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  1. Kind of a point, here. There is a LOT of the lead from "non-completely jacketed bullets" of the cheaper FMJ-variety, invariably that vaporized lead is left on the insides of cases. Which means you get to deal with its vapor every time you unass the cleaned brass from the tumbler.
  2. NOT busy; although the last time I went the local law enforcement authorities had the 300 yard range locked up for some kind of weird departmental training. Doesn't seem to happen often. You can shoot at shorter distances on the longer ranges. It's a great range. Fees are about $25 and you can stay there from 0-dark morning until sunset. There's no pestering dopey Range Police constantly bothering you, either.
  3. Thanks for introducing me to a new component that I haven't yet heard of - 8208 XBR is a powder that hadn't been invented back in the 1830s when I started reloading my own cartridges. Looks like pretty good stuff. Certainly an option for the other 2000 powders that could work in its place, if only any 1-2 of them were ever in stock. Seriously, folks, do people now just go to Sportsman's Warehouse 46 times per week and literally buy every last component that arrives on the shelves or something? No primers, 1 out of 97 powders available (and invariably it's a shotgun powder), a selection of 50-some-odd 90-grain .455 caliber slugs made of tantalum or grass-fed butter, some arrowheads made of carbon-fibre and spun silk ($12.26 each), and 34 sleeping bags from a Moldovan manufacturer. Getting so friggin' sick of struggling to find basic stuff!
  4. It certainly looks like a 1.5 MOA group if nothing else. Only you can tell us if you have the skills to bring about a sub MOA group to anything you shoot. I certainly used to be able to do it, although with my advancing age and lack of practice, it's not something I could guarantee I could pull off like I did routinely when I was in my forties. It looks to me like you're pretty durned close. I think you've got something to be proud of here; IMHO these AR-10s are nowhere near as inherently accurate as many AR-15s, which, in the right hands and with the right loads, could (and routinely do) shoot MOA or less. Not meaning to state that NO AR-308 is capable of such accuracy, as I have seen a bunch of AR-308 folks shoot less than MOA with their rifles.
  5. I have been shooting lately at Great Guns. Range goes out to 300 yards. Not too busy and STILL a great price.
  6. I have a Varget load listed in the Speer manual (it's about 14,500 years old, so it pre-dates written history, lol). Do you guys load up any bulk with 150 grain? I did shoot a bit in the gun before I rebuilt it and did not have sterling accuracy.
  7. I haven't read any other responses, but BOY, does that sound correct!
  8. I have just fire-annealed, lubed, resized, trimmed, chamfered and deburred 450~ish cases from several manufacturers. In tumbling these shells, I noticed the insides of cases don't become polished. How come the corn-cob media, which 100% fils the inside of every case, knows not to vibrate and clean those cases? Do you really think that the tumbler (an RCBS unit, so it should be good) hasn't got the power to vibrate the inside of the cases?
  9. Belt-fed... .22? Cue "Homer eating a cheeseburger" meme... "BELT. FED. MMMMMMMM!"
  10. Update: I am still waiting on my headspace gauge from 4D Reamer Rentals, which was ordered and paid for on 09/05. So the guy is renting gauges that he doesn't have, nice. I should buy a set and rent them to guys on here.
  11. Seems like a good way to see any problems you might be having. Or do you just stick to 100 yards?
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