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Recoil Reduction Question


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I recently purchased a used Windham Weaponry model WW-308 (safely can fire .308 and 7.62x51). When I bought it I also purchased 100 rounds of Federal Premium Law Enforcement Tactical match grade SECONDS (due to “visual” / “blemish” [depending on where it is written]. That’s all the .308 ammo they had according to the clerk... These rounds seem to kick more than I would have expected from a .308 (I frequently shoot 10 GA and 7mm Rem Mag). Since then, I also acquired 300 rounds of M80 (for practice / plinking) and 500 rounds of M118 BTHP (for my DOPE book). The 80’s shoot fine, and I still need to take the 118’s out. 


My question is: What can I do to help dampen the felt recoil? I have installed a POF Dictator adjustable inline (no bends) gas block. Also, I’m trying to avoid a muzzle break at this time. I also plan on upgrading the stock to a: Luth-AR MBA-1 AR-15/.308 AR Adjustable Rifle Buttstock Polymer Dark Earth MBA-1F (copied and pasted)

I was looking a: Strike Industries AR10 Flat Wire Spring Buffer Tube Action Spring Replacement (copied and pasted). 

Any my thoughts on those last two items? Also, what kind of buffer will help the most? The one that came with it is super light. 


~ I’m like BASF, I don’t make things, I make things better! 

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Can't find that model on Windham's website - can you put up a pic?  Cone with a collapsible stock setup on it?  If the answer is yes to that, how long is that buffer?

I think you'll be able to reduce recoil greatly, quickly, if that buffer is what i think it is.


Disregard, on the pic, man - found one out there on the www.

Please measure that buffer length, weight of it if you can.  Measure the relaxed length of the recoil spring, and count the number of coils on it.  Lastly, measure the internal depth of that receiver extension (tape measure bottomed out in it, how long is it internally, to the top edge of the extension).

According to the web, you have this one:



I can probably tell you what those parts are, dimensionally, because it's identical to all the newer Bushmaster stuff (made by the Bushmaster employees that didn't move out of the state).  Just looking for confirmation...

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