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  1. Irrelanevant brother......Shooting first and asking for permission latter keeps you/me alive.Ban me for being a freedom loving son of a bitch.
  2. Thanks brother.Prefer to shoot first and ask questions latter.
  3. WTF is the a censorship in the form of words on a gun forum?Freedom is freedom.Only fuk tards try to control human beings.
  4. Wife rockin to: Waiting for BF to show on thermal so I can put a .308 in his eyeball
  5. Welcome from bigfootville.
  6. He stole my 5th of patron.. Must have been of Mexican strain.
  7. Feel for you guys.My PA10 runs ok with soft ammo but not ideal.Upper has similar marks as yours. I would take 98Z5V up on deal to ship and fix.5th of favorite beverage and I would ship in a heart beat.
  8. Well.....did not move from AR15 platform.Still find it a top choice for SHTF.The 10 was purchased........after a hunting trip went sour with a 8’ tall 700lb hairy bi pedal anaimal on my 6.
  9. Thanks gentlemen. Sketch hook me up bro......... on pistol..Have psa pistol lower in cart.Ingnorant to laws.Pick me a complete upper nitride. Law abiding. Bubbas4570 sweet lookin piece. sketch.built several of these with kids.should not every child learn how to field strip maintain and operate AR’S and 1911 DNP your funny..Have to meet for a drink........
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