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  1. so asked same question o another site. My ar pistol is 27 1/2 from back of mounted brace to end of flash hider. I also have an angled grip. Is this legal?
  2. guess I am ;ucky. Only thing I have had to do to mine to make it a good shooter is put good glass on it and find the ammo it likes. Took about 3 different boxes before I settled down to a good spread. I am -2 inches at 200 yards. For me that's good enough. I am not shooting competitions, I am shooting deer
  3. ok so may sound weird but I take a ratchet strap to the range with me. I secure the s hooks on the edge of the bench close to me and make a loop. I then put the bipod inside the loop and tighten it up then leave alone and use my shoulder and body weight to load the bipod.With a long enough strap you can also do this in prone position by putting a loop on both end and put one end around you foot the other on the bipod and then tighten the strap to your shoulder. I know its not the best and in a shtf situation to much time but it does load the bipod well
  4. @98Z5V….yes I do reload....just not in the 308 Winchester....YET....hehehehehehe….that is next so for now I am building up brass and also need to get a die set.. Started reloading for my Remington r15 in 30 rem. Had to as only one place anywhere that still has ammo for the thing. Seems Remington didn't support the weapon and let the 30 rem die so to speak. It took a few trials to find that rifles sweet spot but I have it clover leafing at 100 yards if I do my job. I also really need a chrono so I can get some speed reading
  5. Ok so I finally got the money to get several different types of ammo. Went to the range toady and was extremely happy. first let me say the Larue MBT 2S trigger is a god send for this rifle. After time on the range with it I think its time to order another for my ar15. The ar15 trigger I felt happy with is now crap. So lets say I am not sure about my last trigger time but this was a great day. LAst time could have been the sorry trigger that was in it. Anyways. I shot Hornady match in 165gr. Winchester Super X 180 grain power point , Federal fusion 165 grand Remington core Lokt 180 gr. Make no mistake the best grouping was was the Hornady match I was shooting from my shoulder and a bipod set on the rifle. 1/2 inch group.Next best was the Winchester. It had a 3/4 inch group. The federal Fusion came in third with a 1 1/2 group followed by the Remington with just a touch over that. I fell comfortable with all the rounds but of course the match will not see a deer hunt in my opinion. I am thinking the Winchester but the Remington is priced less but it was the last box to be fired and I of course forgot to take anything to clean the barrel. Either way any of these will get the job done. Question is is the 180 gr to much ammo for whitetail? I know I will get to hog hunt some so I am good there but more than likely unless I get very lucky I will never go after bigger game.
  6. Had this happen at my local range . Took My TC pro hunter pistol to range, Its a 7mm-08 and RO laughed when I asked could I shoot my pistol on the 100 yard line. Showed it to him and he refused so it didn't get shot that day. I refuse to let that thing off its chain at 25 yards.
  7. its in. Came to my house in 2 weeks . Took me a bit to realize what I was doing wrong .I was putting the trigger spring in the wrong place. After that this trigger is like butter.
  8. Ok was wandering as its a pian to use the stock disconnect on my 835 with the pistol grip stock. Not much fun reaching the safety either
  9. I know its bee a while, but does this work with the 835? was just wandering if you got around to trying this
  10. realy cool stories. Made me think about my grandaddys shotty. A Remington model 11. He sold it to me when I was a little thing. Made the money to buy it working weekends and summer with my dad. so it means a lot to me. I also took my very first deer with this shot gun. Small button head but it fell right down. I do have a question though. The barel say 2 3/4 or smaller rounds. Amy ideas as I don't think when this was made they had mini rounds
  11. ok so heres mine. the 2 CRKT knives are my daily carries. Depending on moods. the antler knife was a steel off of ebay. Kn Richardson knife I got delivered for $35. and the last one made me cry. My birthday falls on fathers day sometimes. On the tenth anniversary of my babies death year and my birthday and also fathers day my wife had a friend who is a knife junky find my favorite knife for her to give me. A buck Kalinga wood handle folder. Never carried or sharpened. at the time she got this Buck knives had discontinued the Kalinga
  12. so I got the email today. Larue has shipped it. just 2 weeks. Says it should be here by tuesday
  13. I have a Larue MBT 2s on order....cant wait. Hate the PSA trigger on my PA10 so I will not fire that thin again till trigger gets in
  14. thanks...It functions great but I am concerned with the upper and lower being polymer. Guess time will tell but until then it was cheap enough to play with
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