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  1. We're in page 308 of this thread. Niiiice
  2. Welcome from Cajun country.
  3. My latest "308AR". A Wilson Combat 16" in 300 Ham'r. Sweet little shooter for sure. Can't wait to haul it in the woods this fall.
  4. 7lb 2oz for the Xanthos 9lb 6oz for the M5
  5. I was going through my emails and saw an ad from the good ol days. 😪
  6. Hello fellas, some time ago I bought a light weight BCG for my Xanthos build that is no longer manufactured. Dunno what's up with that but it has been perfect to me. With the world the way it is these days, I'm wanting to keep spare parts for my precious. I seem to remember this bolt being "enhanced", having a thicker tail design. I know there is no "normal" spec for a 308 AR, but could anyone give me the outside diameter of your bolt tail and list what make it is? If I have to purchase an entire BCG, so be it. Thank you.
  7. What do you get when you add a pork loin, bacon, pepperjack cheese, and recteq? A happy Cajun. Happy Friday boys!
  8. Yeah, it's a heavy piece of iron. I have since picked up a Savage PT10-SR and I'm waiting on Magpul to release the hunter stock for the Savage. This gun is a shooter with an amazing trigger. Just needs a little character.
  9. Good stuff @dpete! Helluva round. If you had to, you could throw the cartridges at the perp and still inflict some damage.
  10. ☝️He's right you know.
  11. Nice @dpete . I was eyeing that cartridge while waiting on my big bore. Looks like you got a shooter. You plan to hunt with it?
  12. Welp, I'd venture to say that SW's Precision Rifle powder is GTG. Flows like Varget, looks like Varget, shoots like Varget. And you can actually find it. Velocity was on par too. Worked up a batch and headed to the range. Shot 4 shot groups at 100 today from the Savage 308, 18". I'm happy with it.
  13. I hope this isn't one of you guys.
  14. Thanks @98Z5V. I looked for RL15 as well. I've had good luck with the Shooters World brand in my Yeti. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
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