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  1. Carlos held the record for a long time. Until the early 2000's I think. One Out-Fucking-Standing Marine. OoRah!
  2. I like those Young bolt tools. For both platforms.
  3. Bongino was all over it today. Good show.
  4. HEY! What happened in the truck.......STAYS in the truck.
  5. One word. Nightforce. Slap that on a $400 build and you'll shoot the eye out of a gnat at 100 yards. Well.......maybe further.
  6. And that's why we love you brother.
  7. Yep. 98 hit it with his "snowstorm" analogy for the East coast area. I have all sorts of staples that I need at my place. So the last couple times that I've ventured into the local grocery store (maybe once a week), it's been a fukin madhouse. Which kind of makes me laugh in a way. I'm only looking for some kind of fresh products. Maybe some milk (for my coffee), orange juice or vegetables type of stuff. But it's been consistent out here every time. It looks like the fuking Vikings have just stormed through and pillaged the place. The last time I stopped by, I was able to pick up the milk (no OJ) and some veggies. But the rest of the place.......I was literally walking around laughing. Obviously....no paper products to be found. You name it. Dump paper, paper towels, paper plates. Luckily.....I stock that stuff the same way that I stock ammo. Hell.....even the kleenex was down to only a couple of boxes. All I can do is laugh to myself as I kept walking. What the hell is wrong with all of these a$$holes? Too fukin funny. I couldn't imagine being in such a panic state. But....the media does such a wonderful job stirring all of the sheeple into a frenzy. Oh.........and on a lighter note. Some how, my company has somehow transitioned into "essential" status. So I've still been working, doing my thing. I guess since we're into that commercial Automation/HVAC Controls category. I suppose that they want us to help keep the "lights, power, heat and AC on" type of thing. Even though the place that I've been working at is a "federal facility" (NOAA), the building is actually privately owned. So we're allowed to keep working. The place is a ghost town (shocker). Stay tough my brothers.
  8. Oh my GOD.............he's BACK!
  9. Welcome aboard, from Maryland.
  10. Rsquared

    War Movies

    An outstanding movie. That's a damn good series. As with anything else these days, the first couple seasons are pretty damn good. It slows a little later on, but still worth watching. Anson Mount plays his character very well.
  11. Gas, Grass or Ass.......nobody rides for free.
  12. Welcome aboard, from Maryland.
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