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  1. The UBR is a great stock. Just be ready for it's weight. It's a little on the heavy side, but it's also solid as a rock. I've got one (Gen 1) on a 16" AR10 carbine that I built years ago. The weight of the stock (in my opinion) actually balances very well with the rest of the rifle. Plus....when the rifle goes "click" instead of "bang", you can swing that thing around and use it as a club. Extremely solid.
  2. Nightforce makes killer optics (literally). And that's a hell of a deal you found that one at. Shocker....they're sold out. Great find Matt.
  3. Now did you actually think that people wouldn't try to help you spend more money?
  4. See? This is what happens when you don't check the site all week. I missed out on this one. (Rule 65b is strong around here) Mike is a master craftsman with his stonework. The points that he makes are incredible.
  5. I love short AR's. That's a sexy lookin little unit there Larry. Nice build.
  6. Yep. She might try and strangle you, but at least you'll see her coming from a distance with that piece of glass. Out-Fuking-Standing!
  7. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  8. Welcome from Maryland.
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