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  1. Fixed it for you ! You’re welcome 🙏
  2. But there not as Hot as the 10’s from 5 years ago , those wouldn’t ever cycle ! RobOCop could not get them to work 9.6 GR of 800X around 1225 fps
  3. I shot pistols all day. Ran 117 rounds through my newGlock 31 in 357sig. Oh yeah !!! ran two other Glocks and the rest of my handguns. Shot a rare gun also ?
  4. Tom on the slidefire 9mm while it’s still legal .. till Nancy ,Chuck and Diane ban them ! 20 rounds in a 3 second video.
  5. Same first shot by Todd !!! 50BMG bolt action . 684B666B-C0CE-4243-AF5B-FB95DB5689D7.MOV
  6. I brought this back ... I have a new gun Glock 31 in 357sig . Shot 117 rounds Sunday and after the .3rd Mag it started working very well on various types of Ammo. Upper limit on powder charge is 9.4gr of 800x with a 125gr projectile. Also Sig SD Ammo does not cycle well, it’s hot ! Speer 125gr FP cycle well as do Hornady 125xtp. Did not take any 140gr Sierras. Shot 2 Mags of converted 40S&W cases and they worked flawlessly!
  7. Been making a crazy amount of pistol rounds the last two months. 9mm”s with CFE Pistol. 10’s of AutoComp , 357sig with. 800x and CFE Pistol. Used up 2 and 3/4 pounds of powder.
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