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  1. imschur


    Im the owner and operator of this site. This is actually the second effort at a site dedicated to the big AR's. The first site was lost to hackers due to a security breach. New host,new site. Im here to stay this time. Feel free to jump in and dont be shy. Suggestions are always welcome and encouraged. Dont forget to visit the main site by visiting which ever link suits your fancy. They all go to the same place 762AR.com 308AR.com lr308.com Members, start a new topic and introduce yourself
  2. 8) I borrowed these nice images from Botach Defense
  3. Caliber: 7.62 NATO Barrel Length: 12 & 16" (Med-Light), 18"(Med), 20"(Heavy) Barrel Construction: Cold Rotary Hammer Forged Weight (unloaded): 16" barrel: 9.5 lbs; 18" barrel: 10.5 lbs; 20" barrel: 11.25 lbs Length (overall length): 37.5-40.8" (16" barrel) 40.5-41.5" (20" barrel) Rate of Fire:55 RPM (Sustained Rate of Fire) Rifling: 1/10" RH 1/11.25" RH (Optional) Stock:12" & 16": 6 Position Collapsible VLTOR EMod 18": MagPul UBR 20": MagPul PRS Pistol Grip: MagPul MIAD Sights: Folding BUIS Magazine: 5, 10, 20 Round Mags Available - One 20 round mag shipped with each gun where allowed by law Trigger: 12" & 16" Enhanced Mil-Spec; 18" Non-adjustable Geissele; 20" Adjustable Geissele Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider: A2 Flash Hider: 7.62 NATO 5/8 X 24 TPI Introducing the ultimate reaper. The unique LWRCI
  4. Has anyone tried these? I really like the idea of being able to use dirt cheap G3 magazines.
  5. I ordered from Midway now too :D 12_.pdf
  6. Heres my opinion. Get the least expensive base gun thats closest to what you want. You wont see them much cheaper then this Keep in mind the following costs if you do a ground up build Bolt Carrier Group $350 Stripped Lower $350 Stripped Upper $180 LPK $80 With shipping your right there and dont have a complete weapon I say if your right handed go for it! thats a great price imo.
  7. I ordered mine from AIM Surplus. DSG Arms has them too
  8. LaRue Tactical was forced to renamed their OSR rifle after Dick Swan of A.R.M.S trademarked the term "OSR". Dick has been going after many tactical gun companies. Earlier this year he successfully sued Troy Industries and is currently litigating against LaRue and Magpul. The good news is that the OBR, after much delay, is shipping.
  9. CProducts LLC DPMS/SR25 308 Magazines $12.75 CProducts DPMS LR-308 teflon coated 20 round .308 magazines on sale here. Use the code "Stimulus " at Checkout 400 series Stainless Steel. Heat treated Isonite,an oxidizing process that introduces corrosion resistance to the basematerial resulting in the formation at the surface of a nitridecompound zone, enriched with oxygen/oxides which increases thecorrosion protection, boosts wear resistance, increases fatiguestrength and produces low coefficient of friction [lubricity]. Hardenedto RC 32 in the above process. Wire, Chrome Silicone, heat treatedTempered 600
  10. Will these ever see the light of day?
  11. Whats your favorite inexpensive .308 Ammo? MilSurp? Wolf Ammunition? etc
  12. Whats the most accurate factory load in your .308, 7.62x51 AR
  13. In my personal experience the gun cost a fair amount more to build myself then purchase directly from DPMS or one of their dealers. Quite the opposite of an AR-15. Pro's of doing it yourself: 1. You get exactly what you want 2. Build it quicker then a special order from DPMS 3. Satisfaction of building it yourself 4. Spread the cost out over time 5. Develop an understanding of how the gun functions Con's of doing it yourself: 1. Cost 2. Pain in the butt locating parts 3. Specialized tools, AR-15 wrenches, vise and action blocks don't apply 4. Warranty/Liability 5. Information vague and confusing Opinions?
  14. Click here to view it. Actually Im still editing the pictures but it will be completed in a few days.
  15. Click here to view my step by step with pictures. Feel free to ask questions here in this thread
  16. Heres some pictures from a recent LR-308 Build. Theres more info here at the main website
  17. My apologies to the few guys who joined up to the previous version of this forum. Unfortunately my host had a bunch of sites get hacked and the original forum as well as 4 others I own were all casualties. I decided to bite the bullet with this forum and start over with a new host and a new version of forum software. It was just not practical to save the initial forum information. So here we are starting clean and this time we are here to stay. Thanks Andrew
  18. The community dedicated to the .308/7.62 pattern AR Style Rifle
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