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  1. I highly doubt it. As I understand it, our Piston driven AR308 are great for firing cleaner, cooler, and more reliable. But I've always ben told the downside is that basically everything is proprietary.
  2. I can't see why this would be the case but I have never tried it. If it were a proprietary nut, I would think you could swap to one of their longer barrels. My 2¢: the 16" barrel is amazingly accurate from a semi auto platform. I have a 24" bull barrel on my bolt action Rem. M700SS. As expected, the 700 is sub MOA at 100m. But my Mk216 Mod 1 is just as good at 100. I'm sure the shorter barrel makes a big difference out at 600-800m. If you aren't shooting that far, I think you'll be happy with the 16". But far be it for me to tell a man what to do with his barrel. I was just surprised that I was sub MOA with the Mk216
  3. I was tempted to get a 7.62x39. PWS started there. But I have so much .308 already stocked that I went with the big guy. I cant tell you how much easier the Mk2 is to shoot than my Saiga .308. I love Russian rifles, but there's a lot to be said about the ergonomics, weight, and recoil reduction of a good AR. As for PWS in general, I am impressed with their rifles, but I am even more impressed with their customer service. Nobody want to unbox a rifle and get stovepipes. But it does provide an opportunity to test the company's ability to problem solve. These guys were top notch. Instantly sent me a shipping return label and emailed me notifications within a few days keeping me updated on status. Had it back to me within 2 weeks.
  4. Depends what you mean by "broke em in." I did textbook barrel break ins on them. 1 shot-clean-5 shots-clean-10 shots-50 shots-clean. I don't think break in is necessary on QPQ barrels like stainless or carbon/chrome barrels. But I do it out of habit. I put about 200 rounds through the Mk116 with lots of stovepipes. PWS paid to bring it back, replaced the bolt and smoothed out all of the gas block, the BCG, action etc. Their cust service was amazing. I got the rifle back inside of 2 weeks. Cycles flawlessly now. I have about 500 rounds through it so I would call it broke it. The Mk216 had zero issues out of the box. I broke i the barrel but I have less that 100 rounds through it so far so I would not call it broken in yet. PWS makes great products IMHO. High quality QPQ/isonite barrels. They started off as an AK variant company, which led them to start doing gas piston AR's. As you know, there is much debate over piston driven vs. direct impingement. I prefer piston guns because they run cooler and cleaner. Anyways, PWS is the most affordable way to get into higher end piston guns. They got famous for their 7.62x39 AR and their FSC timed compensators. I believe there are better guns out there but they are nearly double the price from what I've seen.
  5. I think it's interesting how I started this thread. And I have almost zero interest in football. Yet here we are. Sheezus! Hayyy-Zeus!
  6. So I'm new to the world of AR rifles. I'm a long time fan of the AK platform which is what led me to PWS. I really like the gas piston design. Here are my first 2 Stoner variants. On the bottom is a PWS Mk116 Mod 1 that i picked up heavily discounted as soon as the Mod 2 series came out. Above, you'll find it's big brother, a PWS Mk216 that was not on sale in any way shape or form. I actually had a bit of a hard time finding it at first. The Mk1 has a Trijicon MRO on a Scalarworks QD mount. The full cowitness aligns perfectly with Magpul Pro BUIS. It also has BCM keymod Mod 3 vert grip, & a Seekins angled foregrip. The Mk2 is pictured just out of the box, but now has a BCM std. vertical grip, Troy 45˚ Offset BUIS, and a Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42 Zero Stop w/ MOAR reticle. I chose a Larue LT-111 OBR QD mount. I've never used a QD mount successfully with a .308 rifle. We'll see how it goes. I've heard mixed reviews on the LT-104. Some say it doesn't hold up to hard field use on a .308. But the 111 is supposed to do better with larger calibers. I also chose the 111 because it has no MOA built into the mount. With a 16" barrel, I dont plan on shooting father than 600 yards. If I want to punch out farther, I have a different tool for that. I'll submit a pic showing the Mk2 with gear installed. Anyways, the 5.56 is a really nice plinking gun and for potential self defense in a SHTF scenario. Though I do have some TTSX 77gr that would certainly down a deer with decent shot placement. The 7.62 is for hunting. I like 168 Triple X TTSX best since it's devastating and I try and avoid lead in my food. But in a pinch, I have a bunch of 165gr Federal Vital Shok and 180gr Fed. Power shok. Anyways, like I said, I'm new to AR's. Any tips you guys have are more than welcome.
  7. There's been quite a few enhancements to the PWS line since 2011. Free Float barrels and free float keymod handguards. Isonite barrels and receivers. Nickel-Teflon BCG. I really like this line up. Especially the 5.56. Between the long stroke piston, the FSC break, and the buffer tube system, this thing shoots a soft as a .22lr compared to my .308 rigs. I'm keeping sight on target with ease off of bags.
  8. Thanks man. Yeah, I can't quite decide which orientation I like the grip. In the bottom picture, that's the BCM key mod stubby grip. I ended up putting a different BCM vert grip on the .308 seen in the top photo. It's longer and mounts to rails so i had to use one of the pic rail segments. Both different gripe might work better flipped around to hook forward. Have you tried them both ways? Which ones do you use? The long ones ore the shorter ones?
  9. 8 days after they got it. but still. Freaky fast. I think the sent it back using 2 day UPS. Shockingly fast.
  10. Here's something probably already covered, but I have the Troy 45˚ offset folding BUIS and they are really nice. 8mm profile above the rail. Obviously not the the same as standard BUIS, but I really like them, especially being able to use them up close while keeping the optic low and mounted.
  11. Love mine. 2nd pic is right out of box. The 1st is yesterday with a NF 2.5-10x42 NXS ZeroStop in a LaRue QD LT111 OBR mount. I love these PWS rifles. The 5.56 has the kick of a .22 and the .308 is way easier on y shoulder than my Saiga .308
  12. I have 2 PWS. Mk116 and Mk216. Love them both. I actually had an issue with stovepipes at first on my Mk1. These guys handles it like absolute pros. They paid to have it shipped back. Kept me posted on the expedient tune-up. Turned out to be a simple polishing issue. They put a new bolt in and polished/honed some contact points in the BCG and receiver. Had it back to me within about 8 days. Worked flawless ever since. I had no hesitation buying the Mk2 after that. And the Mk2 was flawless from round 1. I always avoided AR's because of the direct impingement. Just something inherently wrong about pumping barrel gas into the receiver. So once I learned of an affordable piston driven AR, especially a long stroke version, I was sold. I love my AK platforms. But they have their limitations. PWS picks up where they leave off. Maybe not as durable as an AK. But I'll take the accuracy and ergonomic improvements of the AR.
  13. Just got my NF 2.5-10x42 NXS ZeroStop mounted using a LaRue LT111 OBM. I have only shot using the Troy offset HK BUIS. Nowhere near as tame as my Mk116 Mod 1, but softer shooting than my Saiga .308. 2nd pic show big brother and little brother. Pardon the messy workbench.
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