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Everything posted by Sisco

  1. Thanks guys. I like having that thumbreak when I am carrying it “cocked and locked”. Got the grip safety, and the regular safety, but I figure it doesn't hurt to a a thick piece of leather between the hammer and firing pin, especially if it somehow gets knocked around. Probably more my phobia than anything, but I like it there. Nice 1911’s Wolf.
  2. Advertised as “antibiotic free”.
  3. Just picked this custom 1911 holster and magazine pouch from a local leathersmith. I likey.
  4. A well written article that makes some excellent points.
  5. And 5 Hare Krishnas. He likes oriental food.
  6. Sisco

    Pic Of The Day 2

    18 years ago tomorrow........Don’t ever forget.
  7. https://www.themeateater.com/conservation/wildlife-management/you-wont-believe-this-mountain-lions-diet?utm_campaign=You Won't Believe This Mountain Lions Diet&utm_content=Hunt%3A Archery,Link Only,Promotion&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  8. Cash here too far away for much else. Two barges left Fort Pierce near us today with generators, water purification systems, food and water. God Speed.
  9. Sisco

    A plan coming together

    Nice Shepp and thanks for doing a better job than I did filling Albro in on PA scopes
  10. Sisco

    A plan coming together

    Surely you jest! Then again I don’t know if you have read the archived posts. This forum is a walking, talking advertisement for PA!
  11. “That SOB will never stand me up again”
  12. Sisco

    A plan coming together

    Got her to the range yet?
  13. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/09/06/exclusive-feds-demand-apple-and-google-hand-over-names-of-10000-users-of-a-gun-scope-app/#35c6aa772423 Got an ATN scope? They may be looking for your name.
  14. I would consult with a breeder who raises hunting horses, like western appaloosa’s and listen to their suggestions. Magwa, you know any hunting horse wranglers or breeders in Idaho they could talk to? Good luck you two, I hope it works out.
  15. Could not agree more. Plus, the WalMarts and Walgreen’s don’t contribute to kids athletic teams, kid’s fishing tournaments, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. Your local business people do and give back to the community in so many ways.
  16. That rule applies to wild animals AND women
  17. The only drawback was back then, maintanence specs called for axle fluid replacement every 10,000 miles in heavy use environments, so I had to go under twice a year and drain both axles, transfer case and tranny and replace the fluid. But I never had a driveline failure or break down. As a matter of fact it was the new at the time electronic ignition that caused me more problems until we isolated it to a defective “black box” on the fire wall. A buddy’s Jeep Wagoneer had the same issue. It Left me stranded in Yellowstone Park at 2 am one night. Just me and the bears.
  18. That Dana 44 front axle will be well worth it. They are so heavy duty they look like they came off a Russian tank. Had one of those stock on my Scout.
  19. Bad english and trying to squeeze complex problems into a few words, a chronic problem with Twitter addicts. Think she means that lower income communities get destroyed first, because they are usually built in flood prone low land areas and in houses not up to modern codes. Trying to make it political instead of working to fix the damn problem.
  20. Peachy, if your Scout has the original engine, which one do you have, the 304, the 345 or the diesel? I will have to dig, but I have a picture somewhere of myself sitting behind the wheel of a brand new 1975 Scout II the first day I bought it. Got into a lot of trouble in that rig. Two months after buying it and I tried jumping a dry creek bed with it and left both dual exhausts mufflers and all sitting on the stream bed. Problem with Scout’s they started rusting in northern climates 2 minutes after they left the dealer. They are built like tanks though. Miss that rig.
  21. Minneapolis and St. Cloud Minnesota have large Somalian communities, and interestingly enough, I have two friends, both teachers, that have had experience with them, one in each place. One’s experience is overwhelmingly negative, while the others is the exact opposite, very positive. The one had problems because their Somalian students and parents absolutely refused to assimilate to American society and behavioral norms. The other found that the Somalian students in his class had a desire and thirst for knowledge far above the other students in his inner city school, and constantly were among the highest achievers. My own interaction has found a marked contrast to other refugee groups. The Vietnamese in the 1970’s came over here and outworked everybody around them and found their place in our society. I don’t pick up much interest in doing that from this group. A big part of the problem are the church and religious aid groups that bring in refugees, collect government money to do so and “aid” them, then do little to help them settle and assimilate. One or two follow up visits, then they are on their own, in a strange country with a strange language and completely different social norms. No wonder there are problems.
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