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Everything posted by AzRon

  1. Since this thread I have replaced the buffer tube with the recommended length and the spring is a Sprinco Orange one and the KAK buffer.
  2. I replaced the stock bolt catch with a Luth-AR one (I think?) and it worked until I put a stiffer spring and heavier buffer, now the bolt will catch with an empty mag but as soon I remove the mag the BCG slams shut. What bolt catch do I need?
  3. AzRon

    new member

    Welcome from Arizona!
  4. Welcome from Arizona! I think we need a shot of your bonus room please?
  5. @98Z5V which buffer tube will work best?
  6. Welcome from Arizona!
  7. Welcome from Arizona!
  8. So what buffer tube do I need to buy that will work with the Sprinco spring?
  9. @98Z5V Stock spring on the right, with it in I can lock the bolt back with an empty mag in it with the Sprinco spring in it won't I apologize for the fuzzy picture
  10. Well F%#$ with the Sprinco Orange spring it won't lock back on an empty mag, it trays to but the bolt catch can't get a good enough purchase to lock it open. What is the next step? And yes it was for the DPMS pattern could it be for the Gen 1 or the Gen2 rifle?
  11. AzRon

    New Guy

    Welcome from Arizona!
  12. Welcome from Arizona!
  13. Welcome from another Filer! 1911Ron on the Files.
  14. I was thinking that they would use the blueprints and sell them under their name.
  15. That was my concern also, I hope they do parts also.
  16. While poking about in the search for BCG compatabilty for my Gen2 Rifle and saw this https://www.dpmsinc.com/ anyone hear of this? Any more info?
  17. Welcome from Arizona!
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