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Everything posted by Rsquared

  1. Same here. My 12" AR-10 SBR has an AAC brakeout comp on it, and she shoots pretty good.
  2. Rsquared

    AR Trigger

    I pretty much use nothing but either Geissele's or Larue's at this point. And as long as you're patient, you can catch some good deals on the Geissele's from time to time. Just this last weekend I think that PA was letting them go for 140.
  3. Lookin good. And a little contrast with the HG covers never hurts. Or just rattle can them afterwards if they bother you.
  4. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  5. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  6. Welcome from Maryland.
  7. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  8. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  9. WHOA! Look at that ugly thing. And the shirt it's wearing isn't much better. Luckily for him, the smiling cuz turns the picture around. Glad you got some good time with her my man. I know that you were looking forward to it.
  10. To add on to what the others have already said. This was an outstanding fall shoot. These things just keep getting better and better. After being away for the last two years (because of fukin commies) it was great to be back. The food. The surroundings. The camaraderie. The relaxing mood. The brotherhood. This crowd is simply unbelievable. In their thoughtfulness, integrity, sharing, caring and downright FUKED sense of humor. And I'm honored to be part of it.
  11. Rsquared


    Yeah.......that looks pretty good. I'm usually a plain steak guy too (except some pepper).
  12. OK you buncha Mary's. Before you go bettin on anything...........it WASN'T Me. Though.......that would usually be a safe bet.
  13. Welcome aboard Bang Ting. You were spot-on in the desert with MANY of your theories. I look forward to chatting again real soon.
  14. Scroll through Primary Arms. They sell decent glass at affordable prices. But as everything else in life. You get what you pay for. A rule of thumb that some people use is that the glass should almost equal the price of the rifle. But everybody has their own opinion. And we all know what opinions are like. When you have a moment. Why don't you swing by the introductions area and give us a little insight on yourself, and the plans for your build. We're a friendly bunch for the most part and don't bite.
  15. Oh, you have issues my man. And that's not even counting the "lefty" part of it.
  16. Yep. I hear ya Doc. The C-5's here have a very specific growl as they pass overhead. You can hear the engines change as they prep for landing. I'm about 10 miles out. When they're taking off in my direction, you usually hear the warbirds. Those things tend to roar for a couple minutes or so after they pass over head (Pratt & Whitney / GE Aerospace at work). Plus, they tend to be standing on it to gain altitude. The BIG birds will slowly hum by, not too much louder than a civvy airliner. It's kinda amazing how "quiet" those things can be on take-off. But then be so fukin noisy during a standard landing. They'll scream as they pass overhead during landing.
  17. Absolutely.......No beer will be left behind..
  18. South paws. Ugh! Meant with love Al.
  19. An outstanding find Rene. Our beloved Corps birthday is upcoming. We can tip one back in the desert in celebration.
  20. A beautiful evening here outside of our nations capitol. 63 outside, I've got all the windows open. The boys at Andrews Air Force Base must be doing maneuvers, or touch and go's tonight. Got a lot of war birds in the air flying by every couple of minutes. Sometimes it's nice living in the landing pattern for the airstrip. You can hear your tax dollars at work. Now.....the C5's can get loud as they "spin up" for landing.
  21. Whoa. Looks like Vic is gonna blow a gasket in this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AI1nfUa4dQ
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