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  1. I have an Odin Works block and like it more than the Seekins I have on another rifle. The seekins adjustment screw doesn't have detents. Instead it uses a set screw that tightens against the adjustment screw to keep it set in place. The Odin Works adjustment screw has flats milled all the way around it that lock in place against a spring loaded detent. Theres also a stop on the adjustment screw so it cant be unscrewed completely and/or launched into the nether regions of the garage.
  2. I didn't have any issue getting the gas block off. Its a clamp on style. Oddly enough its on the exact same plane as an AR15 upper receiver. The barrel nut was pretty tight though but there wasnt any type of thread lock on it.
  3. I had one of these for a while. They accept DPMS low height handguards if you want a free float. I installed a Vtac branded Troy handguard on mine. If you aren't wanting to free float there's no reason to not stick with the plastic handguards it came with. Any 5/8-24 thread pattern 308 muzzle device will screw on. And it's brake, not break. You dont want a break in the muzzle as that will totally kill accuracy ?
  4. Charging handle is sold. I'll go $20 shipped on the flash suppressor.
  5. I just measured it with my Mitutoyu calipers that measure to .001 and it looks like the brake is somewhere between .874 and .875 even though it was advertised as .875. The exit hole measures .250. If i were to use it I'd probably just get a JP jam nut to time it, open the exit hole up on a drill press, bead blast it, and call it a day. JP sells jam nuts for all the popular AR barrel diameters.
  6. Harrell's Precision 4 port tactical ss .875", 5/8-24 threaded muzzle brake. I bought this for a project that changed direction. This brake is designed to be blended and timed by a gunsmith. The exit hole will have to be opened up to match the caliber of the users choosing. These are $45 plus shipping on their website. I'm looking for $35 shipped. PayPal friends and family preferred.
  7. Daniel Defense extended length flash suppressor, used for 60 rounds and looks new. Comes with a new crush washer - $25 shipped PayPal friends and family preferred. BCM Mod 5 7.62 charging handle, installed in a new rifle but never a shot fired with it. $40 shipped PayPal friends and family preferred. Will sell as a package deal for $60 shipped PayPal friends and family preferred.
  8. Surplus Ammo in Lakewood WA at that time but now in Tacoma did the same poop. I used to have a picture of $50 pmags from their store but i must have deleted it
  9. I've bought quite a few Blackhawk cases from targetsportsusa. They usually have some pretty good deals on them. This might be a touch short for your application though but maybe not. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/blackhawk-44-padded-double-rifle-case-in-black-nylon-61pw01bk-p-54089.aspx
  10. I got my wife a new knick-knack for the living room. For some reason she doesnt think it goes good with her other knick-knacks but i disagree. Now i just need to go out and visit my buddy Tom to see how it works. Here's the detail: -Mega Maten ambi receiver set -Larue MBT2S trigger -Troy 15" Mlok handguard - Proof Research 416 stainless 20" 308 Winchester barrel, rlgs -VG6 PRS 30 brake -.875" odin works adjustable gas block -LMT BCG -KAC receiver extension, H3 buffer, LMT MWS action spring -SWFA 5-20 in a Seekins Precision 20 moa mount I have a Magpul SLR stock on it right now but an ACS-L is on its way.
  11. I'm going with this brake for my next project. It was lass than $100 after the discount. https://www.armorally.com/shop/vg6-lambda-prs65/
  12. You could do a blended/seamless brake but that would require a gunsmith or someone with some lathe skills. Harrel's Precision makes 4 port brake that is already .875" diameter and threaded 5/8-24. But are you sure .875" is the diameter of the muzzle? Usually if a barrel has a gas block seat of .875" the diameter forward of the seat steps down a few thousands smaller all the way to the muzzle. The same can be said for barrels with gas block seats of .750" and .936" as well.
  13. So I got the Mega receiver set, and wouldn't you know it, EVERYTHING fits as it should. So if any of you have been eyeing a Centurion Arms SR-25 compatible receiver set for your next rifle project you may want to reconsider. After I sent their parts back they told me they would just refund me because all their sets have the same specs and if they sent me a different one it would just be the same as the one I returned. I didn't want to metion their name until I confirmed for sure that it wasn't my parts that were out of spec. I just dont want to see someone else go through the hassle I went through, much less the money I wasted with paying the ffl fee and the money I spent sending their parts back. I just figured their set would be primo as they are one of the manufacturers that is in held in high regards due to being owned by a former Navy sniper and because of the quality of their AR15 barrels and handguards. I have one of their CMR handguards on an AR15 and it is awesome. Live and learn I guess.
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