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  1. One word. YES. But I still don't wanna talk to her.
  2. I broke down and have a 15 stripped upper coming from Armalite to go with my Armalite SPR lower, for my 6.5 Grendel MK12 build. Already having the lower, I figured that I'd keep the receiver set all Armalite for this build. Even though I have other stripped uppers in stock. I guess that they'll just have to go to other builds.
  3. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  4. Rsquared

    98's 6mm ARC

    Yeah. Keep in mind that between the handguard, PEQ rail, sights......it's gonna be somewhere in the 800 dollar plus range. If not more, depending on where the parts are found. PRI stuff isn't exactly cheap. BUT, those are the parts that were spec'd for the MK12. Fuk me. Fuk you too.
  5. Nope. Unfortunately my state went heavy communist about mags years back. 25 rounders are a no-go in the peoples republic of Maryland. Nothing over 10 is allowed to be bought these days. Rifle or pistol.
  6. Just figured that I'd drop this here.
  7. Not a bad idea. But the fukin airport probably would've made me park the cart in long term parking just to charge me even more. The bastards.
  8. No $hit right? At least the Pelican's have wheels built into them. You would have laughed seeing me walk into the airport last year. Dragging two Pelican's, a backpack strapped to one of them and a duffle strapped to my back. Must have looked like a pack mule.
  9. Rsquared

    Eyes Up

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  10. Yeah, but that bastard weighed in at just under 90 pounds, and cost me 200 bucks to get it on the bird headed to Arizona last year. But it was worth it though. 4 rifles. 3 optics. 4 suppressors. 4 AR-15 mags. 4 AR-10 mags. A sidearm with 6 mags. The look on the TSA guy's face at 0400 in BWI was priceless.
  11. Are you saying that there might have been some Barry White music playing in the background?
  12. Never forget. That's the beauty of Pelican's or their counterparts. You can always get replacement inserts and just start over. I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to reconfigure mine for this years fall shoot. Trying to get it down so I only have to bring one case, instead of two, like last year. Yeah, yeah....I know. It's a high quality problem to have.
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