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  1. Thanks for the "at'a'boy"s gents! I'm an aircraft inspector/mech by trade. If I fail to find imperfections in mechanical devices, bad things can happen. It's all relative. Yes, the outer rim of the ext where the ramps are cut, are pretty dang sharp. Very clean and precise though.
  2. Huge thanks to those put it on the line for a living. Stay safe.
  3. Thanks for the help fellas. Love this group. I had high hopes for Faxon after looking into their reputation. Hopefully it's an isolated incident (I'm sure it is). My luck as usual.
  4. Lemme see if I can get a better vid...
  5. Damn good idea! I have an arrow saw that I also use to spin test my arrows. I pulled it out and the barrel spins true but the barrel extension does wobble. You can see the step difference. High Low
  6. @survivalshop I appreciate the help! Here's some pics to help convey my method of madness. So I'm using a square flush against the side of the upper, just below the rail. Using the port as a reference point, I take a measurement on both sides. Here's the PSA barrel. Here's what the Faxon looks like. You can see that the barrel is taking a left turn. Even when using the outside of the barrel as a reference (to dismiss a offset port location) the discrepancy is repeated. No muzzle device installed, only the barrel nut.This time I only went to 50 lb-ft to see if MrPaul might have been onto something. No worries though. from what I can tell, Faxon will fix me up. Nothing in life is perfect. Thanks again for the help. I'll keep ya'll posted.
  7. Yep, I had a muzzle device on it and only had to go 1/8 turn past contacting the crush washer to properly index. The problem is not with the gas tube, or gas block, the Faxon barrel itself is off to one side by about 1/16". The original PSA barrel is centered perfectly in line with the upper. @MrPaul , I tried that too. Torqued barrel nut to 70 lb-ft, back to zero<--repeat 2X then final 70 lb-ft. Same results.
  8. Barrel ext is good. Gas block port to port is on as well. I even removed the gb, then put an alumnum square against the upper, and used the gas port as a point of reference. The Faxon was off centered about 1/16". Using the same method the PSA was centered . Gas tube enters the BCG tube with little to no resistance. All good No said laser in my arsenal.
  9. I removed the hg to see if it was the hg giving me a false indication. I held a square against the upper and the barrel is in fact tilted towards the right. So, I removed the Faxon and re-installed the PSA 18". Guess what... It centers up perfectly. I'll be in touch with Faxon on Monday to see what they say. Kinda bummed out. @FaxonNathan
  10. No longer for sale. Please close. Thanks.
  11. I did not measure the original barrel. GB fit is perfect. I'm leaning towards the upper receiver being the culprit. It being the lowest common denominator in this equation. The fit between the upper and lower, for example, is similar to an old worn out barn door. I'm bout to man up and go APrecsion or F-1 on this build.
  12. So I replaced the barrel in my PA10 with a Faxon 16". Once I put it all together I noticed that the gas block was closer to the hanguard on one side than the other. The handguard I'm using is a Diamnondhead VRS-T. I double check the port to port alignment and its good. I mic'd the barrel to hanguard at the end of the HG and it's .067" off center to the left. Not sure if this is a barrel extension, HG, or upper receiver related problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!