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  1. Burris XTR II 1-8. They can be found on the used market in the upper end of your price range. I just bought one lightly used for $780 shipped.
  2. Another drop. Let's go $125 shipped.
  3. I'll take an Aimpoint over iron sights any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. They can be had for around $275 if you shop around for a used one.
  4. To hell with Centurion Arms. I bought their 308 receiver set and it was the biggest out of spec piece of poop I've ever owned. They just blew me off and told me that it must have been all of my other parts that I was using that must be the reason why I was having issues. It's funny that they all seemed to work just fine in the Mega set I replaced their garbage with.
  5. They offer a slick side AR15 upper but not a 308 slick side upper.
  6. Troy DPMS High Profile 15" Handguard in like new condition. Comes with wrench, barrel nut, hardware, etc. $150 shipped.
  7. I had the same problem with my Mega Maten lower, as did many others, with the bolt catch it came with from Mega. It looks to be DPMS part. It was barely holding the bolt back by a very small amount when the bolt was locked back. I swapped it out for a CMMG 308 bolt catch and now it cover much more of the bolt lug when the bolt is locked back. I used the bolt catch that came with the Maten on a Cross Machine Tool lower and it works like it should. I think it might have something to do with the pocket for the bolt catch in the lower on the Maten not being compatible with the DPMS part. How much of the lugs on the bolt is your bolt catch covering when locked back?
  8. If Aero would do a slick side M5 upper I'd be all over it. I can't stand a forward assist on a 308 AR. They are totally unnecessary.
  9. If you want a SR25 style lower Genesis has them. Thers a dude selling one of their SR25 style uppers on arfcom right now for $225. If i wasnt a broke ass right now i would have snatched it up already. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Equipment-Exchange/WTS-Genesis-CNC-SR25-style-stripped-upper-/120-1892622/
  10. I have an Odin Works block and like it more than the Seekins I have on another rifle. The seekins adjustment screw doesn't have detents. Instead it uses a set screw that tightens against the adjustment screw to keep it set in place. The Odin Works adjustment screw has flats milled all the way around it that lock in place against a spring loaded detent. Theres also a stop on the adjustment screw so it cant be unscrewed completely and/or launched into the nether regions of the garage.
  11. I didn't have any issue getting the gas block off. Its a clamp on style. Oddly enough its on the exact same plane as an AR15 upper receiver. The barrel nut was pretty tight though but there wasnt any type of thread lock on it.
  12. I had one of these for a while. They accept DPMS low height handguards if you want a free float. I installed a Vtac branded Troy handguard on mine. If you aren't wanting to free float there's no reason to not stick with the plastic handguards it came with. Any 5/8-24 thread pattern 308 muzzle device will screw on. And it's brake, not break. You dont want a break in the muzzle as that will totally kill accuracy ?
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