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  1. I get them from Larue Tactical. They are listed as Tubbs Buffer Springs AR10/SR25. Just under $20.00.
  2. Rural driveway alarm

    I have a similar driveway situation in a rural area. I have an electric gate but I still like to know when someone is at the gate; UPS, and sometimes the gate is open. I have used the Chamberlain driveway monitors for years. They claim a 2 mile range, but with terrain, trees, weather, etc., 1/4 mile is realistic. You can have 4 sensors on one unit. If someone is at the gate, I get 1 tone. If they are half way to the house I get 2 tones. If they are at the barn, I get three tones. If they are at the front door, I get 4 tones. They have proven to be very reliable and low maintenance. The sensors are battery powered and the base is 110. Batteries last several months. They will pick up deer, and I have used them to battle armadillos when they start digging in the yard. They are not expensive and they actually work.
  3. I like the PA10s. I have built 3 of them now. I have one chambered in 308, 243, and the newest in 6mm Creedmoor. All of them have required 50 cents in the buffer tube. One had to have a little grind on the bolt release. I have put the flat wire buffer spring in each, but wasn’t necessary. The flat wire spring just makes everything feel smoother and consistent. I put adjustable gas blocks on all my guns, so they got that as well. They are identical and they all run great. The 6 Creedmoor has a McGowen Precision barrel and is stupid accurate. The main thing with the 6mms is bullet selection. You can’t feed the long bullets like hybrids and VLDs. I stay with the 108 ELD-Ms in the 243 and 6 Creed and get 100% reliability and sub-moa accuracy.
  4. Quick Diagnosis Please

    Problem Solved! Although I had removed and cleaned the gas block, I did not check the actual gas port on the barrel. I removed the block again, dropped a 1/16 drill bit in the hole, spun it a couple times to clean off the edges, and put everything back together. Set the adjustable gas block on 4 clicks open, fired 4 rounds, and got 10 feet ejections at 3:00 with solid lock up each time. Maybe this will help someone in the future. Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. Quick Diagnosis Please

    I took the extractor out and cleaned and removed one o-ring, no difference. The ejector seemed strong and free, but I did not remove. If I hand cycle slow, I get the same problem. If I hand cycle fast, it ejects. Everything feels smooth and slick. Somehow, I have lost the bolt speed. Gas key is tight. I have a third bolt to try. That will eliminate bolt problem 100%.
  6. Quick Diagnosis Please

    Just been using as a single shot because it destroys the next round. Even if it manages to get the next round into the chamber, the bullet itself has a big gouge in the jacket. Since we shoot for long range accuracy, I just load one at a time. Very accurate, but I hate the gun. I believe the gouge comes when the top round is stripped. The next round is moved forward and up enough for the lugs to smash it on the way by. I’ve tried several types of magazine, manipulated feed lips. I’ve given up on the automatic cycling. However the bolt lockup problem makes even single shot suck. It has to be something obvious, but I can’t see it. Is there a way to shoot a short video and post here?
  7. Quick Diagnosis Please

    The gas block looked good. I tried 3 types of magazine. I blew out the bolt catch and oiled, seemed free. Hand cycled action/bolt feels smooth. I did not try without the suppressor, but I will in the morning.
  8. Quick Diagnosis Please

    This gun has never worked well, but has a new problem. I have used it primarily as a single shot and it has never had an issue with the bolt locking back. Now, I can’t get it to lock back. AP upper, lower, bolt, parts. Adjustable gas block SLR; I removed it, cleaned it and the gas tube. Gas block alignment was perfect. Gas block adjustment functioned, fully closed to 12 clicks fully open. Had a Tubbs spring, replaced with standard spring no change. Tried a different bolt, no change. Cleaned everything, no change. Lubed everything, no change. I run a suppressor so I can’t believe it is lack of gas. Prior to this problem, 2 or 3 clicks open, would hold back on anything. Now wide open at 12 clicks will not hold back 9 out 10 times. When it does hold back, I get the following photo. When it doesn’t hold back, it will drive the empty forward and crunch the case mouth. Any ideas what I need to do next? This is not a new gun and probably has 1500-2000 rounds through it.
  9. Pic Of The Day 2

    Very cool pics, made my day. Probably offend someone nowadays, or is everybody already offended?
  10. 27 dead in Texas shooting at xhurch.

    Get your concealed carry permit if you don’t have one, and carry CONCEALED 100 % of the time. Be prepared, it gets worse every day. I live on a farm, and never leave the house without my weapon. Many days I don’t even see anybody, doesn’t matter.
  11. I’m no doctor, but if 140 cycles better than 129, I would say 150s would be moving in the right direction. Jump to some 175s and see where they go. I shoot a lot of different weight bullets and they eject all over the place. I usually set my gas to throw around 3 o’clock, but if I change something like bullet, weight, or charge, and it still functions, I don’t worry about it. You might have to give it some more air if you get too light. I usually use one of the little brass catcher thingys, so if the bolt locks back and the bag is full, all is good.
  12. I’m looking forward to your results. I’ve had similar problems with an AP upper and lower. Some of my brass and bullets looked a lot like yours. If it turns out not to be the spring, the Doctors on this site, will figure it out. It could be a combination of things, but hopefully just the spring.
  13. Can Someone Play Detective And Read My Brass

    1/2 inch bottom 3/8 inch top to reset
  14. Can Someone Play Detective And Read My Brass

    I’ll double check the gas key, but they had the bolt, in hand, for a long time, doing quality control inspection. Im over the problems with this gun. Im still pissed at them for returning it, missing parts. I’ve built a couple more AR308s, not AP, in 243 Win and 308. They function great. I made a spinner target with 3 inch gongs. Most of the time, I can get 5 hits in a row with either gun, at 250 yards. I’ll post a picture of the spinner target tomorrow. I set up a 400 yard target today and shot it with the 308. I was just checking my tables for the load I’m using and it was a big steel target (10x20 inch). I was able to hit in the center. Not a puff of wind today. I’ll hang a 8 inch gong tomorrow and get used to that, then go to 4 inch. We have a friendly tournament here every weekend and I’ve been able to compete, but not win. The other guys are all bolt guns so if I’m close, in my mind, I win. I do appreciate the heads up on the gas key, and I will check it.
  15. Can Someone Play Detective And Read My Brass

    Beauty of the ticket communications, everything, time-line and communications, all in writing. The phone calls would be more difficult, but not impossible. I tried to get above the CS department, but got nowhere. I don't think they make a bad product, I just think it could have been handled better. The missing parts is just a pisser, and I have no recourse, but I have plenty of spare parts. I have an attorney looking at everything, I want a refund, but really just tired of dealing with it. I've built 3 other large caliber rifles since the AP rifle, from another manufacturer, and had no issues at all. I'm starting to believe it may have been the bolt (AP) all along, but I'm out of town until Monday and not able to fool with it. Before I left, I assembled the gun with a different bolt, because they kept my bolt, and ran a 6 round function test in the dark. It fired all 6 rounds, didn't destroy the bullets, and didn't put a mark of any kind on the brass. I was really surprised. It would not do this with the AP bolt.