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  1. Rsquared


    I take it that this is a new rifle. So, first off, you're gonna have to soak down that bolt carrier. These things like to run really wet when they're in their break-in period. Wet, as in they'll sling oil as you're shooting them. I usually give my carriers a mobil 1 bath overnight for new builds. Pick up by the bolt, and sling the oil off it, dry just the face of the bolt, then drop it into the upper receiver. That might help you out. The other possibility is the chamber could be a little tight. If it runs fine using 308, run another couple hundred rounds through it before trying to go back to the M118. Just a couple ideas to get started. Others will be by to pitch in.
  2. Pretty cool. Reminds me of something you'd hear at a Brian Setzer concert.
  3. Rsquared

    My last Elk

    That's how it works. You're money doesn't spend with me my good man. Just save me a place around your fire....and a coffee, beer or whiskey (depending on time of day) to enjoy the company.
  4. Here's the most truthful statement that I've heard all day.
  5. I hate that cactus. And that's not even the one out front that jumps out and gets my ass every damn time I walk by it.
  6. Happy Birthday Roman. You ROCK brother.
  7. Welcome from Maryland.
  8. Well thank you fella's. I appreciate it. Tom........ 54 for the record by the way. Older than some, younger than some. We do run the gamut around here. This is the photo, one of my favorites, that I show people "acquaintances" at work whenever I'm asked about the kind of people that I hang out with. It's a shame that some of you bastards didn't make it into the pic.
  9. Speed camera's: Why in the FUK do all the mouth breathers drive 10 MPH below the speed limit by these damn things? All of us normal thinking, rational people of the world (yeah....the couple of handfuls of us) know that you're good for around 10 over. Drives me fukin crazy. (yeah, yeah...I know that it's a short trip fukers)
  10. I don't think that he was referring to filter dryers. BUT....they still count.
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