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  1. Just to be clear, I enjoy firearms for my own pleasure. Constructing, modification in the shop as well as range time at the club are all part of the enjoyment. I "stumbled" upon this forum and read many topic posts in that I have built a pair of 308s to my own liking, and am always interested in what others are doing. I have little interest in some aspects of shooting, generally where competition with others is involved. Competition with others with firearms means someone doesn't leave the field. But I enjoy a couple hours poking 50 holes in the NRA small bore 50 foot target placed at the 50 yard berm using peeps. Call it "personal best" . It's about all we can do... society and social pressure is closing in. I'm past the time when I care what other people think about what I say or do Hey 98V5z Go fuc^ yourself! No offense
  2. I was under the impression this was an interest topic forum open to 308 AR types and firearms in general, along with "other interests" including motorbikes. and even bicycles . Perhaps I was wrong..... Would you please describe the intent of this forum so that I no longer hold misconceptions?
  3. Not to worry What was asked in the original post has been presented buy Lane's reference document.
  4. 98Z5V Curious, the bottom panel of your previous quote has nothing to do with anything I wrote. You may be confusing my posts with those of another member. For clarity, When I speak of temperature dependence of gas velocity, it is NOT ambient temperature. rather it is the 5000-6000 degree temperatures associated with powder combustion. Imagine a wall of hot gasses pushing a column of cold air down an 1/8th inch tube. 'Must take time to crowd all those molecular cats into a hole like that.
  5. I don't get where you are coming from. I've blamed no one for anything. A question posed is research.
  6. That is your view. My position was to continually return to the question placed in the original post. You are welcome to show me my error.
  7. This work has a LOT of useful insight for any interested . In general applications, (not just gas timing;-) https://archive.org/details/RifleAccuracyFactsFullV1.0FirstFullScan_201705 800 mb it's a large file.
  8. edgecrusher I asked only two questions. and will paste them here again, along with my reason for asking. "Are there authoritative references on the gas and bolt timing for the AR -10/ Ar-15 type actions? Is it all trial by error? I would like to better understand the timing as the expansive gas opens the bolt. " The rest, including accuracy and external ballistics, has been imposed by others reading into the original post their own agenda. I'm not sure why that was done. Theoretical becomes very relevant when one tries something different. It has not All been done before. I read in this forum about a fellow that removed the sealing rings from the bolt in an effort to increase accuracy. I thought that was crazy to try to connect those two. The bullet has long left the muzzle by the TIME the sealing rings even start to move. But....That is a subject that has differing viewpoints. Perhaps there is something to it, perhaps not. I only bring that up in example, Ring less bolt sealing is not my interest, but I could see a simple labyrinth seal design effectively replacing the standard multi piece rings. I appreciate the useful comments and literature references. I've done more digging on the topic through them. regards C
  9. I run a Vee Twin too, But a Wee Vee it is, Moto Morini SeiV2. H-D lusted after the brand for a year or so. Wanted to buy 'em. Sort of a Novo Aeramacchi
  10. I really enjoyed the video! Bikes are great fun! 98Z5v mentioned Jap Vee Twins. I like Vee Fours! Mines got bags on it and it gets in the dirt. At times it lights up the smoke. zero to the ton on the on ramp, and then merge into traffic. A real Jekyll and Hyde machine. Ask my kids about those rides. Actually, Living a mile from the nearest pavement, I always ride in dirt . Love it when the back end steps out a bit! Did I mention? It's got bags on it, REKA tank bag too!
  11. I'm fond of the V4s. gear driven OHC is song to my ears.
  12. I believe the most significant firearm design contribution attributed to Stoner's AR-10 was the use of gas expansion to act between the bolt and bolt carrier to effect the operation. Not actually a direct impingement system. It is gas operated piston stroked bolt group that sets the Stoner design apart. It must have taken some study to work out the required gas volumes and timing. Or,, perhaps there are other similar actions that I have not encountered. Frames can be made from alternate materials . I have a steel lower "kit" that I may get to some day. and of course now we have the printed plastics.. And yes, 6061 is more gummy than 7075, It offers greater corrosion resistance however. 7075 and 2024 suffer from intergranular corrosion if not protected. It is the Zinc and copper in those alloys.
  13. equipment... perhaps there is someone who has already done this. How did Stoner come up with his design? plagiarism? I do not know.
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