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  1. From one Ron to another......... Careful there my man. That's how he baits you in. Then he sets the hook, and it's game over. That's why I've been coming out there for years for the fall shoot (except for the last one).
  2. God damn if this doesn't make me laugh every time the subject comes up.
  3. No $hit. 338LM ain't no joke on the wallet. That stuff was pricey even before the current ammo shortage.
  4. And just think. All of these are for what he's probably carrying on him.
  5. Pretty interesting. There was a lot of stuff going on there at any given moment. Sort of like a modern kind of fusion mix. I really don't know how to classify it. The brass was strong, the drummer rhythmic and wild all at the same time, and the guy on the sax was doing his thing throughout everything. Overall.....I like it. It gets the R2 seal of approval.
  6. Rsquared


    I'm here to tell ya. Ol Shepp here knows how to do a brisket. After that one he made out in the SDTF at the 2018 fall shoot. I'll never question his grilling skills.
  7. Check out a company called Enphase whenever you get around to actually considering it. They make some pretty nice stuff. All modular architecture, and simplified wiring.
  8. Ahhh......you do realize who you're talking about right?
  9. I've said for years that it ain't easy being me.
  10. Now THAT'S fukin funny.
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