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  1. I like food too much.

    Progress is progress my brother. That'll get you closer to making it out to next fall's meet-up.
  2. I like food too much.

    The gold cans go down quite easily my friend. Sometimes, I just utilize them instead of eating. All of that food just gets in the way sometimes.
  3. Grilling

    I know where I'm gonna be on Thursday. I'll fuel up the truck..........................
  4. Feinstein at it again

    Basic breakdown. The Governors rule the States. The Senators (are suppose to) represent the state to the Republic (the federal government) The Representatives (are supposed to) represent the people of the jurisdictions of the States to the Republic (the feds again) Unfortunately, these ideas have been long lost amongst the political machine that is Washington. Moreover, at the state level also. All (well....most) of these political a$$holes are only interested in one thing. To be re-elected. From the moment that they obtain office. Once they hit that office off of Constitution or Independence Avenue (a sick joke that that's where their offices preside), they totally forget about the people that got them there. In the neck!
  5. I like food too much.

    I've been about 200 pounds even (give or take) for the last 20 years or so. I guess I'm lucky and don't have a sweet tooth for sugary stuff. Now the Arby's menu.........I can do a hurtin on some of that stuff.
  6. My road trip

    Yep. That's about how it looked as I was rolling through that area. Only one thing I saw wrong with that. It seemed that a couple vehicles got by you here and there. Always, I repeat, always remember. You're the "Passer", not the "Passee". If they get by you, you know that eventually that they're just gonna get in your fukin way. We ain't goin ludicrous speed.......we're goin PLAID!
  7. Wasting $$$ for the good of the team

    Now THAT sounds cool. Hopefully next fall?
  8. Hello all!

    Welcome aboard my man. Worked on warbirds huh? Pretty cool.
  9. New to the site, looking for advice

    I gotta agree. Just run regular power rounds, but maybe look into changing your gas block out to an adjustable type. That way you can dial it back to get good solid action for cycling, but it won't beat the $hit out of your rifle.
  10. I like food too much.

    Got fuked up while rubbing one out you say? Damn you're old.
  11. Feinstein at it again

    Yep. Cause they're not assault rifles in any way, now are they. Let's try and find some Germans that were at Normandy, and ask them if they thought the Garand was an assault rifle. Screw Feinstein and all of the others on the hill like her. It never ceases to amaze me how people that no NOTHING about weapons, are the ones that try to make up the rules. Fukin retard politicians.
  12. Stumbled in from Texas

    Welcome from Maryland.
  13. I like food too much.

    And this is coming from a professional. Sounds like something one of the rest of us dumbasses would say.
  14. New to 308AR

    You know the Doc? Well.....I don't know if we want your kind around here. Doc and his wife are great people. Welcome aboard Marty. Thank you for your service brother.
  15. Hunting season 2017

    Way to go Mike. You ain't old...........you're experienced. We all try to be that way. Work smart....not hard. Well.....not AS hard. Keep on getting on my man.