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  1. Cheek riser (review)

    Good write up my man. My only question would be the screw heads. It seems like that they would be rubbing against the side of your face. Or am I seeing this wrong? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Pump the brakes! What is this? I don't remember hearing about this. Holding out on the Armalite guy huh?
  2. What is Condition Red Ordnance Mfg.?

    Keep gettin up brother. Getting to see and handle some of your stuff while in AZ was awesome.
  3. Grilling

    What the hell is all that green stuff ruining that fine piece of meat?
  4. You're a beast my brother!
  5. Another old Marine checking in

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  6. New - Thanks for having me!!

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  7. New here

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  8. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  9. Big boy wildcats

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  10. New here, but not to AR's

    Welcome aboard.
  11. Thank you for having me

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  12. Not A Bad Weekend

    Congratulations MM. Whoa.....sounds like a busy weekend no less.
  13. 1000 .45 rounds. I'm finally restocking everything that got shot in Arizona at the fall shoot. Still haven't cleaned anything though.
  14. Hotwrench

    Welcome from Maryland.