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Why is pistol ammo


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  Most of the local" ( 50 mile radius)  dealers put a 3# max on powder purchases.   I just hit the stores regulary, and if I find a powder that I use, just buy what I can.  I think I'v probably bought 50# in the last 6 months.  A good deal of it from the "local" ( 50 miles, one way)  Sportsman wearhouse.




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  All your popular pistol powders & a lot of rifle powders are not being made or are being used in the procurement of ammo for the Government . All that BS about reloading components/ammo being scarce because of demand , is , getting a little old . When the Gov. wants a Billion rounds of just one caliber , not to mention all the rest it needs or wants , that's a lot of primers , brass ,bullets & powder. less for retail . 

  Its how the anti gun people in office , who work for us ,are screwing us.

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I hear ya...figure out what works in your system and then when that's accomplished you go place the order for 50 pounds of your most effective powder online. The hazmat fee is inconsequential when large enough orders are placed.

Although there is something to be said for incremental purchases which spread the cost out over time thereby reducing the impact to your wallet. Wait...am I allowed to makes statements like that here <lmao>

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