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Quick report

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Took the Radical Arms 300 Blk out to the range today to test some handloads. For $449 current price, I am really impressed with this rifle, coming with a key mod floating handguard and an Ergo grip standard. Currently have a cheap red dot on it. It handled 50+ Supersonic hand loads, subsonic hand loads, and Seller and Beloit subsonic factory with no FTFs or FTEs. Accuracy was quite good at 100 yards. the loads I shot are listed below. All Lake City cases.  98's instructions for case prep were spot on.

175 gr Sierra Matchking 15.8 grains Accurate 1680 

208 gr Hornady AMAX 10.7 grains Accurate 1680- printed 15 inches below the above load. The Seller and Beloit factory rounds printed very close to this loading.


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49 minutes ago, Sisco said:

The next batch of supersonic loads I am switching to H110 powder, 10.7 grams, again with the Sierra Matchking 175 gr BTHPs.

  I think you may find 10.7 Grams of H 110 to be a bit much ( 10.7 Grams = 165.126234 grains )  :lmao: WE know you meant Grains of Powder . 

  Great to hear your into the 300BLK , it was my favorite cartridge to shoot , till I built a 25-45 Sharps :thumbup:


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Thanks for the reloading info on 175 gr SMK bullets - what muzzle velocity are you getting from your 16" barrel? I've got a box of 500 (175 SMK) that I was going to reload for a 308.

Since my 300 BLK AR is 10" barrel, not sure if 175 gr bullet will be of much use (e.g., too big for supersonic and too small for sub)?... (just talking out loud :).


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