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  1. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  2. Glad you came out relatively unscathed my man. And I'm right there with you. I'd almost rather build another rifle than clean one.
  3. That thing looks beautiful Larry. And obviously you must have a hard time folding your lurch-sized ass into it. So I'll happily take it off your hands and relieve you of the problem. That's one sexy ride brother.
  4. Yeah........that might be a problem.
  5. I have to concur with my esteemed constituent from Arkysaw.
  6. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  7. Two outstanding stories. Some great finds Al.
  8. Back when I was a locksmith before I got into the mechanical field, I also ended up in a true hoarder's place to re-key the house. Talk about a train wreck. The place literally had paths throughout the place, And I'm talking deep paths. You would've thought that you were in the middle of trench warfare in WW 1. They were easily 5 foot tall piles that the paths went through. All throughout the place. There was no such thing as open floor space. Just the paths. And they were only about 18" wide. Seeing $hit like that is probably what burned into my brain to be the minimalist that I am.
  9. Thanks again Fukers....er ah.....I mean fella's. just for Tom
  10. Rsquared

    My last Elk

    A true predator. Keep on gettin brother.
  11. Awww.....now look what you did. Nothing good will come from this. I mean, look, he already brought back the Shepp tractor porn from years ago.
  12. Yep. It seems that we think alike. I also use them for all sorts of fasteners and small hardware $hit.
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