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  1. Rsquared

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    Awesome pics. You've got a sweet setup Dirk.
  2. Rsquared

    You'd think as a Canadian...

    Yes! Yes! We need to take the bubble wrap off of the sheeple, and let Darwin out of his cage and get his ass back to work.
  3. Rsquared

    I won something !

    And here I was thinking that you were gonna tell us that you entered the raffle using Hemi's name.
  4. Rsquared

    New Truck ( to me )

    Nice ride SS.
  5. Rsquared

    New Here

    Welcome from Maryland.
  6. Rsquared

    New guy

    Welcome from Maryland.
  7. Rsquared

    Sooo Hi from NIdaho

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  8. Rsquared

    From Tennessee, happy to join this group!

    Welcome aboard.
  9. Rsquared

    Pic Of The Day 2

    That's FUKIN hilarious Doc.
  10. Rsquared

    New here

    Doc is 100% right about both statements. Oh......and welcome aboard from Maryland.
  11. Rsquared

    New 308 AR owner

    Welcome from Maryland.
  12. Rsquared


    Damn. Now THAT looks like some good eatin there my man.
  13. Rsquared

    Guy shoots and kills moose with Glock

    I've said a thousand times how I don't even like two-leggers in this world. Anything with more or less than two legs is fair game in my book, at any time. Now.....where are those fukin squirrels that chewed on my trucks' wire harness? They're turning into a red mist when I find them. Suppressed of course.
  14. Rsquared

    PRS set up

    Welcome from Maryland.