy from Washington

    Welcome from Maryland.
  6. Rsquared

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  7. Rsquared

    New member fromWv

    Welcome from Maryland.
  8. Rsquared

    RON!!! Read this, brother!!! Barrett...

    Damn right it is my man. And just think.....the 800 yard targets still weren't making that thing work that hard. Who knows....maybe I'll actually clean mine this time before I bring it out this fall.
  9. Yeah. I've got the 5x20 model. I finally received (after what seemed like forever) the laser range finder for this bitch (1500 meter version). Still haven't done anything with it yet because of: (A) - laziness (2) - fukin work. Plus. I've still gotta re-work that battery pouch so that it doesn't block the charging handle. So.......still a work in progress. Maybe my gun pusher was right? Maybe I just put this whole setup together to prove that it doesn't work?
  10. Rsquared

    New guy from Arkansas

    Welcome from Maryland.
  11. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  12. Rsquared

    Blame Matt.Cross

    I don't care what the topic is. But if I can blame Matt........I'm all for it!
  13. Rsquared

    Hey y’all!!

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  14. Rsquared

    New guy from WA

    Welcome from Maryland.
  15. Rsquared

    Good morning

    Welcome from Maryland.