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  1. I think you will continue to find CProducts mags to work well me and a couple buddies have thousands of rounds through them they just plain work. Sounds like you gotta nice rig there enjoy it. I was a little hesitant to switch from 308 for hunting, but dang if it doesn't get the job done for us in the swamps. We MPBR our thermals at 43 yards for 4" target zone nothing gets away!
  2. ha ok i read you i will get around to it this week. i'm not a big internetter right now it's middle weekendof bow season.
  3. the rifle was not much it's the optics and can that ate up 3/4 of that. if hunted hogs 12 months it would be meh dunno 150 a year? only hunted them from feb-may this year. had to get something lighter the 308ar with 20, thermal and can is just a lug to tote all night. i've got a property lining up for next year that if okayed i bet 30 a month w/o batting an eye and that's where the cost savings on ammo will add up fast
  4. Hey man yea it was a great rifle, but I ended up selling it to fund a dream rig. Always had capable rifles, but had never really splurged for everything I really wanted from top to bottom. Long story short I found out how well the 7.62x39 can run in a property built AR. So much so a little experiment became a push to build a light sweet hog dream rig that pushed a tad over $6k with new thermal and suppressor. Chris is a really good dude and had I not finally gone balls deep into a dream rifle build I'd still be ripping it. Shot it out to 500 on 10" steel off the hood of truck with an old Nikon 3-9 which didn't do it justice that BA barrel is capable of more work than I can give it.
  5. Great rifle I bought the BA Hybrid. It was a thermal hog/yote gun from inception, but turned into a deer rifle too. I'm not a polished marksman in terms of paper punching competition I couldn't hold a candle to many of you guys. Having said that I shoot my deer the high shoulder/spine out of necessity being in the swamp and it never failed me they drop in their shadow. I have since gone to a PWS 7.62x39 the 308AR was just too dang heavy to carry around all night hog hunting. Especially shooting offhand that thing was a bear by 2 am. to keep accurate for this ol fart. x39 with suppressor, loaded 20 round mag, thermal and rifle just a smidge under 10 pounds been a great rifle for me dropped ~ 70 hogs with it this year.
  6. Wow! That chainsaw winch is pretty neat. Great exercise. I live in pancake flat FL and all I can do is use a harness deer drag for my exercise and our deer are so scrawny it hardly qualifies. Great story great eats and great all around very cool.
  7. Unfortunately the Q Cherry Bomb brake for their QD version is too short and not recommended for pin/weld.
  8. Guys I know a lot of you have been where I am so rather than keep burning brain cells I'd love to hear how you went and where you might steer me. I'm in FL and have pretty much given up deer hunting in favor of thermal hog/coyote control....just take a couple of does for the freezer that's it. Thermal way too much fun. Starting to hunt some adjacent lands for owners to get on problem and they want us to use suppressors. On to decisions Currently have Live Free Armory BA Hybrid 18", but need an adjustable gas block. Not in love with idea of 18" + suppressor length so 16" liking more b/c getting in and out of a truck all night the length really does matter banging it around on the door frame etc. Have used buddies PWS MK216 with Sig SRD Ti and runs like a dream, but good grief that rifle is a lot heavier than mine just comparting upper/lower to mine. We do almost all offhand shooting and when going after runners that's where I love my light weight. That said I bought a new MK216 upper and have it sitting here in my office. Party just because the correct number of firearms to own will always be N + 1! Plus I have 2 friends who already said if I decided I don't want it they will buy it straight away. Or I could build one up from scratch trying to keep barrel at 16 and going light all around. It's obviously a blend of wants and needs. I think I'd probably adjust to the extra weight of the PWS + can over time and be fine and am leaning that way, but wanted to run this by the brain trust here b/f I committed too far one way or another. My buddy loves his and it's a smart design. Open to any and all discussion throw the ideas out if ya have 'em please thanks. The suppressor is going to be the Q Full Nelson never heard anything like it sounds like a fart on a 308 just insanely awesome. Thanks all....fire away!
  9. I'm not buying a lower I'm keeping mine. I have received about half a dozen emails on my armslist ad asking what lowers are compatible with my upper for sale.
  10. So as far as functionality there is no worry b/t low profile and high profile DPMS patterns? It's purely cosmetic? Thanks
  11. I know a couple of you on here are the ever updated 'google' on compatibility of uppers/lowers. I have a DPMS high profile patterned upper I am going to sell and want to know who makes compatible lowers w/o having to make any mods. I know PWS is a direct fit I've been shooting my buddies PWS upper on the lower I have currently runs like a champ.....gotta be others. That said I'm keeping my lower it's set up beautifully for me and I have a new PWS upper on the way. Thanks guys
  12. Wondering if I could put a PWS upper on my DPMS high rail lower. Thanks
  13. I can go as short as a 10.5", but 11" would be fine too....currently running a 15" and trying to shed every ounce I can + gain some ergonomics. To double up on that wish in the event someone has one they didn't like or in a box the *rounder* the better. I hang nothing on my handguards and shoot offhand a ton in the woods. I really like these designs by ALG Defense, but no bueno for 308. Thanks folks
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