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  1. The Mongols are a part of this news story. That's why I brought it up.
  2. @shepp I did not know you speak for everyone, and or an admin or owner of this forum. I have no idea what triggered you. The bottom line of this subject is one man taking away another man's right to self defense, which is ridiculous. Have a nice day.
  3. I think you guys gave me an idea for a contest prize. I like Beachin slings. They are $30 less than others that are similar.
  4. I stand corrected, Beachin does have slings in stock. Very nice.
  5. I'm the one in school here. I did go to Beech for a sling, says sold out 😁
  6. Ronin says there are other, even better designs in slings. I could care less about his tats. This guy knows gun fighting. The point of the video is to show the importance of a sling and how important it is. I think his view is interesting.
  7. This guy has a good channel on YouTube. He talks about the evolution of gun fighting. From what he used to do 20 years ago, and how his tactics evolved. Here he talks about the importance of driving a rifle, and utilizing a sling correctly.
  8. I cannot believe the cost of good quality tactical pants. But I came across this video which has some affordable options.
  9. Ya, fair enough. I'm certainly not a supporter of any gang activity. Especially committing murder to get a patch. That's completely evil. I'm in favor of the mindset Gideon had, "let GOD be your king, and obey his commandments". Above all things, I value righteousness. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I think the ruling class knows they can't convince Americans to engage in another Civil War. Because of the internet, people are too smart for that these days. People are on to the con. I think we will be fighting robots someday. That actually sounds kinda fun 😊
  10. Actually, the shells did show 2 scratches. They didn't dent the case, but it did scratch it. I'll be going shooting again soon, and show some pictures. I did look for that. They were just very light.
  11. Ya, it's super complicated with these gang wars. I feel cought in the middle. I just want to go to work and create good things for people to enjoy, and live that Christian life, and be left alone. This I am certain of. Not if, but when our government bans guns, this nation will absolutely rage. And when that happens, other nations will follow. We will see the worst time in world history. God help us all then. I don't think that will happen tomorrow or next year, but some day.
  12. There certainly is a lot of truth of what you're saying. I just want to go to work and build stuff, and be left alone, like most people. However, it seems to me that The Freemasons want to be the only ones with guns. Based on what happened to Native Americans, I'm not comfortable with that idea. We shall see where this all goes.
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