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Everything posted by Rsquared

  1. Rsquared

    I hate Kel Tec

    My ears just perked up with the Trek reference.
  2. No matter what you say, it was pretty damn funny. The bling AR.
  3. Rsquared

    *Limited Release* Sharps Relia-Bolt

    Yep. Me too.
  4. Rsquared

    new here...

    Welcome aboard, from Maryland.
  5. Rsquared

    PSA awesomeness

    Love the short version Panel. That's F-ing hilarious. Sounds like you're on the right track to getting it running. Oh......and welcome aboard.
  6. Rsquared

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    What? No squirrel snuff films. DAMMIT!
  7. Rsquared

    EOW: Officer Corona 1/10/2019

    Way too young. That sucks Rob.
  8. Rsquared

    New here - total novice

    A whole lot of options when it comes to charging handles. Pretty much comes down to preference. Me, I like the raptor handles. Once again. Just my preference. The Tacops handles are outstanding though.
  9. Rsquared

    Old Jarhead here, New to AR10, love the .308.

    Welcome aboard, from Maryland.
  10. Rsquared

    Ammunition of choice

    Looks like Doc has gone to full blown Enabler status.
  11. Rsquared

    Lucas Gun Oil

    Sure, I'll pile on. They're not showing up for me either.
  12. Rsquared

    Funny Videos Thread

    Funny man huh? Ok. I admit, that was pretty damn funny.
  13. Rsquared

    I'm going back.

    Come on now. Don't be too hard on the brother. GREG would be allowed on the bird. He'd just have to be kenneled and stowed down with all the other animals.
  14. Rsquared

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    Screw those tree-rats. Use a suppressed 45 on his ass and turn him into a red mist.
  15. Rsquared

    Experienced shooter but new to the AR platform

    Mission accomplished. Now go shoot the hell outta that thing and break her in good.
  16. Rsquared

    New here - total novice

    Welcome aboard from Maryland.
  17. Rsquared

    Experienced shooter but new to the AR platform

    John. What part of the communist state of Maryland are you from? I've got multiple AR-10 "B' rifles. Mine work just fine. Though....I did notice some odd performance with "factory" 10 round mags in the past. I've got plenty of original 20 rounders that we're not allowed to buy in this state any longer. Have you tried a plain jane 20 round mag in the rifle? If not, we can probably hook up to test your rifle with some to see if there's a difference. Oh.....and welcome from Maryland my man.
  18. Rsquared

    Hi All

    Welcome from Maryland.
  19. Rsquared

    New to forum

    Welcome from Maryland.
  20. Rsquared

    New Member

    Welcome from Maryland.
  21. Rsquared

    New guy- Lineman1954

    Welcome from Maryland.
  22. I whole heartedly approve my good man.
  23. Rsquared

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Well, they all can't be professionally trained drunks like ourselves brother. Ha
  24. Rsquared

    Pic Of The Day 2

    He couldn't keep up huh?
  25. Rsquared

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from Maryland.