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Them there primer crimps can be a *$%$#@.

Is it that the primers are going in to tight or too loose ?

I use my RCBS deburring tool to chamfer the pocket to take anything left over off from the uniformer or my primer pocket swagger .

I have even taken to ,just doing that with the 5.56 I cut down & form for my 300BLK & makes the primers go in nicely, but tight .

Also works on the 308's.

Some brass likes certain manufactures primers better than others.

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Have you tried to use a tapered deburring tool to take the crimp out ? I know quite a few loaders that do it that way .

I have the RCBS primer pocket swagging tool & it works fine ,but I still ream them a little just to take the edge off , it puts a slight taper to help the primer alien & feed into the pocket easier.

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