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    Da Bayou State
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    Deer hunting, Sac-a-lait (crappie) fishing, and spinning wrenches.

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  1. Pic Of The Day 2

    If i ever move, I'll look here first.
  2. My first PSA Gen II 308

    Not sure what happened with the quote there..... but, I had the PSA bolt checked with the Faxon barrel by a professional gunsmith and it was.......... good to go. I have had no issues at all with the Faxon/PSA combo. 1.2ish MOA but I have yet to tweak my reloads. Actually I'm going test a batch tomorrow. We'll see.
  3. SGAmmo has specials on bulk ammo

    SG Ammo is GTG! I use them for all my bulk stuff.
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

  5. Teaser Pics

    Came for teaser pics, stayed for the sh!t show . Good game...
  6. Crazy thought...

  7. Suddenly their store name is perfect. It all makes sense now.
  8. Broke the extractor on my PA10

    DANG! Way to go @Palmetto State Armory
  9. Broke the extractor on my PA10

    I replaced the extractor in my PA10 with the DPMS G2 style with the elastometer "spring". Runs great. Found the whole bolt kit to be about the same price as just the 2 components. I got spare parts which is a plus. Bolt kit at Midway
  10. Let's see them loading benches

    I opened this thread with the intention of showing off my bench but after seeing those setups, think I'll just sit this one out. Awesome "benches" fellas!
  11. PA10 Spares

    It does, Midway's product pic is outdated. I contacted DPMS and they said all the kits with that p/n ship with the elasto button and g2 extractor. My kit did in fact include the latest n greatest.
  12. PA10 Spares

    Back to the spare parts subject, I bought this kit mostly for the improved extractor setup. Side effect, I now have spare parts for the bolt. Works flawlessly. DPMS bolt kit
  13. Hunting season 2017

    Great job! Old post but I'm in a tree right now and your story is much more entertaining than the raccoon in front of me. Beautiful elk!
  14. PA-10 brings home the venison

    At first i thought i shot high because of the exit, but sitting down on the water, shooting up, made for the high exit. Dead is dead. Those Sierra Gameking pills are just awesome.