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    Middle Georgia
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    I usta burn copious amounts of powders of various and questionable ancestries hunting and competing, see how far down I could burn a tank of compressed air as I got lost in coral reefs hunting lobsters, and set records for amounts of overtime worked in both a paycheck and year. Now mostly hunt the recliner...

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  1. Wasn't sure where they should go. Especially since ther was some pretty eye-opening info, at least to me. This wasn't some wive's tale. Talk about "show me"...
  2. This may be here on the forum, just haven't found it. Shows Stoner himself disassembling an original AR. not the sharpest focus, but it is over 60 years old and shows how so many were wowed by the design. I was actually surprised by the lack of recoil under full auto and belt fed modes. Well, Get out the popcorn... Here's part 2...
  3. Saw this older thread and spurred some articles I barely remember...you may be able to contract this first guy on the GunLab site as he was?is 3D cad and making lower s from original design drawings and MIGHT have the specs you need. Probably a long shot but ya never know... http://gunlab.net/ar-10-sudanese-contract/
  4. Welcome to the crowd from middle Georgia. Mebbe you should have gone to "deal Dash" the fair and honest site! you coulda won for pennies!!!
  5. Great stories guys! The wife was raised in Miami and has/had a strong aversion to me killing possums and raccoons. Early on we never had in house pets as her health conditions prevented it, but she LOVES cats and loves dogs. Lose my job in the 90's and have to move to the Kansas City area. She becomes the local "cat lady" feeding strays and finding homes for them. Great, keep it up. One day a 20 lb. cross-eyed cat shows up and sits in my daughter's lap and falls asleep and we're done...Now, we have 3 pure indoor cats, down from 5 (had to put 2 down recently) and one that's outside that the wife has been trying to find a home. He came up as a kitten and was eating birdseed. The inside cats for the most part REALLY don't care for him, but the screen keeps them civil and all are well fed. They are all funny since they watch out the back yard and caterwaul when a possum or raccoon shows up. I go out and pop mostly the possums, and even had a 20 lb armadillo show up the other night. I don't like that new trend, since they carry diseases others don't. After my two surgeries in 2016, the two big males would wait till I got in the recliner to sleep (right rotator, tendon and bicep and a tricky knee procedure) . The minute I pulled up the poncho liner (yea, still use 'em) the cats hopped up, made themselves comfortable and didn't move til I got up from the chair. Don't know if we have them, or they have us...
  6. Thanks Cliff. And I never understood the sawed-off deal either other than it got a buddy killed. "Routine" traffic stop on the way to the motor pool at the end of the shift. He wrote the guy a warning and when he went back to the vehicle to give it to the dude, the guy cut him down with one. When we got to the scene, his new female MP trainee was in the combat crouch clicking away on empty cylinders, but she had ended the threat. After that, my entire arc as a trainer changed for road patrols. But that's a story for another time (ah, the 70's). Thanks again as in these time you can't make a mistake and it seems no one has "a sense of humor " anymore.
  7. J Flo and Brandon, since you have the Victors, give me a real intel dump on how they shoot. Characteristics. how you broke them in, groups, best factory load, etc. I'm ready to buy, but haven't seen a lot of real world feedback. The glossy videos are great, but I've wanted an auto .308 for a looong time and my money come VERY hard. I wanted, or thought I wanted a 12 - 13" pistol length, but don't know if I want to wait. School me brothers, tell me what you think...thx
  8. And it only takes some unelected dork to change his/her "interpretation" and ...there you are...
  9. OOOOOOh, I've always wanted a Buntline Special. Never thought I'd have one in .308! Well how do you distinguish a pistol lower from a rifle lower? Geez, just when I think I'm starting to get a handle on the platform...
  10. If you suspect it, you can immediately contact your credit card holder. Tell them of the Leupold Consumer Scam Alert and that you want to dispute or outright return the product. Discuss it with a Supervisor. Depending on who is delivering it, you may be able to insure that you can either stop or refuse to have it delivered it-transit. The credit card companies are really sensitive to fraud issues today. Then POUND the shiite out of the feedback for the site, and explain why in the remarks for those that read them. Keep us up with what happens brother...
  11. Living in a relatively free state (Georgia) I don't think there's a problem with this, but I gotta ask to make sure I understand. I'm fairly certain you can't put a pistol upper on a carbine or rifle lower without making it an SBR. BUT...IF..I buy a .308 pistol lower and put the less than 16" upper, "voila", I have a danger to what hearing the Army left me with and it's a Pistol. NOW, Should I decide to swap out the upper for a unit longer than 16" I should be ok since I started with a pistol, correct?? Or is there something I'm dimensionally missing in my research?
  12. Geez, looking at all the tools, I'd need the cost of another weapon to work on 'em...maybe down the line somewhere...
  13. Funny how small the blue marble is. I transferred from the Kansas City area working at the Leavenworth VA to get the family back home in the South. I work in the Macon VA clinic and live in Warner Robins. What drives me nuts is that in the Midwest I had plenty of places to shoot within 15 - 20 minutes from the house. Down here the closest range is about an hour away unless I want to pay ungodly "club" fees ($300 - 500). So that's gonna hamper me some. I used to call the wife and say "stopping by Potter's" and she knew I was shooting. Now...crap. Anyway, I want to get a dependable .308 that's not a beast. Deep backup to home defense (8 shot Mossberg and AMD AK), compact semi for hunting small white tail and hogs here in middle and south Georgia; 12.5" - 16", although I may have to go to 18". I used to regularly keep respectable groups on half silhouettes on the 500 KD range (there's a throwback) with irons, but I know I'll have to accept a scope. I've even got an old Redfield "gunsite" scope that might work, but that's putting the cart out front. Just getting the valued opinions of you folks will do for now...
  14. I understand and agree with the entire board on this entire response. I'm a former 25th Recondo Scout. I fired my first AK at 12 when my Dad was an instructor during Vietnam. Loved military designed weapons. Over the last 35 years, I've acquired older milsurps, several Mosins, SKS, a pristine #4 Mk1 Enfield scoped. I couldn't count the rounds across 1/2 to 3/4 click farm fields out in Missouri downrange into old track rail beds. I'm no longer competing as I did in the late 80s for EAA. I always wanted a semi-auto .308 platform. Have shot the FAL and CTEME/HK. Loved the Cetme and shot it well enough that my buddy got pissed off and sold it at a gun show. (Missed THAT opportunity). Liked the FAL platform, but neither seemed to have the inherent accuracy of the AR system. Now...I have a Ruger .308 LH bolt, and want a companion. Could be used for home defense if I hand off the Hungarian AMD that shoots 2MOA. I've seen some of the video from folks like (9 Hole?) shooting AR .308 12.5" pistols practically out to 500 yards. I understand the velocity loss, but as Dad and the Drill Sgts always said, "If you can see "em do your part and you can put "em down..." So I'm looking for either 12.5 or 16" of pipe, don't care for a pencil barrel since it heats too quick. I DON"T do mag dumps. Don't see folding stock as a practical reality although I'd love one. Mebbe a Rise Armament trigger and comp like on my MMR Tactical AR. Would like free float but may not be reality at my price point. Don't need to hang a Ninja blender, or duck call off the front end. Don't need or like the fore end all the way to the muzzle device. Will probable scope it at my age (early 60s) with one of the 4-12s lying around, older but serviceable with BUIS metal irons. Budget probably no more than $1K - 1200. Too many other home repairs getting in the way. could go on but y'all get the drift. Needless to say it'll be shot and experimented with enough to find the right grain and then handload. I just appreciate the input more than any of you know....this is the kind of back and forth I got from my Dad and uncles, the greatest warriors I know....
  15. Thanks for the intel brother. I really am looking forward to the coming purchase. Unfortunately I think I've got to get something before November, but all the shops are saying they can't even get anything. The big box stores have quit selling so where the hell is it all going? If I had a lot more knowledge I'd consider building, but my money comes so hard I can't afford those kinds of mistakes since these rifles aren't mil-spec. That's why I value y'all and your knowledge so much!
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