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  1. PSA build. 16" Faxon pencil, .308, 1/10, "mid length" requiring 12 -1/16" gas tube. Kaw Valley 5.6 oz buffer with Sprinco orange spring. 0.093" gas port in a .750" journal.
  2. Looking at this thread I remembered that I never notified y'all about my Faxon 16" pencil bbl. .750" journal, 3/32" drill barely fits, making the port 0.09375".
  3. mtrmn


    All I can tell you is that if the barrel, BCG, and buffer tube don't share the same concentric centerline then either the upper or lower receiver is probably machined out of specs. In other words you should be able to draw a straight line from the center of the muzzle all the way through the gun to the center of the rear end of the buffer tube. From what you have described I would say that probably the threads in the lower receiver may be off just enough to cause the buffer tube to not properly align with the BCG. Or the buffer tube could possibly be bent, but the problem didn't completely go away when you changed the buffer tube. I'm just throwing this out there based on very limited experience with out of spec parts in the past. I do NOT have the level of knowledge these other guys have, so YMMV.
  4. Thanks to all for the compliments. My sincere apologies to the OP for inadvertently hijacking your thread. I should have started one of my own.
  5. Ours has quit selling guns but still get ammo. I've heard tell of some walmarts that sold reloading supplies but never witnessed it.
  6. I check the ammo section every time I go there, many times that's the only reason I go. They get regular truck runs throughout the week, but you never know when they'll get around to stocking the ammo shelves. Could be 2 or 3 days after they get it.
  7. Local Walmart ammo shelves have been empty for quite a while, with occasional odd arrivals Winchester or Federal rifle ammo like 270 or something. Yesterday I did my normal walk-by and there was Remington 30-06, 30-30, and Remington Thunderbolt 22's. There were like 20 boxes of the Thunderbolts, 500 rds each. Walmart has a limit of 3 boxes per customer a day. These 500 Rd boxes were "clearance priced" at $9.00 each!!!! That's the kind of prices I was paying for 22s in like 1979 when I was a sr in high school! Yes I got my limit.
  8. Too dam much! Bushmaster BAR10 20" HBAR A2 configuration-non-removable carry handle with Bushnell 5-15X Legend scope. 13.5 lbs Don't remember the PSA 16" with Faxon bbl with Vortex 1-8 Strike Eagle scope. Seems like 11 something lbs but don't remember rt now.
  9. I turned down about half a dozen of those buffers although I only needed 2. Just in case of future problems. Measured 4 of them and the depth of the step is only 0.035". The width of the cut into the diameter is 7/64" or 0.10938" . Just enough to clear the tip of the retainer and still have enough contact surface for the bolt carrier to push against. Remember, this is for an AR-15, not a .308 if it makes any difference.
  10. According to the date on those pics it's been almost 9 years. I know it wasn't much at all. Looking at the first picture very closely it looks to be maybe 20 to 25% of the diameter of the buffer retainer tip. I still have and use the guns, I can measure tomorrow.
  11. mtrmn


    OK I read and posted too hastily and got hung up on you releasing it slowly. I totally missed/ignored you saying it was hard to pull back to begin with. I've had one AR15 build that was hard/almost impossible to charge. Turned out to be a defective upper receiver. The bore for the BCG was out of axial alignment with the barrel and the buffer tube. The further you pulled the BCG back, the harder it was to pull. The BCG was binding against the inside of the buffer tube because it was out of alignment. Once I figured out what the problem was, I noticed the sidewalls of the upper receiver were very different thicknesses at the rear. The left sidewall was much thinner than the right sidewall and the BCG was travelling diagonally in relation to the rest of the gun. YOUR upper sidewalls appear to be correct in the pictures, but if you can pull the rear pin and the gun's function improves, perhaps your buffer tube may be out of alignment vertically. This could cause the rear of the BCG to bind against the bottom of the buffer tube's interior. Pull the buffer and spring out and inspect the inside of the buffer tube for any marks or polished spots. Maybe reassemble the gun without the spring/buffer and just pull the charging handle back slowly. The only resistance you should feel would be the hammer spring pushing the hammer against the bottom side. If it binds up don't pull it any further or you may have a problem getting the BCG back forward again so you can tear it back down. Like Matt said above OIL it.
  12. mtrmn


    "...and release slowly" Here's your main problem. Pull that charging handle back til it stops and let it slip through your fingers. Act like you're trying to tear it up. You'll never cycle it by hand as violently as it cycles when you shoot it. It was made to slam/ bang around. You can't baby this thing.
  13. Glad you got it sorted out, at least mentally😉
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