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  1. Thanks for the heads up Doc. But I think I'll hold out for some brass to feed this thing.
  2. Yeah, I still need to pick up some Grendel so that I can function test my MK12. Still haven't even test fired that bitch yet. Still waiting for the prices to get a little more reasonable.
  3. Rsquared

    New Guy

    Welcome from Maryland.
  4. Can't stand the tree rats. Fukin hate em. They chewed through the wiring harness on my truck twice. Once was just a couple of injector wires. The second time was damn near completely through it. I was surprised it even tried to run. Fuk those little bastards. In the neck.
  5. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  6. An excellent read. Good find Rene.
  7. Yep. Deep in the hood of PG County. AKA....$hothouse. About 10 miles outside the swamp of DC. I only stay here now because of proximity to my elderly parents who live in Ocean city MD (under a 3 hour ride to get there from my place), and need my help periodically. Currently dealing with some of that at the time as it so happens. My plan is to punch out of here eventually and escape to either Wyoming (I've eyeballed that for years now) or possibly the skull Valley thing that Tom mentioned earlier. Not a big fan of the heat after dealing with the sweltering, ball-sticking summers around the DC region. And AZ is waaaayyy hotter, just not as sticky.
  8. Wise move my man. I can't wait to get outta here.
  9. Rsquared


    I can guarantee a time when I know that you'll get your drink on. And that's the next time we see each other face to face my brother. Been too long ya window lickin bastard.
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