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  1. Couldn't have done it, in such a short time, without the help of you fine gentlemen. Now that it's working well it's time to go back to my M14s for a rest. Whatta Hobby!
  2. Thanks again to the gurus on this forum. I have been enjoying this rifle and found after adding the agb and setting it open 8 out of 15 clicks, the rifle handles ammo from 110 gn handloads to 175 gn FGGM without a problem. I do shoot mostly the 136 gn fb. Whatta Hobby!
  3. Well, got out for the first time with a .308 since my hand surgery. Feels good to be back at it. Not the best grouping in town, but haven't really done a ladder for the M5/M110 yet. I was using 136 gn fb for this target after the junk Hornady 150s in the photo above. Man are those lousy. best I could do was 1.5 moa and not consistent. The 136 fb at least were fairly consistent even if not particularly tight. Whatta Hobby!
  4. Loaded up a few Mags for my M-5 .308 using the Magula loader. What a neat tool. Also found that the lock on P-mag covers are not for me. Pinched the heck out of one finger snapping the darn thing on. All in all a great tool for loading a super magazine. Whatta Hobby!
  5. NF1E

    Priming tools.

    Any I will be returning to the RCBS universal, on the right, as soon as my hand is back in shape. Rgr on the feel. With the Spring shooting season on the horizon, I had to come up with a solution for a few thousand primers in the meantime. Looks like the Forster bonanza is going to be my solution. Rugged and the feel is there and no special shell holder needed. Used to shoot 5-10k of .308 annually but I have gone the precision route and cut my ammo consumption in half. Whatta Hobby!
  6. NF1E

    Priming tools.

    Since my right hand has taken some time off for healing, I have been listening to guys recommendations for other types of priming tools. So far the Forster seems to be well made, smoother and does not require any additional shell holders. The RCBS is rugged but involves more movements to prime. The Lee is not bad, but a little flimsy for my liking. I want to do a few hundred more priming operations before I make a decision which I like best. Going to be very hard to beat the RCBS universal hand primer for overall ease of operations. Whatta Hobby!
  7. NF1E


    I have been using a Giraud for years and very happy with its performance.
  8. Optical illusion. Same NF rings fore and aft. I think it has something to do with the rail being missing on most of the handguard. Sharp eye.
  9. Yep, these knowledgeable guys that are willing to share their expertise is wonderful.
  10. I hear you. The guys on this forum have been a tremendous help to me with a bit of knowledge I just did not possess. Now, if anyone needs help with an M14, I can probably help them out, but these AR types have always been a big question mark to me. Owned an Armalite AR 10 years ago but gave it to my son who needed it more than me, then after hearing how great the M110s were it the accuracy department, I had to at least try. So far, my M14s that I have nailed together and modified are working out much better. I am at the bottom of the AR learning ladder, but trying. This one is working pretty well now.
  11. I am sure you will get it. Just made me thing of trying to plow up my steep driveway with a layer of ice under the snow. An exercise in futility.
  12. Time to lighten up Francis. Guys are trying to help but you are making it difficult with your defensive attitude. Maybe time to junk this recoil heavy project and start again at the beginning using some of the wonderful advice you have received. I once fed a dog that bit me and had to bury him later. Attitude is everything.
  13. Just enjoy using the universals when the hand is in a functioning mode. I do 3-5K of .308 plus other calibers annually, so I have the procedure down pretty well.
  14. My right hand is temporarily out of service due to some tendon repairs. Should be good to go in another month.
  15. No doubt. Very easy to determine when it's time to junk brass with expanded primer pockets. Whatta Hobby!
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