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  1. E.landrus

    Texas shooters

    Yes that is it. I’m going to find it this week. They have target lbs out to two hundred yards
  2. E.landrus

    Texas shooters

    Has anybody ever shot at Rives Gun Range in Liberty Texas. I live in Livingston and am thinking about going there next week to shoot
  3. E.landrus

    My first PSA Gen II 308

    I just got a psa pa 10 upper with 18in ss barrel and nickel boron bcg. And my lower had geissel trigger( think that’s how it is spelled. Damb auto correct). It shoots like a dream. But I only have 80 rounds threw it
  4. E.landrus

    Welcome to 308ar.com!

    Ive only had this ar10 for two week and Ian thinking about building a ar15
  5. E.landrus

    Welcome to 308ar.com!

    Just joined the group and just bought my first ar witch just happens to be a ar10. I didn’t want a ar15, everyone had one of those. I’ve shot about 80 rounds threw it so far and it’s great. I do wish 308 rounds was a little cheaper though. But it’s all good.