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  1. Welcome from Maryland.
  2. We've got nothing but fuking comedians around here I see. Though.........no lies were told.
  3. Well damn if that side charger doesn't look pretty sexy Wash.
  4. I don't think (not that I remember) that I have one. But I'll dig through my parts bins and double check. I'm not a big fan of doing that "talking" thing to humans, but it might be worth a shot to give the guys at Armalite a call and see if they could hook you up.
  5. I think I see where you're going............
  6. I've got one of those rails on my AR-10 A2 carbine Charlie. Definitely get the round cap. Not a bad 2 piece rail system. Looking back though. I'd probably just pull the delta ring and put a regular free float rail on it that would still allow the FSB. The rail tends to try and rotate a little after extended fire. Not rapid fire mind you. Just after hundreds of rounds sent downrange. Even with Locktight on the fastener points. As a plain, simple rifle. I love this plain jane A2 carbine. She just works.
  7. We're thinking right along the same lines my brother. It's just unnerving to think that we might have passed the point of no return. But I'm also the first person to shout out that "People Suck". Which is also why I try to interact with as few of them as I possibly can (outside of work naturally).
  8. AND.....because I'm the Trek guy around here. I bring you, the one....the only...........William Shatner. Try and tell me that you didn't laugh.
  9. That's a damn shame. Both for the crew on board, and the loss of a historic plane.
  10. I've got a couple of the older EOTech SOCOM 553 models, that had the QD mount from the factory. One of them is on my DD MK18, and the opther on a 300 black SBR. Those things are deadly accurate around 100 yards or less. Accurate outside that also. I'm with 98 on these, don't believe the hype that was put out about them a couple years ago.
  11. I love Bill Whittle. He's a common sense guy. He's one of us. He also did a great documentary on the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It's a 4 part doc. So you'll have to strap yourself in. But it's a great historical recap.
  12. You're such a comedian. And yes........that was pretty damn funny.
  13. And I didn't even get to say hello yet. Well?.......................................Hello.
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