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  1. I liked my Glock 19 so much (and it's old, like gen 2 or some such) that it replaced a Detonics Mk VI combat Master 45 as my EDC. This was about 1990 or so. I added night sights and had 1 problem with the gun very early on. It fired when I pulled the trigger, then it would fire again when I let off the trigger. Sent it to Glock and it came back fixed. Don't know what was wrong. No problem since then.
  2. I would replace that. JMO I'm assuming this is a used gun? That particular part needs to be well lubed. Probably best with grease. I've replaced a few of those in AR15's and it made a difference in smoothness of movement when cycling by hand.
  3. Simple enough. Now I understand more about the reasons behind the round ejectors.
  4. I have seen this discussed on other forums and it seemed to be narrowed down, in at least one case, to be dependent on which side of the magazine the round came from. If firing from a full mag, rounds 1,3,5 had about the same POI and rounds 2,4, had a different POI. This possibility could be eliminated by only loading one rd in the mag at a time so that every shot originated from the same side of the mag. If the split grouping went away then that would be the likely cause. I don't know if or how the problem ever got fixed however.
  5. Tried a heavier bullet? Just a thought.
  6. Just need to add this: Make sure there's no tape between the buffer and the retainer. The retainer must contact the buffer and not the tape for this experiment/measurement to work.
  7. This is a good idea to be on the safe side. Tape on the face of the buffer to see if that's enough to make contact with the bolt carrier and push the buffer away from the retainer. Then you can measure the tape thickness to see how much you need to cut to break contact with the retainer. However, if you do cut the buffer unnecessarily it won't effect the gun's operation. I can use the cut down buffers in any AR15 I have, even those that don't need that modification, without any adverse effects.
  8. You're welcome. Pretty sure you are right and your problem was self-inflicted by mis-matching lowers and uppers. There are no standards between brands of the large frame ARs and by forcing the fit with a file you probably did move the upper too far forward. My remedy will allow it to work, and you can still use the same buffer next time you swap uppers. Maybe I should have patented this...🤔
  9. Looks like the annealing process on the case went awry.
  10. Read this thread for more solutions to this problem: ETA: screwing the buffer tube in more will not fix this. The hole for the buffer retainer would have to be re-located or the aforementioned offset retainer installed.
  11. PSA build. 16" Faxon pencil, .308, 1/10, "mid length" requiring 12 -1/16" gas tube. Kaw Valley 5.6 oz buffer with Sprinco orange spring. 0.093" gas port in a .750" journal.
  12. Looking at this thread I remembered that I never notified y'all about my Faxon 16" pencil bbl. .750" journal, 3/32" drill barely fits, making the port 0.09375".
  13. mtrmn


    All I can tell you is that if the barrel, BCG, and buffer tube don't share the same concentric centerline then either the upper or lower receiver is probably machined out of specs. In other words you should be able to draw a straight line from the center of the muzzle all the way through the gun to the center of the rear end of the buffer tube. From what you have described I would say that probably the threads in the lower receiver may be off just enough to cause the buffer tube to not properly align with the BCG. Or the buffer tube could possibly be bent, but the problem didn't completely go away when you changed the buffer tube. I'm just throwing this out there based on very limited experience with out of spec parts in the past. I do NOT have the level of knowledge these other guys have, so YMMV.
  14. Thanks to all for the compliments. My sincere apologies to the OP for inadvertently hijacking your thread. I should have started one of my own.
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