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Dirty Steve

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  1. Tactical Brass recovery. Pricey but awesome! https://www.tacticalbrassrecovery.com
  2. Dirty Steve

    Hunting pics

    I had some luck this morning. That is a NY neutered 6.5 Grendel. New the deer had a big body. Figured/hoped it a 2.5 year old. NYS DEC was at the meat processor place checking deer. Aged it at 3.5? Said just bad genes for its horn. Yes sir, a management buck!😉
  3. https://ddsranch.com/ar-15-receiver-spur-black/ http://nytriggerguards.com/product/extended-trigger-guard-short/ Living in Cuomo-stan is a biatch.
  4. Nice job! Looks like a heap of fun! I like mine. Picked up some steel Wolf 9mm I want to try out. These PCC's feel like cheating when you can whack away at pistol distances on steel plates. 😎
  5. Maybe the Sterns magwell insert and GLOCK mags would work with that feed ramp design on the barrel?
  6. The Faxon barrel I went with had NO feed ramp. The Endo mag had the necessary feedramp "built in". It is working well for me and has bolt hold open with last shot.
  7. I built a 9mm PCC a couple months ago. Standard AR-15 lower. Faxon 16 inch barrel. Faxon bolt. Went with the JP silent capture 9mm buffer set up. Have to remove the hammer out of FCG to get the JP set in because there is no bend or give to get it in the buffer tube. MEAN Arms restrictve state Endomags. The pre built 10 rounders that are Epoxied together. (I live in Cuomo-stan) Aero upper and hand guard. 510C Green dot. Banging steel steel plates at 100 yd all day long. Tactical Brass Recovery system. That blow back system functions well but it a dirty running SOB. I really like it and it's cheaper to plink with than the .223/5.56. I just picked up some steel case Wolf 9mm to run as an even cheaper option. Have not had a chance to run it.
  8. With all the talk of measuring a barrel gas port, I decided to figure out what is the proper way to measure the ports. I am no machinist but I do like to have the right tools necessary the job at hand. How about these? https://www.amazon.com/HFS-0-061-0-250-CLASS-PLASTIC-STORAGE/dp/B00UCQO4HM/ref=asc_df_B00UCQO4HM/?tag=viglink513607-ar15-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=266132647823&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17787651769349963726&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1016367&hvtargid=pla-489047100634&psc=1 Found this set on Amazon. Does this look it will cover the basic port sizes? (.061-.250) Advice appreciated!
  9. Midway USA has this one at a decent looking price. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016331594?pid=641100
  10. Interested in BOG Tripods for all manners of shooting/hunting from back yard steel range- to taking youngsters hunting for deer/turkeys in a blind. How does the BOG set up rate since you have had it for a while? Any with experience, please chime in.
  11. Issue is the new bolt. Put the 2 year old bolt (stripped) in the new carrier and would go in and out of battery with go gauge in either .223 gun. Put the NEW stripped bolt in the old carrier. Would NOT go into battery in either .223. Here is the build. Scope leveled. Gun bore sighted. Ready to fine tune on paper with the older FZ bcg in place. Have a plain Stag Arms trigger guard but thinking about picking up a matching red Seekins Precision billet trigger guard to match the Seekins ambi safety. Anyone ever use one?? Are they solid?
  12. It's the same as this earlier bought BCG. This pic is from couple 3 years ago.
  13. The Fail Zero NB BCG used in previous build from 2 yeras ago fits the new fit and headspaces flawlessly in EACH gun. The new one- not so good in either gun.
  14. New build .223W. New Criterion 18 in Hybride Nitride rifle length barrel. New Fail Zero M16/4-01 NH BCG. (M16 version says compatible with "most" 5.56, .223, and .300 black)[could be the obvious problem] New Clymer .223 and 5.56 Go/No Go guages. Have BCG from FZ bought 2 years ago. Same coating. Lookis identical. Old BCG headspaces just fine in the new set up. Issue: Bolt sluggish to into battery with empty chamber. Also sluggish with striped BCG. Difficult to get out of battery and more difficult to get out of battery with Go gauge. Go gauge will close into battery with persuasion. Bolt much tighter inside the carrier. I lubed it inside and out. Tried the bare bolt by itself. Difficult with barrel mount to upper. Does the same exact thing to another AR 15 of mongrel parts. I left the Fail Zero customer service number ansering machine a message tonight. I pulled out good calipers to see if my uneducated self could find and obvious discrepencies. Not sure what to look for.
  15. I have multiple VX3i's and VX3's. Love them. Most with standard duplex but one is duplex with BDC. Just put that scope on my .308 build. Can't wait to toss some lead with it. All are 3.5-10x40. Bass Pro just had them for $299.99 on black Friday sale. Never shot the Glx so can't compare them for you.
  16. I was very suspect of the weight I posted yesterday. Finally had time to reweigh it today. A bit more than I had hoped but still makes sense.
  17. Aero Precision Ultralight 1 inch FDE mount. Pulled a Leupold VX3 3.5-10×40 BDC reticle from another rifle. Took a while to get the scope square. Never used a mount where the halves were vertical instead of horizontal. Gonna revisit the scales again. Weight seems light. Will be very pleased if that weight is correct. That is with mag locked in and empty. Bore sighted and ready to sight in after deer season is over. Might have to wait until after the holidays.
  18. The bare rifle is complete. Headspaced. Lubed. Came in same weight as before. Looking at scope mounts. Like the looks and reduced weight of the Aero Precision Ultralight series. Still can't make up mind on glass so waiting on the mount til I get the glass figured out. Yes, this fine weapon is NY neutered. Little Andy Cuomo should sleep Safer tonight. Had some time yesterday and could have shot the new rifle. Instead I deep cleaned the .223.
  19. Because of draw weight restrictions (200 lbs max) here in the People's Republic of NY I bought a new Excalibur Grizzly. I upgraded to the anti dry fire system. Came with Reds and speed adjustable scope. Put a bunch of sound deadening stuff on it. Shoots awesome. I have had two other crossbows. Really excited to finally get an Excalibur.
  20. Congrats! I have a new Excalibur ready to go. Our NY crossbow season opens first Ssturday in November. Can't wait.
  21. 7 lbs 11.1 onces with empty Pmag. Not sure where I miscalculated the forcasted weight😯. Only thing not on the gun is the gas tube/block roll pin. Barrel not dimpled yet. And other than some barrel nut grease the gun is dry. Could have finished it this weekend but I loaned out my Geissele .308 reaction rod and Tapco AR wrench. Getting closer. Can't wait to send some lead down range with this one. It sure balances well!!!
  22. I'll tell you what. You is right! Exactly what I was thinking!!!
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