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Everything posted by bgc

  1. I have a Crossfire on my 22-250 and two .22LR's. I have not had any issues with the Crossfires and have been happy with them.
  2. It is a .308 thats eating the scopes. I still havent taken it off the rifle to send in.
  3. I haven’t had much time to shoot over the past year but found some last week. About the 10 round out I noticed the reticle turning……again. This is the second scope this rifle has munched up. Thankfully Vortex has a great repair policy but I thinking about dampening the gas pressure in this thing.
  4. Why didn't she put it in the dish washer? Purdy girl like that wearin em fancy duds shouldnt be cleanin a gun.....
  5. and another came home with me....camper that floats
  6. Congratulations Matt! My little girl is turning 20 and in college. A Glock on the belt says a lot to a prospective young suitor..... And a BA110 in 300 Win Mag says a lot about me...
  7. bgc

    Hog Hunt

    I'm a BIG fan of the Hornady 165 SST's. I carry my .308 AR when hunting Wild Boar in Ohio. But the 50 BMG is also a great round
  8. bgc

    Its hot

    SWshooter, great idea! The weather has changed quickly here. 93 on Sunday and 66 on Monday and it has stayed cool.
  9. bgc

    Its that time

    I will take photos next time.
  10. bgc

    Its that time

    I got one!......4 hours in 90 degree weather! but I got one!.....missed 12
  11. bgc

    Its that time

    Unfortunately there was an early morning thunderstorm that rolled through. We only got one bird and did not see many on the wing. We did have a doe come within 30 feet and stare at us sitting in the goldenrod.
  12. Your vault has pegboard? I now have gun storage envy.....
  13. Good choice and there is a lot of great information and people here. Check out Brownells for the parts you need for your build.
  14. bgc

    Its that time

    My "SCU, Spousal Control Unit" gets funny when hunting season come around and again when its time to fish and again when..... I'm still trying to get a deer with the car..... i keep swerving at em...
  15. A progressive is an excellent choice for your pistol loads. It takes way too long to load pistol in an O press and you will never notice the variances in the performance.
  16. bgc

    Its that time

    I do hunt over food, I hunt small game. Dove smoked with bacon yummmmm. Pheasant, rabbit, squirrel.......I can taste them now. (I don't hunt deer) fr3dbar Where bouts in Michigan are you? I have family in Marshall, Jackson, AnnArbor and Cold Water. There is some great fishing in Cold Water.
  17. bgc

    Its that time

    In just two short weeks our season opens here in Ohio. With the wet spring and warm temperatures there is an abundance of crop and critters to be harvested. Already I have cleaned and re-fouled my barrels, knowing exactly where my projectile will strike, the salt blocks are out, the feeder is full, the sunflowers are almost ready to be tilled. I am ready, it is time let the hunting begin........
  18. Ultimately you're going to get the reloader you want, right? I have a handfull of safe queens that I wanted and three I use...... My Hornady LNL is sitting on the floor next to the reloading bench because it was in the way.....
  19. bgc

    ARish shotgun

    This would be great for mowing down the %^$#@ Canadian geese we have in Ohio....even better a belt feed 1919a4 style shotgun….$#@% flying sh!$houses
  20. A major disadvantage would be all the processes going on, it’s a lot to watch when learning. And like weponizer, I find that the progressive loader is inherently less accurate that the single stage “O” press. If you’re going for volume the progressive is great if you’re going for accuracy the press is better. Just for the sake of argument, I use a Hornady LNL progressive and it is very precise but I can get much better results from my Redding single stage press.
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