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  1. Haha, you are correct! I use the heater to keep that corner of the garage warm in winter. It's actually working fine last time I checked. Yep, the whole garage needs an enema there's so much crap piled in it. I think the fall project is a storage shed to get the bikes, lawn equipment, and kayaks out of there. But I still think my wife and 4 kids' marginal propensity to consume space has me doomed to fail for the foreseeable future.
  2. This is an older thread but as the OP I wanted to provide an update since I finally have all parts needed for the build. I placed the bulk of the remaining parts orders at the end of April, but due to COVID delays it took almost 4 weeks for some of them to arrive. I'll post another update and range report when the build is complete. Unfortunately, with all of the house projects that were going on my workbench area has become a little cluttered!
  3. The last couple parts for my first AR308 build are in the mail. I began ordering them back at the end of April. Most items shipped within a few days, but one order in particular took 3-weeks to ship (they said due to COVID the warehouse was backed up that much...not sure if it was demand, protocols, or staffing...perhaps a combination of all three). Another vendor took about a week to process my order, too. That said, some shops were shipping same or next day--JoeBobOutfitters being one that really stood out. Lancer L7AWM 10 round magazine from Lanbo's Armory (shipped separately from the main order b/c I forgot to include it...and Landon was nice enough to waive the shipping!). VG6 Epsilon 762 muzzle brake - on sale from Schuyler Arms for $41.25 shipped. Now I just need to clean up my garage workbench area and install my new vise before the work can begin. For this build I upgraded from an old little Craftsman 3 1/2" vise to a 5" Yost ADI vise.
  4. I just ordered the PlastiXrevolution upper/lower vise blocks based on the recommendations in this post. Thanks! I've built several AR-15 patterned rifles and have collected all the tools needed for an AR-308 build--except for a vise block. My Magpul Bev Block won't work of course. I debated getting a reaction rod style device, but I'm not sold on them (except maybe the Midwest Industries rod that locks into both the barrel extension and the top of the receiver). Those are not only expensive, but they're out of stock. I'd rather put the money into a bigger vise.
  5. This is an old topic, but as the OP I wanted to close the loop since I am getting ready to purchase the rest of the parts for my first AR308 build. Thanks again for all the advice. Shortly before the end of last year I ended up buying the Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15X44 FFP (MRAD). I just have to choose a mount. I don't think I want a QD mount on this rifle, so i'm probably going to pick up a Warne one-piece skeleton mount. I have a Warne on my 6.5 Grendel and like it. And while I don't think I'll need it, the 20 MOA model comes in tactical grey. That will go well with my color scheme on the build!
  6. I will definitely post pics! Barrel is supposed to come tomorrow, but I probably need to wait several weeks before ordering the rest of the parts...or at least before I begin the actual build process. There are a few honey-do projects that must be completed first. That's my first problem. And the second problem is I'm running out of gun storage! I have the original M4 size of the Atlas S-One on my 6.5 Grendel build. I love the slim feel, but there is not much clearance for a 0.750 gas block. I wish Aero Precision had added just a little more room. It has an SLR GB7 (non-adjustable, set screw) gas block on it and it's tight. It would be hard to fit a clamp-on style or adjustable gas-block in there. However, with the AR308 being a bigger platform the M5 Atlas R-One (and I'm assuming the S-One) looks to have about an additional 0.25" of width over the AR15 version. Vertical space is good, too. I think most gas blocks would be GTG. On a side note, I really like the attachment system on the Atlas series. It's very easy to remove the handguard for cleaning/maintenance.
  7. Completely agree...while I've bought many things on Ebay, I try my best to verify the vendor and make sure it's not something at a price that's too good to be true. Caveat emptor!
  8. Sorry for not being more specific...there's at least one open box Kestrel "Sportsman" 5700 for sale on Ebay right now, but it comes with the bag and accessories. Your original suggestion was to pick up the Bushnell DMR II scope/Kestrel 5700 Sportman bundle and sell the Kestrel (if I didn't want it). That's why I was referencing Ebay. I was looking to see if anyone else was selling "new" but open box ballistic weather meters. The $1049 deal from Cameraland is free shipping and no tax. And the standalone scope from them is selling at $999.99 (lowest I've seen it). So providing I could get more than $50 for the Kestrel, then I would be getting ahead. Could I sell it high enough to match the sale price of the Vortex (and not have to deal with the hassle)? Maybe not. And the more I think about it either the Vortex or the Athlon scope might be a better suited scope. Completely side question about one-piece scope mounts and AR-10 platforms. Do most people run cantilevered/offset scope mounts, or would a one-piece mount with no offset be preferable? I was thinking that with the extra flat-top space the latter might work.
  9. I thought Dvor.com was a subscription marketplace owned by Optics Planet? Are you saying it might be coming from a reseller instead of OP?
  10. I keep debating the Bushnell DMR II. If I could successfully sell the Kestrel then it would net out to a really great deal. There's at least one new/open box for sale on Ebay, but it does have the bag and accessories. I also read a review of the DMR, but there isn't a ton of info out there. I'm just wondering if it's too much scope for what I'm intending. In the meantime, Dvor.com has a 5 day Vortex sale going on. I can pick up the Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 for $669.
  11. Thanks, I ordered an Aero Precision M5 LPK minus FCG/Grip (Primary Arms had them on sale). LOL...not a problem! It was quite entertaining.
  12. That's kind of why I settled on the UBR2. Beyond the design of having a consistent cheek weld regardless of extension length, I felt like the added weight would help with the heavier (although fluted) barrel. I have an 18" Faxon barrel, designed by the 6.5 Grendel forum guy, that has more of the weight concentrated near the chamber end of the barrel. It feels lighter and swings better than my 16" SPR 5.56 build.
  13. Thanks for the confirmation and parts! I've seen some folks lavish praise on the Heavy Buffers. Is the expense worth it?
  14. Is there something about the Aero lower parts kit that would make it more compatible with their receiver set, versus say the CMMG kit? I understand the CMMG is "Compatible with CMMG Mk3 Lowers and most LR308 type lowers," so I suppose there's no guarantee it'll work with the Aero M5 (but both are DPMS patterned?). I have already purchased the barrel from Ballistic Advantage directly on their Black Friday sale. Sadly, they still haven't shipped it. I did the same with the receiver set--direct from Aero--and got it last week.
  15. Wow, that scope is a beast! It may be a little heavy for lugging around the woods hunting. Then again, while it's 34 oz the Vortex is 28 oz...only a third of a pound difference. I wonder what the Sportsman model of the Kestrel could sell for on Ebay? It says they are new but don't come in the retail packaging.
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