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  1. While I haven't milled out the FCG pocket on my Noreen 308 lower yet, it mated perfectly with my Aero M5 upper.
  2. My kid & I both love Lancers for our AR15's, but I got him acouple 25 round Lancers for his 308 Springfield Saint & he says it won't stay seated. Every shot they fall out, even if there was only 1 round left in. I read somewhere another guy having trouble getting his to seat at all, he filed a bit off & then it worked fine. I ordered a 20 rounder for when I get my build done to see if they are any better. I'll probably order a 25 rounder too just to compare. I also ordered a couple Pmag 25 rounders and some Hexmag 20 rounders. I really like my other Lancers so I hope these work out.
  3. I started getting parts for an 80% AR 308 build a few years ago, but then kind of stalled when the plandemic started & I concentrated on finishing AR15 builds. A couple months ago I decided I'd start in on the 308 build again. BCG's were one of the hardest things to find, I didn't find anything I really wanted, finally settled on this one. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/losok-custom-arms-ar-10-semi-auto-bolt-carrier-group-nitrite-finish?a=2241595 Don't know if it's any good, but It'll have to do for now at least.
  4. I've been putting Hiperfire EDT triggers in all my builds now. I order from Joe Bob's & get the 5% discount (for all L.E., Military/vets & 1st responders) knocks the price down to $90 & you get free shipping with that. I'm especially partial to the Designated Marksman version. I usually add in one of their ambi safety selectors too. https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Aftermarket-AR-15-Triggers-s/132846.htm#/filter:manufacturer:Hiperfire/sort:ss_price:asc https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/JBO-AR-15-Ambidextrous-Safety-Selector-p/jb-ambi-safety.htm
  5. I know this is an older thread, but seemed on point. I'm in the process of working up a couple loads for 308win using TAC & Hornady ELD bullets. These would be for use in an AR. I just started an 80% build so naturally my kid had to run out & buy a Springfield Saint in 308 just to be a turd. I figured it would at least give me a chance to have him test out a few loads to see how they work for him. I managed to get a hold of some ELD-X in 178gr & ELD-M in 195gr. I've got a fresh jug of Ramshot TAC, but for that particular combination in 308 there isn't a lot of specific data Most books lump that weight into a 175-180gr range & also most of the ones I have don't even list TAC. I would be interested if anyone has experience with this combo or of any info on this combo in 308. Thanks.
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