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  1. Inthebushes

    Range Games

    Every weekend a few of us get together for a little friendly competition. If it’s rifles, this is what we do. There are 5 rounds. You shoot until you miss. A miss is anything that doesn’t break the red on 2 inch square. Center of bullseye is considered center of your group. Targets have to be shot in order. Distance from center of bullseye to center of furtherest hit is your round score. Below target represents 1 round of 5 with a score of 93, from PA10, bipod, sandbag, 250 yards. Then we go to 400 yds, 4 inch spinner, most consecutive hits, wins. The best on consecutive hits has been 13, not me, bolt action. The 4 inch spinner has a 3 inch target on top, you can call 3” and force everyone to shoot the 3” in their run if you hit it. My question is do you guys have any regular competitions, that would work with this 250 and 400 yd setup. I want to FK everybody up and change all the rules on them?
  2. Inthebushes

    Texas high school shooting

    Hardening schools, all schools mandatory, immediately, is the only solution; money. Even then, these Little Pukes will still slip through. If you own a gun, you are responsible. The dad should be charged with 10 counts of murder. These Little Pukes make me sick.
  3. Inthebushes

    Waffle House shooting

    These “Little Pukes” are everywhere in or country. The Little Pukes are raised without fathers, or their fathers are Little Pukes as well. They get Participation Trophies, they don’t keep score, they don’t work for anything, and nothing is expected from them. This father was responsible for the guns after the Little Puke had them taken away. The father should be arrested and held responsible; prison. The FBI did their job. Put yourself in the situation. The FBI takes guns from your son, there is no way he would get his hands on them, period. Think about that, the FBI TAKES GUNS FROM YOUR SON. If we don’t tightened up, and by we, I mean the men of this country, one of these Little Pukes is going to cause us all to lose our 2nd amendments rights. I apologize for the rant, I’m sure someone will be offended, but like the Gorilla, I’m sick of these Littlle Pukes running around shooting people because their little feelings are hurt, or they are disappointed.
  4. This may be common knowledge, but I couldn’t find it on the old inter web and there was no response from BCA. It was time for me to replace a 243 Win barrel which was shot out. Not needing a 4000 yard 1/4 inch MOA barrel like most, and not wanting to spend $600, I bought this BCA barrel for next to nothing. I read somewhere that BCA uses Armalite length gas system. The photos below are the BCA barrel (bottom) and the shot out barrel (top). The top barrel is definitely Armalite length, and the BCA barrel lines up perfectly. Just info someone might need.
  5. Inthebushes

    Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley

  6. Inthebushes

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    Worked up hunting load for AR308 in 6mm Creedmoor. Final 5 shot group at 250 yards below.c+
  7. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    SPS has some blemish 129 accubonds $33/100. I think I’m going to order some of those. I have had some issues with blemished target bullets from them in the past but I’ve also had some that worked great. For a hunting bullet, I’m guessing they will be fine. Thanks for the info and help.
  8. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    Thank you Sir
  9. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    Your right. Great reports, how are they generated? The Grendel is for Junior, he is 9. He has been using AR 243 with 20 inch heavy barrel. He does really well with it, but it is heavy for his size. Hell, it’s heavy for my size. He took 2 deer last year with it, both at 300 yards, both called neck shots. My goal is specific, flat, light gun, light recoil, 250 yd to 300 yd target and hunting. The target we shoot is 250 yds. The food plot we hunt is 325 yds to where the deer normally come into the plot. The 100 ELDs work well at the 250 yd target, the gun is zeroed at 250. Will definitely move to a 120 something bullet for the deer. Any suggestions on the heavier hunting round? Would appreciate the above reports with a 250 yd zero?
  10. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    Not really a .308 question, more theory question for the reloading gurus.
  11. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    Caliber was 6.5 Grendel with 100 grain ELD. Some guys had told me they were getting good velocities with Hodgdon LeveRevolution in 6.5 Grendels. I didn’t have any LeveRevolution, but I had H380, which is next to it on the burn rate charts. I started really low and just came up to my POI established with the H355. The Varget load I just threw in there because I had some sitting there, and I had nothing else to do. I believed the H380 would be too slow, but maybe not. The H355 load is pretty hot and shoots well. The H380 load was shooting well and showing no warning signs. It may have a little more room yet. I know the Saftey Monitors will surely be after me.
  12. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    H335/29.5. Varget/29.5. H380/32.0 I thought there might be a “law of physics” covering this, but I didn’t do well in physics, in fact I think I missed physics all together, and I’m not sure I’m spelling it correctly.
  13. Inthebushes

    Same Bullet, Different Powder, Same Gun, Same Time, Same POI

    250 yards. First powder was H335, second powder Varget, third powder H380. I know the speed for H355, it’s the load I use all the time. The Varget and H380 loads, I just manipulated until I got the same POI. I didn’t have a way to check the velocity today and it just seemed plausible velocity would be similar if not the same. Thought I would ask, because I’m usually wrong. Everything else was the same; brass, primer, OGIVE, crimp, weather, etc. the only variable was the powder.