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  1. Its prolly been discussed but I also need an education on terms. First, will this vice block work with an Aero M5 lower? https://www.plastixrevolution.net/collections/ar15-ar10-lower-receiver-vise-blocks/products/ar10-sr25-lower-receiver-vise-block The reason I ask is being a nOob, Ive never seen these terms describing these types of rifles. Is the M5 one of the types listed as one the vice block will fit? Will someone explain AR10A, AR10B and AR10T for me please? Fits SR/LR AR10A (DP type) Lower Receivers. Fits DPM 308 *10A types only... Does Not Fit 308 AR10B & AR10T Thanks much! Steve
  2. I am new to the LR.308 after buildong a dozen or so 15's and yes, its easy to make mistakes. Ive already made the hi/lo profile mistake with the M5 receiver. I was concerned I wasnt going to find an M5 lower and almost bought a PSA and reading this and similar threads, very glad I didnt. A member here pointed me to an M5 lower to match the upper and I am very thankful. Of course Primary Arms sends me a "Back in Stock" four days later at $25 less. No big on the price I already knew this build was going to be expensive and resigned to do what is necessary. Ive used one BCA branded 5.56 barrel and own an AR Stoner a.k.a. BCA .300 Black Out stainless barrel and its highly accurate. BCA can be hit or miss at times but at the price point, you can build a decent rifle you dont have to baby, worried about any scratch or ding. Some will anyway, and I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. My rifles are tools, just like whats on my work truck and I dont worry about cosmetics much, just take care of the working parts and keep it as clean as possible. Build up that BCA barrel and shoot the piss out of it. Report back on your impressions. Good luck!
  3. Anyone running a Hogue overmold fore end on their rifle? These fore ends are the same across AR platforms, just a change in barrel nut to fit the larger platform. I like the look but am curious as to how long the rifle length is vs the mid length offerings. I am building an 18" rifle but dont want a 15" hand guard. if someone has one will you please measure your length and let me know which it is, rifle or mid length. I have a question in with Hogue but I am impatient. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. I will probly buy one of these tools from squirreldaddy.com or something similar. it was on the side of a vice block listing linked in another thread here. https://www.squirreldaddy.com/308-Detent-pin-and-spring-installation-tool-p/sd20-181.htm
  5. Maybe so but it sure helped this newbe along with the other links. Thanks Dprice and other folks who have joined in!
  6. Get it right because PSA uses a silver back gorilla to install barrels. Good luck!
  7. I'll send ya my address Doc. Its only $200!! 😜
  8. Thanks much sir! I will call my FFL tomorrow to fax information to ArmorAlly.
  9. Wel fuk and I thought I was being careful to match high profile items. I will hafta contact DDT and see if I can return it. Too many variations from too many manufacturers in this platform for a newbe from mil spec AR15's.
  10. Here we go, the FNG. lol. I am so new to LR308 I dont have a complete rifle as yet but am a quick study. Ive started with a Criterion 20" barrel and picked up an Aero Precision M5 upper, UPK and LPK, Guntec high profile 15" HG and an ambi CH and safety. I am thinking about an A2 stock but not fixated on one if I find a 6 position I like Like a Rodgers maybe. Criterion states they use Fulton Armory bolts to head space so thinking about that as well. I may have decided to build at the wrong time or the right depending on how you look at it. Wrong because I cant find an Aero M5 lower anywhere and Aero can give me no estimate when they may start production. I was pretty bummed by their CS reply. Right time because of the insanity going on. Dont get me wrong, I am not depending on this new rifle project for HD, I have plenty of that in the safe. After building 10 Ar15's its time to move up to big brother. I know there are several caliber choices with the larger platform but I am sticking with .308 because I could possibly bum some ammo from our troops if things get bad. I have several 5.56's as well. So there ya go, the short intro. Looking for information and advice and a long term association with fellow enthusiasts. Steve Hoolihan
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