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Hey there ! I just recently joined here perhaps hoping for much better information than on AR15.com for AR10s anywhos to the good stuff ! I have quite a bit of expeience building AR15's for myself friends coworkers customers ect probably about 50-60 Ive built but ... a AR10 is a whole new ballgame ! I recently obtained a new PA-10 Stripped Upper ( Yes im going with a PA10 lower too )  I know they've had some issues but have worked some of them out now. Have some questions and looking for some advice to see what everyone thinks or has had issues with something I should Know Ect ! 

PA10 Upper 
Rainier Arms 308 Match DPMS (used them in all my AR15 Builds amazing barrels for the money ! )
OdinWorks Adjustable Lo Pro Gas Block
Palmetto State DPMS NiB BCG 
Palmetto State Charging Handle
Midwest Industriest SS FreeFloat Tube  ( Used Tons of them for AR15's )

PA10 Lower
Palmetto Parts Kit since they are proprietary from what I understand
Rock River Arms 2 Stage Trigger  (Emailed PSA they said they would now fit and work in the lowers)
Palmetto PA10 Rifle Length Buffer and Tube 
A2 Stock  

Only things im worried about ....
Will the Midwest handguards work ?
Will the Bold Headspace the Barrel Correctly ?
Will the Buffer Tube Cause issues with the heavier recoil of the 308 ( Hence the Adjustable Gas Block ) 

Thanks for Any Input or Advice 


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Before the Armalite goons step in here ( but they are lovable guy's ), the AR 10 is made by Armalite & for some reason they get all frothy at the mouth when someone says they have an AR 10 & its not made by Armalite ,but we all know what you mean & some components are different between them & other 308 AR's , so it is alway wise to specify which 308AR you have .

 I agree with Robocop , we have seen a few problems with some NIB coated Bolts , as far as Head Spacing . Believe it has to do with who or how much coating that is done .

Make sure you have the 308 Rifle Buffer & Spring , the std AR 15 Receiver Extension ( buffer tube ) works for for the 308AR . You may not even need an adj. gas block , unless you getting a Carbine gas system & a Mid gas system may benefit with an adj. , if want to soften recoil or use specific ammo

I have the MI SS 12" Hand guard on one of my 308's  , just make sure the rail height is the one that matches your Upper receivers height , if you want them to match up .

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Thanks guys, I May just go with regular phosphate BCG and I did call Rainier they do offer a BCG they will headspace, Im thinking ill use the Adjustable gas block just cause I do a LOT of handloading and may tune it to one thing or another, maybe shut the gas off and shoot some subsonic lead through it. Def going with Rifle Length Tube and 308 buffer and spring cause of the A2 stock 

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