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Gator Monroe

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    Oak Run Ca.
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    Vintage Boats & Outboards

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  1. Thanx Armed Eye Doc just ordered ... Now I will have some ammo for my ArmaLite AR10A2 retro Classic build (Shipping Fed Ex was 33.00 to Far Nor Cal)
  2. State Super Majority Democrats in our Legislature have a hard on for Severe Firearms Restrictions and Kamala Harris & Gavin "Any Twosome" Newsom have maneuvered a whole host of Bills & New Laws into committee and onto ballot that will severely curtail our 2A/RTKBA in this deepest of Blue States .
  3. If your friend moves here his CHL will not be kosher and please tell him that getting one here will be close to impossible if he is in many Counties in Southern California or Coastal Central or Bay Area . I live in Shasta County (Which issues and I have a CCW ) and many other Far Northern Counties issue but if he is moving to a place with a Job most likely he is SOL on a CCW here.
  4. Bullet Button & 10 Round Mag & depending on OAL perhaps a pinned Stock (So far but that may change within 6 months .)
  5. Only if wager includes Chiefs having mandatory Drivers Education Class for all future All Pro Linebackers written into their contracts ...
  6. I hated the Chiefs even as a new to football 8 year old (But living in Culver City I had friends & Family that went to The first Superbowl there in Los Angeles and the tickets were super cheap for that one too)
  7. First Super Bowl I remember watching was Packers vs Raiders
  8. Rocky Bleier Roger Staubach
  9. The Romanian Rimfire AKM rifles are only real AK 22 Rifles imported in any numbers as complete Rifles (not kits or assorted de milled parts)
  10. When I think of NFL players I think of Pat Tillman and Other positive and inspiring Players...
  11. Raiders WILL have better record this season than (Cowboys) (Steelers) (Patriots) (Chargers) (Broncos) (Chiefs)
  12. WTF is up here ,I join a forum to learn about ArmaLite AR10 Rifles as I build one and it turns into a third degree after I venture into the Political /Clubhouse areas and post a few times sheesh you guys need to back the hell off on DEMANDING personal info from me and speculating openly and deriding me as if its a G-d Dammed sport.
  13. We train legally in our State (Especially Far Nor Cal ) where we liaise with Siskiyou County Sheriff Tehama County Sheriff Shasta County Sheriff on search & rescue , we Serve the Homeless at the Good News Rescue Mission (In uniform) on every thanxgiving, we Marched in the Redding Rodeo Parade (65 Marchers & Mounted Color Guard) in 13 & 14 and we have Former Military & Law Enforcement , Former County Supervisors and Doctors & RNs & Diesel Truck Mechanics, Retired Geezer Squad types ,entire families and even a few Liberals in the various Bay Area & So Cal Platoons...
  14. I work at / Go to Gun Shows ( Big Reno) (Big Town Dallas) (Market Hall Dallas ) (Garland Tex. ) (Ventura Ca.) (Redding Ca.) (Chico Ca.) ( Red Bluff Ca.) ... Plan on doing Tulsa and some other Large ones over next year or so ... (So I'm perhaps gonna be involved somewhere you may venture someday...
  15. I said the M16A2 HBAR clone is my Go To rifle, I made Sergeant ,Been with the Northern California State Militia/California State Militia (over 1k active members) since early 2012 or so .
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