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Everything posted by Sisco

  1. Sisco

    Memorial Day 2019

    God Bless our Country’s Warriors past and present. They allow us to be Americans.
  2. They like to run wet, especially at first. A day at the range will tell you what you need.
  3. Extractor springs. The only thing I have had to replace in my Armalites.Also the extractor O ring split on one of them at the same time.
  4. You asked for it. https://forum.308ar.com/topic/15578-new-contest-eat-the-canned-chicken/page/6/#
  5. Saw those a few years ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Which way are you from Malabar? North South East or West? I think the 600 yard range has cameras now. My friend went in about a month ago for training on them.
  7. I’m not, but my tool got a lot of work in the past. I admit it, you got me.
  8. Thinking of joining next year. Have a friend who belongs.
  9. We have some 4,000-5,000 year old copper tools up in our area. I don’t advertise where, as I really don’t want everybody and their brother digging them up.
  10. Agree. If the Dems win the House and Senate and the presidency in 2020, prices will sky rocket between the November election and January inauguration, followed by them going even higher until the Dems enact legislation controlling firearms. Guessing it will end up with a grand father rule, but you never know. Hint: Invest in a good metal detector.
  11. Hell, I am happy with my PT1911 SD that I paid $400 for brand new. Changed the grips to wood for $19 and drifted the sights, it is dead on at 25 yards. So is my $740 FNX45. Do like your work, Hemi, I have an Iver Johnson Eagle 1911 with Bomar Adjustable sights I might get tuned up sometime.
  12. Glad to help in linking the two of you up.
  13. Sisco


    Brontosaurus steak for dinner.
  14. Sisco


    This is the man to listen to.
  15. Sisco

    My 10 "T".

    Couldn't find the old range picture thread so I will post it here. Tough day at the range. Winds varying from 10-25 mph measured from left to right. Shows in the spread. I could not get a consistent windage hold. 100 yards of bipod 175 SMK BTHP 42 grnVarget. M80 brass. Shot some ZQ1 147 gr. It was high and way right. Obviously more affected by the wind and the lighter bullet was high.
  16. Sisco


    Well thank you, but I am not the best role model. I add 30 pounds and drop it all the time. As I live in two places I have to adapt to what I have available, and quit eating so damn much. 6 months of the year I have a nice gym to work out in. I am working to set up a schedule for the other 6 months. More long distance walking, pretty much just dumbbell weights, and starting to work on my martial arts katas again. To look at me, I am fat, but I do exercise. From a front or back view I look fine. From the side you can see my mammoth gut. My goal is to just keep plugging at losing it. As far as that cardiovascular condition, it isn’t associated with a bigemeny arrythmia, is it? My wife was just diagnosed with that. She would go in to spells a few times a week of an irregular pulse.. Her cardiologist said it was non fatal, and it is being controlled with a beta blocker. He just told her to live her life, and get exercise, and lay off caffeine and alcohol. I would suggest you have your cardiologist and a physical therapist lay out an exercise program that take into account your situation. Might be surprised how vigorous it is. Some People with heart conditions can still be okayed to run marathons. my battle is with arthritis and associated bone spurs. Five surgeries to remove bone spurs and counting. My right big toe is now fused so I can’t run anymore, but I can bicycle and walk. And because of spinal stenosis and bone spurs, no squats or overhead presses with weights. But I find things I can do. And right now I am going to split to the gun range for some Range Therapy, which is my favorite.
  17. Been using it for 20 years. It works.Don’t put on skin.
  18. Yours for $3899 https://xtremegunsandammo.com/shop/pistols/sti-guns-for-sale/sti-2011/sti-combat-master/ 22 round magazine.
  19. Sisco


    My LGS guy actually went to New Zealand last year for the shooting world championships as the defending world champion. Finished 14th but had a good time. That was before all this came down
  20. Sisco


    Good luck Kiwi! Sounds like you are organized and funded, the most important first steps!
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