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  1. I never met an AR type barrel I didn't have to open up the gas port. Well to be honest I only assembled three gas guns ( now I can get back to the bolt action stuff), two of which are LR308. Got those working right well after drilling out the port for sure. But this gatdam AR15 chambered in the Russian round using the Faxon limited edition duty series barrel needed it too. I could have swapped to a lighter recoil setup but I'm running the Vltor A5 H2 buffer and rifle spring and I luv it. In my previous testing I had a couple light primer strikes, I loaded those back in and the beautiful sound of explosions were heard emanating from the weapon. Easy fix. I also carry an extra BCG with the enhanced "plus" firing pin just in case, extractor and spring is beefed up on both bolts. I like using those cheapy infinitely adjustable gas blocks where I set it and forget it, no tweaking back and forth. Well, that's my rant...lol.
  2. That's a custom built HX40 super, capable of about 900 rwhp. Megasquirt fuel management system, big brakes and coilover suspension. It moves pretty well. I had two of those cars and totalled one!
  3. My hobby is DIYing whatever interests me.
  4. Google is your friend https://www.vsevenweaponsystems.com/v7-buffer-tube-carbine-heavy
  5. Haha, I knew that was coming. That's Connecticuts requirement, not mine. Anyway I built the thing Wednesday took to the range the next day to test, so I fully expected to pull the rail for adjustments to the gas block. You see the .936 block will hit the screws if I place the grip behind it, thus preventing the rail from coming off. I will make it sexy after I fine tune the beast.
  6. Left and middle run a 8.5 inch buffer tube with VLTOR (7'91 oz) long buffer. I just dropped coins in there until the BCG to receiver distance was correct on both.
  7. Took em to the range today. Only one had an issue with the gas port needing some luv.
  8. I run https://justrightcarbines.com/product/long-buffer-tube/?v=7516fd43adaa, buffer tube with an internal length of 8.5 inches with about $1.25 in the butt, along with Vltor A5 stainless steel 7.91oz buffer, and Armalite rifle spring. Smooth as silk, ejection pattern at 3:30 to 4 oclock. I also run the same setup but with a regular AR15 rifle spring on my AR47
  9. AR47 in the middle
  10. The refusal on the gun created nothing but problems because the manufacturer/ builder is trying to be smart. So I'm letting the credit card company deal with all that nonsense. I just want my money back. In "other" news, I finally took the LR308 to the range to test the no cycling fix and oh yeah!!!. Next up is the AR15 chambered in 7.62 x 39. I got it assembled but it failed the headspace test so the barrel is getting returned and a name brand is on the way. I see another LR308 in my immediate future which will bring my building frenzy to an end. In fact I ordered the Areo receiver set at a sweet price of $185, can't beat that with a stick! I'm putting a 20" bull barrel on that one. Gotta get them now before the Communists clamp down on the stipulations of our Founding Fathers!
  11. Lefty308

    Gun Fun

    Hi, from CT the "other" state. Funny story...my lefty AR15 got lonely after being surrounded by pistols and bolt actions for years and years so I bought an LR308 from out of state to be shipped to a local FFL. Now while I was waiting for the gun to be put together, apparently it wasn't quite in stock like the site stated. I being as impatient as I am went about assembling one. Aero M5 receiver set, BA 18" SS heavy barrel etc, got it done just about the time they shipped the bought gun to the FFL who promptly refused the gun on the grounds that AR10 was stamped on it. So I had to pay the transfer fee and shipping cost to send it back for correction. It's still not in my hands as of yet. Meanwhile the monstrosity I built is short cycling and I tracked the issue down to the seemingly frequent undersized gas port. I plan to go test it after I finish putting together this AR15 chambered in 7.62 x39. Happy to be here!
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