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  1. con·de·scend·ing /ˌkändəˈsendiNG/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: condescending having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority
  2. OK...I guess you missed how condescending your post was.
  3. Gosh, I never even thought of voting against the libtards, or moving out of state. Thanks for your insight. I have so many new options now. These are not MY state laws...I am completely unrepresented by the CA government. The only liberal I've voted for...ever...was Feinswine in the last election. The only reason I voted for her was to make sure that dbag DeLeon was out of a job. I didn't have the option to vote for a Republican due to CA's "top two" election crap. If Target Sports can figure out how to ship ammo to my FFL, why is it so hard for Classic Firearms to make that happen? I've owned several businesses over the years, and the only one that failed was the first, back when I had the "it's not worth my time" to accommodate the customer stick up my butt. Classic Firearms price on that 308 ammo was pretty good. At this point, I would rather pay more $$ to Target Sports, or any other online retailer who wants to earn my business, for the same ammo because TS is willing to make the effort to accommodate their customers. And, really, "all you Cali people"? WFT is up with that? 2A folks behind enemy lines don't count? You impart a lot of good info in your posts, but, frankly, you come across like a real Johnson a lot. FYI.
  4. Guess if you don't want to do business with a big market just because you have to do some work to make it happen... If a vendor chooses not to ship to me (or my FFL) because the state where I live has screwed up laws, and they are too cheap or lazy to figure how to make it happen, then I (and probably a lot of other people) won't do business with them. For example, Cheaper than Dirt can F/O. I will never buy from them again, even if I move to a free state.
  5. Not Target Sports, they have no issues shipping to a CA FFL. I just picked up 2k 9mm rounds from Target Sports at my local FFL today. The "they" I was referring to is the seller of the .308 in the OP. No ship to CA.
  6. FYI, they won't ship to Kalifornia. Guess they are too lazy to figure out that they can ship ammo to a FFL in CA.
  7. Finally gave up and bought a second safe. Too much heart burn trying to fit everything into the first safe.
  8. I've build a few rifles based on Aero blem sets and I have yet to be able to find the blems. I've found Aero parts to be a good enough value to stop using Vltor uppers in my AR builds, and I'm a huge Vltor fanboi.
  9. OP, just FYI, if your M&P 10 Sport is anything like my M&P 15 Sport, every dang thing you try to take off will be mega-red Loktite'd on. I literally had to cut off the front sight post so I could free float the barrel. Just so you are forewarned.
  10. It's done. Thankfully, no drama. Shoots great. Changed the optic to a Nikon M223 that I had laying around. Will see how well their SpotOn app works.
  11. I've been thinking about getting a .308 AR for a while. Saw the desert tiger builder set at Aero Precision and "pulled the trigger." I also wanted to get one into the safe before next year. I'm sure the clown patrol in Sacramento is going to come up with a whole bunch of new infringements next year. And I find bolt guns kind of boring...
  12. Woo-hoo. Parts are finally all here. Picked up a Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 on impulse today as starter glass. Now...to find time to put it all together.
  13. Got the lower out of jail on Friday. BA Hanson/Premium Heavy Profile 18" barrel and BCG are in the mail. As the barrel comes with a gas block, I will be going with a non-adjustable block for now. I will be using the gas block $ for a FDE Radian charging handle. Replaced the Surefire brake with a PWS PRC, mostly to keep from dropping a couple of Benjamin's on a Warden.
  14. Anyway...I get the lower out of jail next week and can then start putting things together. Tried the Sparrow Dynamics grip on one of my ARs and I personally like it better than a fin grip.
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