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ar10 pet loads


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hello guys,


i just bought a new ar10 a month ago. its my first 7.62x51 ever.


looking for your best pet loads. i`m only using 168gr sierra match bullets.


i have these powders available on my bench:


blc2, h-335, tac, h-4895, imr 4895, re 15, cfe 223, imr 8208xbr & ar comp.


only using nato brass. i have thousansd of large rifle primers but only 1 or 2 k of lg. magnum primers.


asking you guys for a few pet loads with what i`ll be using.


thank yo ufor your time!

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Re15 works quite well with 168 gr and 175 grain. Pet load for accuracy and decent range for me is 42 gr RE15 with Winchester primers and 168 Sierra Match Kings. Winchester M80 brass. That load was given to me by a friend who is military retired Sniper. I messed with it up and down by .2 of a grain, but found 42 gr dead on was most accurate in my AR10 B 20 inch barrel.post-13300-0-09362200-1427584053_thumb.j

100 yard group, and I am not that good of a shot. Old eyes and not enough range time.

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that load looks nice sisco!  thanks all for your replies.


going to try several diff. powders & powder weights as i always do.


will keep posted. as stated before, still very cold here in pa. so it will be sometime.


i don`t do any load trials until its constantly in the 70`s.

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  • 1 month later...

just finished my chrono on my attempt to relicate the mil. standard 7.62x51( 168gr. bthp ) c.o.l. of 2.800


i got line from in here on using 41.5grs of imr-4895. fps was to be 2,550+,- 20.


i`m using a rcbs chrg. master combo to dispense powder. after careful calibration,

and using the above data it took me til 43.0 grs. of imr 4895 to reach 2,550fps.


my rifle to fire these is an armalite w/ 16in bbl. this may be why it took 2 extra grs.

to get to 2,550. but i saw no evidence of over pressure. next, i`m going to make a few of

these to check for accuracy. if no good, next i`ll try some re-15. sierra book says i believe

40.4 grs to reach 2,500 & 42.0 to get to 2,600fps. the later is their accuracy load.


let you know.

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