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Everything posted by Rsquared

  1. Plus the fines and potential prison time wouldn't be any fun.
  2. Happy Fathers day to all of you deplorable bastards that I call brothers.
  3. That's hilarious and absolutely bizarre at the same time.
  4. OK, I'll ask. When are you gettin one Matt?
  5. SDTF movie night. Can we get Blazing Saddles added to the list as a palette cleanser from the 2nd rate horror movies?
  6. It doesn't really matter the topic, but he just makes me laugh.
  7. Seems to be a common trait among a lot of us.
  8. Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  9. That's great to hear. We love a happy ending around here.
  10. Damn. That's got me beat. I ordered a POF P308 SBR, and it took just around 2 years before I finally got it. To tell the truth, I had forgotten about it, until my gun pusher called me and told me to come up and get the NFA paperwork started.
  11. I'll ad to what @98Z5V and @Matt.Cross are saying about buffers. Slash's "Heavy Buffers" are all I run in all of my AR-10's. From my 12" SBR, to the 20" SASS. All of mine are setup to be able to be run suppressed. And they run flawlessly with these buffers. Many of these guys have run multiple mags through them. Even the two a$$holes noted above. (said with love of course)
  12. I never knew that he was in the military. Interesting story Al. Good find.
  13. Shot or cut.......that Fuker would've had to die just because. Snakes rule of thumb for R2. If you come within visual distance.........you die. PERIOD And yes......I'd like to expand that to many other creatures wondering this planet. In no specific order.
  14. Ya big softie. That's why I love ya dude.
  15. Good for you brother. And I ain't saying poop about that shirt.
  16. The guys laughter says it all.
  17. Great tale Mack. I was actually laughing out loud to myself.
  18. Beast warriors....every single one of them. Nothing but respect for all of our fallen brothers. Then and now.
  19. Just the thought of that mag makes the clowns in Annapolis that run my state very, very sad.
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