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    Da Bayou State
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    Deer hunting, Sac-a-lait (crappie) fishing, and spinning wrenches.

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  1. Boot_Scraper

    358 Yeti group buy

    $485ish. It ain't cheap or practical, but for some reason I gotta have one. My first rifle was a 35 Remington and I love the AR platform. This would be the love child of the 2. Smoke em if you got em!
  2. Boot_Scraper

    358 Yeti group buy

    Step right up folks. Should have have kits at the end of March to mid April. I'll just leave this here:
  3. Boot_Scraper


    You guys can fuq up a wet dream
  4. Boot_Scraper


    I thought about that before posting. I noticed the sagging skin on the forearm, she's legal.
  5. Boot_Scraper


    This is getting out of hand (I'd eat both)
  6. Boot_Scraper

    OpticsPlanet Customer Service: A+

    Love me some Optics Planet. Every time I've had an issue, which is mostly my fault, they've set it strait. Usually the best prices as well.
  7. Boot_Scraper

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    Thanks @sketch . That seems like the route I'll take. I was concerned about walnut being stuck in the case. Seems like it would be a pain separating it.
  8. Boot_Scraper


    Another win for the Rec Tec! I took the trimmings, boiled em down and threw the au jus in the smoke with the rib roast. Damn that was GOOD! Can't be legal.
  9. Boot_Scraper


    About to smoke up some rib roast. 4.109" worth.
  10. Boot_Scraper

    Joke of the day

    Why did Michael Jackson invent the Moonwalk? It was a great way to get out of kids' bedrooms unheard.
  11. Boot_Scraper

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    Sized up 50 308 cases. Then gave em a bath with vinegar/dawn/h2o. I need to stop being a cheapass and buy a tumbler. Gonna load up the last of my Sierra pills. Next order will be for some Barnes TTSX. Those little fuqrs ain't cheap. Looks like the tumbler will have to wait.
  12. Boot_Scraper

    Another new guy from Washington

    Welcome aboard! FYI, the DPMS GII is a "small frame" 308. It is not compatible with the PA-10 or any other large frame lower. Best advice I can offer, stick with matching upper and lower, in other words, get a PA-10 stripper upper. From there you can put any DPMS pattern barrel and handguard you desire. Just make sure you get a "low profile" handguard. Really can't beat PSA for the money.
  13. Boot_Scraper

    Barrel bedding

    This stuff is the sh!t. Even comes in tactical black. I'm kidding, do not use Flex Seal on your rifle. Unless you just....don't want it to leak .....I guess. All BS aside, 609 is where it's at. You can find it cheap online.
  14. Boot_Scraper

    Pic Of The Day 2

    @suzukiray That's a thing of beauty! Nitro?
  15. Boot_Scraper

    Pic Of The Day 2