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  1. Don't worry. That's just the manufacturer looking out for you. I mean, the sheeple are just way too busy to worry about little things..........like their infants in the back seat. They've got face-bookin and twittering to do after all. Don't forget just how self-important these numskulls are.
  2. Yep. Pay attention some time at stop lights. You'll hear all sorts of vehicles cycling on and off.
  3. My work truck (F-150) has that feature. I fukin hate that $hit. You talk about the world's biggest gimmick played on the general sheep of the public. Save gas my ass. That feature was probably concocted by the starter people over at Bendix Corporation. """Bendix guys, sitting around a conference table as the CEO speaks................................................. Gentlemen. We're not selling as many replacement starters these days. What do you think we should do? VP Johnson (one of the hundreds of VP's these days) quickly raises his hand. I've got it sir. Why don't we get in touch with the auto manufactures and convince them to put an "auto-stop" feature on their vehicles? We can cut them in on the deal, and then have them start an ad campaign about how it'll save you gas or something. Maybe tell the sheep that less emissions or some other bull$hit is being done by them at every stop light, and that they're helping to save the planet. So in turn sir, they'll cycle the $hit out of every starter out there and eventually prematurely burn them all out, Then we sell them all replacements that'll also prematurely burn out in time from overuse. The CEO stares silently at the young, up and coming exec for a few moments. Finally, saying only one word in a mad scientist kind of exclamation..........BRILLIANT!""" So anyway. Back to reality. At least my work truck has a button on the dash that disables that auto stop nonsense. You can also click through the menus that are offered on the small screen, and eventually find the setting to disable it. But that's a waste of time, because they beat you to the punch on that one. It resets itself every time you fire the engine. So now I don't even think about it when I get in and fire it up. Hitting that disable button on the dash has become second nature.
  4. So......that means that you don't want us to remind her that she'd probably enjoy a new one? To go along with that new truck?
  5. HA! I knew that Susan would talk you into buying one after she was tooling around in JB Matt's last year.
  6. Damn. I'm not a GM man. But that's a good lookin ride Doc. And shocker.....I love the color. What powertrain did you get with it?
  7. Rsquared


    What measurements are you looking for my man? Or, if you want, I'll throw a Magpul mag in the mail to you, so you can do whatever you need to do with it.
  8. PM me your address brother, and I'll get that comp out to you. We can barter later. I want to see you get this thing built.
  9. Dammit! You know me too well also brother.
  10. I love those Knight's rails that AAC used for their uppers. You can use those things like clubs if the rifle ever goes click instead of bang. And yeah, JT, I agree, that looks like an SDN-6 or their original 762-SD. Looks great on that thing.
  11. Hey now. They're the ones that keep me company the majority of the time. Okay.....it's clear that you already know me too well Doc.
  12. I've got both a breakout comp and a brake. You're welcome to either of them brother.
  13. I think I have an AAC comp for you Mike. I'll have to check the parts department. 5/8 x 24 right?
  14. Now c'mon Mack. You know that that's way too much common sense for their "common sense" gun laws.
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