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well my black MIAD came in for my 308 SASS... i've read on the inter-web that it fits up fine without the grip wedge no mods. Well for my rifle..> wrong.  the two detent springs were an issue. the front spring (safety lever) fit up fine with the hole, but the 2nd (takedown rear pin) spring did not sit on the tiny ass shelf that the miad has.

Solution? Drill out a wee bit of material to create a pocket for the takedown detent spring to sit in. Now it works fine, however just wanted to clear any miss understandings, the MIAD is not a Plug and Play grip, unless i missed something.....

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The grip wedge is only needed if you use the large or medium back strap. The thin back strap fits fine. As for the take down pin detent spring, that is a common issue almost all builders have run into.

Many of us have resorted to threading the small hole, cutting the spring, and installing a set screw to hold the spring in place. Mega Arms does this in their MA-TEN. I did it to a JD Machine 308.

If you use the larger backstraps from the MIAD grip, and it fits without the wedge, some light sanding/filing might be needed to sit the grip against the receiver better. The slightly wider curve of my 308 needed a bigger seat inside the backstrap before it sat perfectly.

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I hate to admit this... but I'm the last person to ask. You know all those stories about people learn from trial and ERROR. Yeah, that's me.

First I snapped my tap off inside the receiver while threading. After I bought a tap extraction tool and removed the broken bit, I bought a new tap and finished the threads. Next I tried putting the set screw in, only to find out that my set screw was the wrong size (really hard to tell when you are dealing with such small parts). I don't know if I was mixing SAE with metric or if the screw was too big... I'll never find out becuase the allen set screw stripped. When I tried to use pliers to unscrew it the set screw crushed and broke off. Since the detent and spring were already installed behind the siezed up screw, I just dremmeled off the excess and left it alone. A small dot of Aluma-Black hides the truth.

As for cutting the spring. I just measured the spring against the length of the set screw, and cut off an equal amount. It's not an exact math, but it all works.

While the whole process sounds sloppy, it actually turned out pretty clean in the end.

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