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New build accuracy


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An FNG just starting here. There is so much experience and trial on this web site.

I have limited experience with semi auto's, but a far bit with bolt action single shot target rifles. Hence, I'm only interested in putting holes in paper. I like the AR10 for its accuracy potential. At the moment I just have questions that need answering prior to a build.

I think I am right in saying the LR is different to the AR. Is this correct? How do they differ? Which platform has the greatest accuracy potential?

Is stoning trigger components advisable, (not burying them in sand then throwing rocks at them but using a fine grade of stone to polish the engagement faces), or is the dependability of a drop in trigger group replacement better? Is there a possibility of a runaway if I was to start stoning sear engagements, (however wouldn't this depend on the height of the engagement and not the face that is being stoned)?

Because I want performance out to 900 to 1000 yards I'll need at least 24" of barrel length, (to keep projectile velocity up) and I will have to use decent VLD projectiles in the 165-180 grain range. Are there many quality barrels made this long for the AR or LR?

Additionally, it has been mentioned that the LR seems to tolerate reloads better than the AR, (just a personal finding). But this individual went on to say that he has to full length resize every hand load. Is it necessary to full length resize every hand load or does functioning get problematic if this isn't done? 

The reason for the above questions are the accuracy claims made for the GAP10, 0.3 MoA. Could this sort of accuracy be realised with a home build? Man I'd love to turn up on the shooting range with an LR or AR when everyone else has a single shot bolt action rifle and then put scores up that will have people scratching their heads.



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   Just so you know this is the Armalite AR 10 section , if you are building or upgrading anything other than Armalite rifle , it belongs in the DPMS or LR308 type rifle section . It will help you get better answers .

    Having said that , they are all AR type actions , just larger to accommodate the big 308 /7.62x51 cartridge .

  Look around here & the other sections & most questions will be answered & if you need clarification , those here will be happy to answer them as much as we can .

    My advice ,Do Not stone or alter any STD AR FCG ( Trigger system ) they feel good at first , but go down hill rapidly . Not the right material & Hardening . Plenty of very good triggers out there for these rifles , look in the Trigger section.


  24" BBL. = Heavy & its OK for a Bench gun . Accuracy like you want is something that takes a lot to come together & a lot of it is your ability & the amount you practice .

  Reloading for these rifles brings very good results if proper reloading techniques are followed .

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