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  1. That barn loft would make a great 308AR bunkhouse. Just thinking out loud. Move along.......nothing to see here.
  2. Dammit Doc. You got me. Ya enabled me for two of the MBT-2 triggers. One for me, and one for my son out in Reno for Fathers day. Maybe he'll think that his kids gave it to him. Ha!
  3. Wow. I found the one that started it all. It probably won't make sense at first, since some of the players aren't around here anymore. But this is what got me started. It's a short one buried in the middle of another thread.
  4. I'm not even sure if they're still on here since we've changed software a couple times. That, and it's been a couple years since I churned out the last one I think. But you never know. They could be buried in the server somewhere.
  5. Nice acquisition brother. I like that.
  6. I HATE cleaning. I love building these damn things, but I hate cleaning them. You beat me too it Doc.
  7. I'll crack the code for you Red. Starting a couple years back, every once in a blue moon, I'd be up late on a weekend (drinking of course) and I'd spin out a tale or two. All fictitious stories made up of "the 308 AR teams". Strike team style of action, but with the lovable crowd that's the regulars around here (some of us have been here for quite a while). Each story different, but with a common thread. Each with a different leader, and in a different part of the country. I, as the writer/storyteller, was never the leader or "star" of the story. Always just another member of the "teams". So, the guys aren't trying to confuse you. Just nobody spelled it out yet. And the way you let that little gem of yours flow, made DNP start making the comparison (as a joke). As you were.....carry on.
  8. Rsquared


    That was 2014!? Fuk me! Ain't no way that was 5 years ago already.
  9. Rsquared


    It's about time you showed your sorry ass up here. Oh....and nice rifle by the way.
  10. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  11. Nah, he's a Florida guy, and I'm in the Maryland region. Same coast, but complete different mindsets, meaning Florida is better than Maryland. A bunch of socialist rat bastards around this area. And as far as the stories go, well, everybody can always tell if I've stayed up late (drinking), when one of those comes out. Hmmm.......now that I think about it......it's been a while.
  12. And then the perpetrator began to wake from his chloroform induced slumber. He slowly rubbed his eyes as this vision slowly came into focus. And somewhere, through the cloudy fog swirling inside his head, he heard the figure say............."Okay, lets talk about what you did with my boss Drew's cat". Story........to be continued.
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