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  1. $23.74 actually. https://www.opticsplanet.com/precision-armament-accu-washer-muzzle-device-alignment-system.html When I bought my brake, there was nothing in the product page or online literature that I could find to indicate that it came with anything to mount it with. I don't have any 5/8" shims, crush washers, peel washers etc... in my parts box as this is my first large AR. Are you with me so far? I don't claim to know everything about everything, there are large frame things that I've learned as I go, and will still learn, but I do know how to build AR's and I know how to shoot. (I did not get the brake, pull the peel washer out look at it, laugh at it, throw it in the garbage and rush out to buy the shim kit because I got brainwashed by marketing and don't know better, but that's a really funny narrative. ) I bought the brake and five minutes later I bought a bunch of other stuff on Brownells and figured I'd need shim kit. A few days later, I get both in the mail. Now, I have a shim kit in one hand and the brake in the other, and much to my surprise a little peel washer falls out of the package. Now I have a shim kit in one hand and the peel washer in the other. This was unexpected. I figured that I would use the peel washer, because that's what the instructions said. I'd save the shims for the 308 upper that's coming next. So I sliced the peel washer a bunch of times to figure out the best width and that got kind of annoying because I couldn't really get it the width I needed it to be to clock right. So I put the mangled thing aside and broke into the shim kit. One and done. Can you guys ever forgive me for my mistake? There's a fucked up peel washer as the only casualty of this build. I will give it a good burial for you guys. Also, I don't really care if the military does it this way or that way. I am not in the military and I get to choose whatever I want in my rifles because it's my dime and not the taxpayers. Your Mk12 Mod 0/1 is a designated marksman rifle built to a specification for a specific purpose with cost and reliability being important factors as well as long range accuracy. I don't have those constraints.
  2. Of course, it's not free, but don't you think if I'm paying $125 for a muzzle brake, another $1000+$200+waiting for the suppressor that threads on to it, they could, at the very least, include something that would guarantee precise clocking and reduce the possibility of a baffle strike? (Like those $20 PA shims 98Z5V linked.) I hate it when companies do things like this. Here's a really expensive part that doesn't include the relatively cheaper thing to make it work the best. Like when you open up an expensive premium electronic product that takes batteries and there are no batteries, or they're the crappy kind. Some bean counter at work there...
  3. Again, I didn't suggest anyone do this. Only that it's fairly easy to find a source for shims (small discs of metal with varying degrees of thickness in whatever alloy you want) if muzzle brake manufacturers really cared to and it wouldn't cost that much in volume. McMaster doesn't make them, they're an engineering supply reseller, they get them from somewhere, probably China.
  4. I didn't say they were cheap, only that they exist, and that places that aren't competing firearms manufacturers are making them. Want me to put a quote request out on Alibaba.com? We could probably find someone overseas willing to take orders for a million of them.
  5. Here you go: https://www.mcmaster.com/#shim-kits/=1de371r
  6. It's not the combo, I haven't put the paperwork in for the can yet. The one I want that works with this brake is out of stock. You know that my argument isn't 'Why didn't TB put in their competitor's parts!' right? I was honestly going to buy the ones the member linked above, but then I found GEMTECH's cheaper on Brownell's and I was buying stuff from there anyway. I'm shaking my head and giggling that you're all giving me crap about $4 shims...
  7. Ok, let's start. Exhibit A) I bought the brake from silencershop.com. Here is the product page. Show me where it says it comes with anything to mount it. https://www.silencershop.com/thunder-beast-cb-muzzle-brake.html Exhibit B) Scroll up, a member suggested I use a shim kit for brakes that will be used in conjunction with a can. Maybe they're full of poop right? Hmm, the product pages for all the various shim kits suggest this particular use. But their business is selling shims so you know, huge conflict of interest here. Exhibit C) I have found a solution! I used that $4 item as a Brownell's filler item to get a discount and free shipping. $200 = $25 off and free shipping. Do I need to show you guys the receipts?
  8. This is the kit I used: https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrel-hardware/washers/shim-kit-for-mounting-flash-suppressors-prod103512.aspx It cost $4. Here is what it says: "The GEMTECH 5/8-24 shim kit is ideal for mounting flash hiders, muzzle breaks or suppressor mounts. Crush washers and split-ring washers can cause canting of any brand of suppressor. By replacing those crush washers with a precision-made set of GEMTECH shim washers you can achieve perfect alignment and timing. " Did I get fucked out of $4 on something that might not be 'better' but certainly isn't worse? Who do I call?
  9. That's great, now put a 5.56mm in it and pull the trigger. You know, the round you made these claims with. ?
  10. I was under the impression that one shim of the exact thickness needed is the best way to mount a muzzle device that will have a can screwed on to it, and that for such an expensive part the manufacturers could include a $5 kit. Flash hider, who cares, $1000+ part, why a cheap peel washer that looks like crap and deforms?
  11. Done. Notes: bolt/barrel checks out with go no go gauges. loads snap caps from magazines just fine, ejects good too. Feed ramps line up. No rattle anywhere, upper/lower is solid thanks to the special set screw in the M5 lower. 20 round mag doesn’t touch the table with that bipod and grip. I went with the Atlas after all. The muzzle brake came with peel washers which was odd considering it’s for a can. I used shims and clocked it to less than half a degree. Thanks for that suggestion! Rocksett on brake and gas block screws. Blue loctite everywhere else. Gas block is a JP two piece adjustable with six screws. Easy to get at through hand guards. The bottom part had a hole that lined up with the dimple in the barrel but it wasn’t threaded and came with no screw. I threaded it with a 8-32 tap and put a stainless steel set screw in there after filing the tip down to engage the dimple. Used the cheaper reaction rod to torque barrel nut, and brake, vertically. lapped the upper receiver face by hand, just enough to take the anno off and square. It was not square from the factory and there was wobble. Gone now. Receiver extension isn’t as tight in there as I hoped it would be, eg requiring heat and press fit but I think it will be ok. I need to get an optic on there. Probably the Burris or the Bushnell with the Horus reticle. Still shopping... Barrel break in will be done with a cheap ‘scope shaped object’ or iron sights. Thinking about putting on the magpul 45 degree low profile ones. Rifle weighs 12 pounds as you see it, unloaded no scope.
  12. Aero Precision is sending me replacement parts (M5 Upper, LPK) for free after FedEx denied the theft claim. They're out of PMAGS so they are refunding my credit card for those. They didn't have to do this. Stand up company. I will be buying a completed 308 upper from them when the 6.5 CM is done.
  13. I've messed with ones that were hand loaded specifically for the chamber they were to be fired in, right up to, and into the lands.
  14. So you are claiming you've got sub-MOA @ 850 yards (8.5" groups or under) from a 5.56 when a little ballistics math shows that even a mild wind is going to throw that exact bullet and load off 24" left or right at the target? (That was why I posted the other bullets, for comparison, because I find it hard to believe you can group as you say you can.) I have no doubt you can hit a target of that size more than once, eventually, -it is still supersonic and stable-, but unless it's a perfectly nice day at the range I don't see very many tight sub-MOA groups happening. It doesn't matter if you shoot the thing out of a golden barrel blessed by Jesus himself with the finest powder packed up to the neck, it's still a tiny inefficient bullet going through all that air. If that's what you like to do, more power to you, I would just like to try something else now.
  15. Good to know! I'll pick a set of those up. ( I was looking at those when I was considering the M4-72 )
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