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  1. I just put the Warhammer Mod-2 in my 308. Absolutely love it.
  2. 12 with bipod (Magpul), sling, and optic. 15 ready to fire.
  3. Thank you. Will try moving forward a bit.
  4. Still working through my AR10, getting everything just right. I find my self not quite comfortable with my optic on high or medium rings. One seems a tad high, the other a tad low. So, I wondered, how does everyone else mount theirs? Any special tips or tricks? Currently have a PA-10 with Burris E1 4-14x on high rings. I have to just slightly lift my cheek off of the CTR stock and the sight picture is perfect.
  5. Correct, I added those. All I can say is that this thing seems to love cheap ammo.
  6. Stats: PA-10 20" SS SSA-E trigger Magpul 10/20 round gen 3 Ammo - cheap Tula and Bullets 1st 147gr Received rifle, dismantled upper and cleaned with Shooters Lube. Oiled liberally with Shooters Lube and let sit about a week. Went to the range and ran 100 B1s through it without issue. Sighted in and runs great Ordered Springco just because I put them in everything.
  7. Guess I am the lucky one. Worst issue I have had is the extremely light SSA-E trigger. Heavy? Yes. I have been running cheap Tula (not accurate) and Bullets 1st 147gr. Really surprised by the B1s.
  8. Well, a lot of hysteria above. However, my first hand experience is 4" groups at 500 yards in one afternoon. For $900, nothing else is close.
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