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  1. I see that Canadian liars use the same terms that are used here in the USA. It's not a gun buyback, that makes it sound like the go'vermin somehow had something to do with putting the firearms "out there". It's a mandatory compensated confiscation but that doesn't sound as touchy feely as a buyback. Not used for hunting... oh really? Good for the resisting provinces!
  2. Welcome from central Maine!
  3. Welcome from central Maine!
  4. Could also be the millions of conscripts that the Soviets threw at the Germans. At Kursk for example the Germans lost 50,000ish and the Russians lost 150,000 if my memory serves me. When people are expendable and someone is behind you ready to kill you if you don't push forward, you push forward.
  5. Yes, it could change the harmonics and one result could be a change in point of impact, or change the accuracy either for the better or worse. There are muzzle devices in existence where one can change length to fine tune harmonics. I have no experience with them (maybe snake oil?) but it's been suggested by the manufacturers that they work. Does any manufacturer ever state, "We offer this add on, but it doesn't do a darn thing other than make us money?". A bayonet could be considered to be a muzzle device, though maybe not what you had in mind, and I never heard of one resulting in better accuracy when it's on the rifle. I've always heard of them degrading accuracy. On the same track, there is a magnetic chronograph that has the sensor connected to the muzzle of the firearm and it's well known that one uses it only for velocity and not to shoot groups at the same time because it changes the flight of the bullets when it's attached. Yet another reason for a muzzle device... I built a 300BLK and designed it deliberately to require a muzzle device of some sort to get the blast out from under the long carbon fiber handguards. Why? It's intended to wear a can 24/7/365 in it's HD role. But to lighten it that can can be removed and a blast forwarder put in it's place (actually called a linear comp', but they comp' nothing). The handguards wouldn't last long with the blast being released under the handguard. With a .308 the problem would be even worse. Of course an aluminum handguard might not have the problem, or just installing a shorter CF handguard. But I didn't want that. I wanted my weak hand out near the muzzle on the handguard for control. To see what blast will do fire a bottleneck cartridge in close proximity to paper. But I'm starting to go astray.
  6. When Uncle Sugar was buying the ammo I really liked full auto and discovered just how good I was with it. But with the bill coming due on my dime? I can't see full auto as being all that attractive. I do have a PCC that is full auto in Switzerand and that has always galled me. So I might buy and put away the full auto parts in that just because I could. But for most of my firearms, even if I could find them in the boat wreck in the Atlantic, probably not. Besides, for as long as I've been practicing semi-auto accuracy it would just be an ammo burner for no good reason. Heck, I considered a binary trigger not too long ago and gave that up for the very same thought process. ATF and the left might not realize it, but they embarked on a huge training program to train us all in non-wasteful semi-auto accuracy to make us more efficient marksmen. Thanks for the gift lefttards!
  7. I'd be willing to bet that the 85s that I load would easily go into the chamber of a .223. No, I'm not going to try it. That's why I never, and I do mean never, have any gear having to do with either cartridge anywhere near the other. If someone will screw up, well, let me rephrase, I can get confused and I don't want to "be that guy" !
  8. It's like many cartridge/shell incompatibilities, don't have them anywhere near each other. I'm sure there are alot that I don't know about but the classic for me was 20ga and 12ga. since I used both, just not on the same day. Shoot one or the other and make sure the vest was totally stripped of shells after the hunt was over. Double check it before going out again.
  9. Well, I thought I'd be waiting a very long time for USPS to get the package actually moving in the system. Order something that uses a distribution center in the LA area to know what I mean. I noticed that the package was on it's way and USPS was telling me delivery on Monday, but they build in at least a day to that prediction, so I was thinking delivery today. It's not in my hot little hands yet but it IS out for delivery. 🙂 I expect the new hand stop to cut my times in half and increase my accuracy to ALL A zone hits! And if you believe that I have some ocean front land in Nebraska for sale. I have no idea what it'll do for me, but my mind is always open to new and better ways to get a job done.
  10. Exactly. But it's not about stopping crime, it's about stopping the rabble once a majority realizes what the folks in power have been doing to us. Our firearms are the modern day pitchforks and torches used to burn down the castle in times past. The evil power structure fears that. The folks in power don't give a rats posterior about crime and how it impacts the
  11. Nothing major. Still waiting on the Volq' carbon fiber barrel. Same delivery date at this time. Ordered this to try on the PCC SBR that I use for Action Pistol. I dislike vert' forearms, I did try some and they just don't work for me. Right now I'm using a BCM Gunfighter short grip as a hand stop on it but I'm always open to better options as my firearms are really never settled, unlike the lefts global warming hoax. I have to sorta laugh... They quote a 1-2 week delivery, yet the order was filled next day. Since I went with USPS 1st class mail (free) now I understand why the long delivery time. It's at the post office and waiting to be sent on it way. Some areas of the country has really BS USPS service. That's OK though I'm really in no hurry since what I have works fine. The new part is just an experiment. Basically it's a place to index my hand and fingers so that I don't shoot anything off with the short barrel. https://arisakadefense.com/hand-stop-picatinny/ What's on it now: https://bravocompanyusa.com/bcmgunfighter-vertical-grip-short-black/
  12. Yes you did. Fantastic news about the injunction!
  13. Welcome from central Maine!
  14. Welcome to the forum from central Maine.
  15. So far my test has been quite limited. But so far it's good. I see no functional difference between B&T mags and the KCI. They feed fine. I did have a B&T mag buy the farm in competition this past weekend, the feed lips just wore out and that was causing malfunctions so that freed up a mag' extension. My first thought was to install it on a KCI mag'. If there is any dimensional difference between the mags it certainly doesn't show anywhere that I could find. I put the B&T follower in the KCI mag' body and it fit exactly the same as the KCI follower. Everything appears identical. The extension fit the same on the KCI as it did on the B&T. Now I'd like to get a manufacturer to get rid of the plastic feed lips entirely (like on a Lancer AR mag) and transition from the plastic body to steel feed lips if possible. Frankly, for a $50 mag B&T needs to come up with something better IMO. They just aren't worth the $50 price. Based on my limited testing of the KCI so far, I'm going to order more as soon as I can.
  16. Welcome to the forum!
  17. Welcome to the forum from central Maine!
  18. I went to optics on all of my firearms, rifles, handguns, and shotgun, that can take them. Many that couldn't take them were sold. I need to get a mess of 1911s milled for red dots. It's not that I can't use open sights, it's that my effective range has been voluntarily reduced. Aging isn't for sissies.
  19. My 300BLK concept began as a bullpup shotgun as I live rurally also. What do I mean by that? I bought a Keltec KS7, that's their 12ga with one mag' tube. It's short, light, and handy. My idea was to use reduced recoil 1 3/4" slugs. That firearm is hit or miss with the shorties and was never designed for them. I have no idea if it was the shotgun or me, but I had a malfunction where the shell flipped end for end giving a major malfunction. I shelved the idea and built the 300BLK seen above. The KS7 is 100% reliable with shells 2" long and longer. I'll be working on building some 2" short shells (slugs and #4 buck) so that I can get increased mag' capacity in it's one tube. Right now they're on a back burner as I have far too many irons in the fire. Today it's set up very similarly to the 300BLK above. Same light/laser in a similar position (not seen here), but no can, instead a slug tube. The carry handle has been removed and a pic' rail added for the MRO. Same idea as with the 300BLK, tuck it under the arm and use the light/laser for close in final target confirmation and targeting. Today there is at least one pump bullpup made by S&W designed to handle short shells. Are there more today? IDK. But back when I bought the KS7 it was a wasteland. Correction: at that time there was another, whose name I can't remember, designed to fire short shells and I seem to remember that I couldn't handle normal length shells.
  20. My go to "rifle" is an AR15 handgun chambered in 300BLK. For a long time it was the 5.56 I wish I'd had in the military, but of course 50 years ago the parts weren't available. If memory serves it weighs 5# 9oz sans can and w/o ammo. But as I age long traditional guns are just too long, so I got the bright idea to sell them (not all) and move to bullpups and handguns. Enter the 300BLK. OK, another reason too. A few years ago we had a cop killer running around in the "backyard". He was armed and so was I, with a long gun as I tried to do chores. That didn't work but my first bullpup worked better due to it's short length. That solidified my move to shorter firearms. (Yes, I am more than merely familiar with handguns.) It has a 10" barrel and the 85 grain copper bullet I use for HD is being pushed to 2300fps for 1k ft/lbs. Like the 5.56 it retired it wears a can all the time to absorb the blast. It does all that it needs to do for me and can reach out much further than can be justified. Here it is (bottom) compared to the length of the carbine it replaced. It's wearing a linear comp' in the picture to get the blast out from under the handguard, but with the can in place is just about 1/2" longer. What isn't seen in this old pic' is the light/laser that today is on the off side up near the muzzle. In use if I must use it indoors it'll get slung (also not in the pic') and tucked under my arm with the off hand up near the muzzle to prevent someone from grabbing it and getting the leverage. I see today that someone makes a 5 3/4# .308 AR. Of course it wasn't available years ago, but if it had been I'd have one in the safe.
  21. Thanks for the heads up. Yes, I can picture that happening even without the test. That steel has to be soft for them to form it around the working end of the magazine. But I never, and I do mean never, drop my mags even in competition (anymore). Even though it's fractionally slower I now put the spent mag in a dump pouch, then grab the fresh one inches away. I've trained with the dump pouch because a mag' fed firearm is a slow single shot with mags that litter the countryside. Why train to fail? FWIW, others have suggested that they use their shirt as their dump pouch but I've never actually seen anyone practice that.
  22. The gold standard for B&T firearms are B&T branded mags. Common sense, right? But they are just shy of $50 and all plastic. I've often wondered about that. I have 6 that have cracks in their bodies and the feed lips are taking a "set" where the case head rests. So far none of that has compromised their function but I would at the very least prefer a steel feed lip area, sorta like a Lancer magazine. Anyway, a few days ago I was on a search for mags and all 30 rnd B&T mags are sold out. But I ran across Rainier Arms and a listing for KCI mags for B&T. Looking at the pics they appeared to have reinforced feed lips so I ordered a bunch. It also helped that they are $15 less than the Swiss mags. They arrived today and yes, the feed lips are reinforced with steel. They look like a better built mag than the Swiss version, but looks account for nothing. I hope to test them tomorrow and if I have issues I'll post here. So no news will be good news. If they work I want to place another order ASAP. BTW, and this is an assumption, they aren't listed on the KCI website yet, so I assume the mags are very new. KCI doesn't do retail sales, but I had to check the manufacturers site anyway.
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