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Catching mistakes


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  While reloading yesterday I misadjusted my newer Redding Neck Bushing FL sizing die , I clean my Dies before each use , but this time I miss-adjusted the free play in the Bushing & it didn't size the necks completely . I caught it while Trimming , since I trim or set up to trim, if it takes anything off or not . It didn't take me to see one or two of these incomplete sized necks to know something was not right & sure enough I had a quite a bit of free play when it should have been, back off,1/16 of a turn after touching the bushing , its to give a .003 to .004" for the bushing to center on the shoulder .


   This is a relatively new Die to me & I made mistake , be it that I thought I knew the right setting or I just didn't think about it . Its whats nice about a std Sizer Die , No Bushing , but the ability to change Bushings to get the proper Neck tension for different Brass is a good thing also.


   I caught this very early in the reloading process , pretty much right out of the Tumbler , but it goes to show us all , its easy to make mistakes & I would have probably caught it with the the feeding test of a loaded round . That would have made it to the second to last process in reloading , I would have had all the brass Trimmed & primed , resizing would probably screw my case length up & would have to size , trim , all over again .


   All I had to do was lube the cases back up & size them & clean them again to remove the Case lube.( something I couldn't do with them Primed )

  Not sure how well you can see the neck sizing ring post-11255-0-98457000-1434406800_thumb.j


  The bottom case is sized correctly , verified by digital calipers .


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