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SE Michigan


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New to the forum today. I have been reading as much as I had access to over the last few days. I hope having more access, brings more info into the world of .308 shooting. Personal info is as follows. I bought an AR at a frantic time, during this current regime. I actually went to the particular shop and had a verbal commitment to them for the only Armalite unit they had in stock. Not 20 minutes after my call, I arrived and learned someone was buying that rifle at the time I was talking to them on the phone. Anyway, I got stuck with a DPMS LR308B that they did have. The case that it came with sucked, but I was either going to sell this piece at a huge profit, without ever having fired it, or wait it out. I had been looking at various AR's for many years, but definitely made up my mind that whatever I bought, would be in .308 cal. As expected, the prices did jump temporarily as I'm sure you all know. Just not enough for me to sell it.


After 6 months and the hysteria quieted down, I decided I wanted to make it truly, my own. I paid a hefty amount for steel scope mounts and put a very tried and true scope I have had for 25 years on it. (Simmons, Pro-Hunter) My first trip to the range was solo and began at 50 yards and then 100. I only took 20 rounds with me that day. Damn! I love this rifle! Cheap, military ball ammo I got from a local gun show. (.80 a round not cheap) I have never felt anything this sweet. Bench rested atop (2) 40lb bags of bird seed. I couldn't wait to go back to a range that had facilities, spotters and with a few friends. I cleaned and oiled this thing thoroughly and put it away.


I can't get enough of shooting this piece! The 300 rounds of old, military stuff is now gone, plus several hundred more commercial rounds of whatever I can find and the passion grows with every shot. I did buy 3 boxes of hornady, 168 gr for hunting deer and used 4 rounds. 3 at the range and 1 at a deer. Instant knock down at about 140 yrds.


I am not a competition shooter, by any means, but I want to iterate that whatever I throw into this thing so far, is dead nuts accurate out to 220 yards. 147, 149, 150, 168gr stuff just flows through and spits out like a dream. Blowing up tannerite in 1 lb containers, being the proof. I have not put any steel cased stuff through it, nor do I intend to.


Since you all have way more experience than I about such things, I have some general questions.

1- Is this characteristic of this particular rifle to be this accurate with so many different loads? Not many places I can find in Michigan to shoot longer distances, without being a club member.

2- It seems some of the commercial, ball ammo makes a bigger dent in certain materials than others. I do not know much about frangible, vs other types yet. I just have enjoyed shooting. Most everything I have been shooting, goes right through 10" diameter trees.

3- I have had a few radically abused, case necks come out and do not know why. There is always some brass flakes that I have to clean away after shooting outings.

4- Is there any major maintenance that I should do, to keep the barrel tight, etc?


If there is a better place for this to be posted, please let me know and I will copy and paste it.



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It's amusing to me that every time I go to a range with people, they all "gather round" whomever is shooting "this" piece. Everyone wants to try it! I even talked my wife into shooting a few rounds and like all the others, her eyes light up big time and sport a big, poop eatin grin.


What is it about black guns, that make people feel this way? I am all to wiling, to allow people the opportunity to use it when I'm at the range. 5.56's of any type, got nothing on this basic, basic model. Even with muzzle rise, reacquiring a target is fast and sure. 


I'm sure pleased that I got stuck with this model LR308B from D.... (Not to be anyone's lackey. As I said, it wasn't my first choice) You guys that build your own and have so damned much more experience with metal than I, amaze me. I'd shoot with any one of you, anytime for fun.


Thanks for spreading all of this good stuff!

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