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Everything posted by Rsquared

  1. Now I know that you didn't just say that did you?
  2. Love to hear happy endings. Glad she's running for you my man.
  3. Rest in Peace Warrant Officer 3 Richard Rawlins. A brother that I never met, but he sounds like a hell of a guy. Sorry for your loss Mike. From the sounds of it, you've been a rock throughout his struggle here at the end. You're also a hell of a guy my friend. I look forward to sharing a drink with you around the fire some day.
  4. Pretty sexy little unit. I approve. I look forward to running that thing sometime.
  5. Good point. We should probably buy more then.
  6. I can't put pics up of something the mail hasn't brought me yet. But I see what you're doing. Fukin troublemakers.
  7. Fuking @DayWalker enabled the $hit outta me yesterday evening. So now I've got a Trijicon MRO on order from LA Police Gear. They're running a sweet deal right now. Also have the QD mount for it, as well as the flip cap with anti-reflective device coming from Midway. Gonna throw this on my 7" SBR so it finally has an optic of it's own.
  8. He was busy earlier enabling me. The Fuker!
  9. BABY! Love me a sweet pin-up girl.
  10. Rsquared


    Broke your foot? That sounds painful my man.
  11. I'm gonna guess that it's not riding quite as smooth as it once did.
  12. I'm fine with EV vehicles for what the designed purpose is for. Short range vehicles. They're fine for city dwellers, or suburbanites that don't commute long distance. But as a replacement? Nope. Not yet. Besides, i love seeing the smug face contort when you tell them that their EV is actually powered by coal probably. They just can't except it cause in their little walnut sized brain, they're plugging it in, so it's clean. They're the same ones that have no idea where the water comes from when they use their faucet on their kitchen sink, and have ABSOLUTELY no clue where it goes when it disappears into that whole in the bottom of the sink. It's all magic to them. Circling back to the EV. I think that it's pretty obvious (to me at least) that Musk with Tesla, is planning on using these things on Mars (eventually). Tesla is more like an R&D factory for him than just a car company.
  13. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  14. OK. Fair enough. Maybe not so modest and simple at times.
  15. A mere 60 degree drop. That'll get your attention.
  16. OK. Just found it. And yes, I feel that way most of the time.
  17. Modest and simple always work my man. Looks good.
  18. Too long, didn't read. I see that you're in the same boat with me. That's gonna mean a lot of empty beer cans in that boat.
  19. Well who doesn't get a good laugh when threads go sideways? Especially when someone digs their heels in. Also. Am I the only one that had to look up what the hell TLDR stood for? Fuk....I guess I am getting old. Or....the hermit can't learn the modern slang while being a hermit. Ha
  20. Where's all the peace and love, being it's the Christmas/New Years season? Obviously not in this thread. Don't mind me......I'm the Armalite guy.
  21. Because of guys like him, we're still speaking English. A giant thank you, for the elder brother.
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