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    Da Bayou State
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    Deer hunting, Sac-a-lait (crappie) fishing, and spinning wrenches.

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  1. Prices fluctuate pretty much everywhere. Just how it is. I know when I'm shopping for a new unit, I always check gun.deals and search the UPC number for that piece. I've scored some great deals this way. As for Grab-a-gun, I've never had a bad experience. If the price falls after I buy something, I call them up and they credit me the difference. They have gotten better with their customer service over the years. YMMV
  2. It's a phuckin beast. I love it. About as accurate as my 35 Remmy. About 2600 ftlbs of energy from a 16" barrel. I'm very happy with it.
  3. To me, the only attraction is for those who live in those states with ass-backwards rules about straight walled cases and they want to use an evil black rifle to hunt with. .358 Yeti FTW. Yes, I am a Yeti pimp.😎
  4. Found the bullet, or what's left. I've heard of mushrooms but this is more like a flower.
  5. @Magwa I was wondering when someone would call out the bat. Lol! You never can be too sure, rule #2: double tap. The bullet basically exploded itself and the spine upon impact. Just so happens my friend had him on the trail cam when we was alive. His LH antler was affected by the antler in his neck or some other trauma and closely resembles the logo from one of my favorite bands.
  6. Thanks fellas! The impact was a touch high. I zeroed the scope for 50 and held over a touch as he was at 150. The bullet hit where I was aiming, obliterating the spine, and he dropped like panties at a Van Halen backstage party.
  7. My lightweight 308 earned its salt today. 150 yards and this fellow gifted himself to me and mine. Beautiful beast. The Xanthos is officially a killer. This warrior had an antler buried in his neck from previous years of battle. These creatures never cease to amaze me.
  8. Been in the load developing phase of the build. This thing is a beast. About 500 ftlbs more energy than my 308 (around 2200) rounds, both 16" barrels. I'll admit, those loads were a little hot so I'll back down a touch. Got a set of fire formed cases built up and ready for testing.
  9. Thanks! @Armed Eye Doc And here it is. Just mocked up. Still figuring out the shoulder bump. My first wildcat. Now on to cartridge building. They do have some barrels, bolts and dies in stock right now. Just saying.
  10. Been absent for a little while. Life these days has been shifted into high gear. Anyways... Got word the barrel, bolt, and dies should ship next week. Got busy this weekend and layed down some tungsten cerakote on the Yeti. The barrel is coming in tungsten as well. I'm diggin it. It'll likely be heavier than my 308 but I think it's kinda cool.
  11. Boot_Scraper


    We still talking about grilling?
  12. Passed by this "food market" today. Gave me a chuckle.
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