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    Da Bayou State
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    Deer hunting, Sac-a-lait (crappie) fishing, and spinning wrenches.

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  1. Boot_Scraper


    Went back and got the 5 gallon bucket. 😁
  2. Boot_Scraper

    Pic Of The Day 2

  3. Boot_Scraper


    Rec tec is awesome, Wash. I used this stuff. Bark was delicious. Got it at Sam's club. I know, I know, any self respecting Q'er should be mixing up a secret concoction like Gargamel but, efff it.
  4. Boot_Scraper

    PA10 grips?

    I used the Hogue beaver tail. The tail is flexible and conforms to the lower quite well. Feels great and puts the trigger in the right spot, for me anyways.
  5. Boot_Scraper


    Hello there 308 gang. Did a brisket on the REC TEC this past weekend. 14 hours at 225*. Holy mother of smokey carcinogens, that was the best thing I've had in a while. I'll be doing that again very soon. Added a side of smoked mac n cheese to help ensure that I don't live forever.
  6. Boot_Scraper


    Hope y'all had a great fathers day. I know I did. Had a reverse seat cowboy ribeye fer dinner. Cest' BON!
  7. Boot_Scraper

    Pic Of The Day 2

  8. Boot_Scraper

    New .308

    I've got the cynicism covered boss!
  9. Boot_Scraper

    Pa10 barrel swap

    FYI, i had a helluva time removing the barrel nut. If you do too, freeze it. Put the whole assembly into the freezer overnight, then try to remove the barrel nut. Worked like a charm.
  10. Boot_Scraper

    Pa10 barrel swap

    I removed my 18" factory PSA and installed a Faxon 16" pencil. I had the PSA bolt checked with the Faxon by a local gunsmith and it was GTG. No defects noted.
  11. Boot_Scraper

    Do you own a micrometer?

    PA-10 Gen II A= 1.570" (+/- .002") B= 2.155"
  12. Boot_Scraper

    Pic Of The Day 2

  13. Boot_Scraper

    It today Isis!!

    that's good stuff
  14. Boot_Scraper

    It today Isis!!

    Seems legit. Whatcha waitin on?
  15. Boot_Scraper


    If you haven't tried a reverse seared ribeye, stop what you are doing and look it up. Tried my hand at one this afternoon....🤤. Used some hickory smoke for phase one. Best damn steak I've had. Life is good.