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    Da Bayou State
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    Deer hunting, Sac-a-lait (crappie) fishing, and spinning wrenches.

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  1. Nothing funny about this one. But could be the greatest thing on the youtoob.
  2. I'd soak the entire BCG down with a good synthetic motor oil and hand cycle it a few dozen times. It'll help with the break in. It kinda lapps the mating surfaces. I'd put a light coat of oil on the buffer spring too.
  3. You're good. An AR15 works the way you described in the former. Your PA10 bolt is different and drilled correctly. It works exactly like you described your's to be.
  4. Fake news, I didn't see a single damn gun in that video.
  5. That lower got the mark of the beast. Cerakote makes a holy water coating now I believe.
  6. Gotta admire the man who said “Hey Jimbo, let’s put a jet on that old biplane of your’s!”🤘
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